Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Rosie's Latest Fun & Fabulous Ikea Finds...

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products, just wanted to share our latest smiles from our Ikea shopping trip x

Hi Honeys
Hope everyone is well x  Guess what? It's actually been sunny outside today! That means I've spent today doing laundry yaaaaay :)

I'm so grateful for the sunshine today honeys, not just because it will allow me to hang out laundry (although that is a huge bonus) but because after all of the rain over the last day or two (which did it's best to torture me) today I feel (almost) human again :)

So, I thought today I'd share a glimpse of what we brought home with us from our trip last Wednesday to Ikea...
Rosies's latest fun & fabulous Ikea finds
I so adore Ikea honeys, it's a wee distance away though and we don't have a car.  Hubby hires a car for the day whenever we go and we usually make plans to do our grocery shop as well as any other errands that need done too.

This is why our Ikea visits are planned to the nth degree with a shopping list prepared, measuring tape & camera in hand :)  A word of warning, this post is quite long and has lots of images, might be best to grab a coffee (and maybe a cookie?) I'll wait till you get back....

OK, let's have a look at what we brought home this time then shall we?
First up, some news.... Ikea have discontinued their Bygel range!!!  When I realised, while preparing our shopping list, that Bygel items were no longer to be found on their website I was bereft!  We've used those ever-so-useful Bygel rails, baskets, tubs & hooks all over our home!

You'll see them in our kitchen (a lot of them there!) in the lower hall at the bottom of the stairs organizing things like batteries, pens for menu board etc) adding extra useful storage in our teeny tiny bathroom and even in my teeny tiny closet upstairs organizing my scarfs!

On a brighter note Ikea have at least replaced the Bygel range with a similar range of products ...

SUNNERSTA Rails, Containers & Hooks

Above you'll see two of the Sunnersta rails, four of the containers (which are now square instead of Bygel's more rounded versions) and two packs of their hooks all of which we brought home this visit for planned projects in our home.

The new Sunnersta range also includes a trolley (just as Bygel did) and all of the component parts work together (alongside the Algot range) to form what Ikea describe as a "no commitment" kitchen set up.  Ideal for students maybe?  For first apartments?  So far I'm impressed with this (for us anyway) Bygel replacement and will share how we've used these items in our tiny entryway/mudroom makeover in my next post :)

 Straws, Home Made Ice Lolly Moulds & Lemon Muffin Mix 

Straws, home made lollies & muffin mix!
Next up are useful (I'm a straw girl honeys :) and a couple of "oooo what's that then?" items...  :)

Do you remember my attempt at making Ikea's bread mix?  Oddly enough, it's one of my most read posts :) Well, we spotted a similar item this visit although this mix makes lemon flavoured muffins instead of the gorgeous (and yummy) bread.  I'll let you know how they work out :)  There is also a chocolate flavour muffin mix available too.

Which brings us to a pack of 4 lolly makers called UTSPÄDD.  Made from silicone they are soft, very flexible containers with lids which can be filled with your favourite liquid, milkshake? smoothie? soda? They are then popped into the freezer to make delicious ice lollies :)  I love lollies and adore silicone baking products so had to give them a try, again I'll let you know how they work out honeys :)


SLÄKTING Box from Ikea

The SLÄKTING box is another new storage product honeys and if Ikea hadn't been so busy (and noisy!) while we were there I would have liked to have checked out the rest of the range.  I'll certainly try next visit. We found this in the children's department while looking for an open storage solution for our furbaby Jadie's soft toys.

This is a great size, it collapses flat for easy storage if you need to pack it away and there isn't a lid so Jade will be able to get to her toys easily and choose whichever one is her favourite that day :) The little storage box (in the shape of a pink school bus :) that presently stores Jade's toys in the living room is past its best and this will be a great replacement.  


GRUNDVATTNET Colander from Ikea
The GRUNDVATTNET colander is yet another new product this year and I so wish our sink was big enough to use the other pieces in this range!  This colander does though sit across (width ways) our sink and will allow me to drop my salad ingredients into it after I wash them.

BEKVÄM Spice Rack, SINNLIG Candle & IDEAL Candle Dish

BEKVÄM Spice Rack, SINNLIG Candle & IDEAL Candle Dish
We bought one of the BEKVÄM spice racks last visit simply because I was curious, having seen it put to so many uses on Pinterest.  It's actually larger than I had thought it would be, much larger than a normal spice rack.  I have an idea bubbling away in the back of my head to place one either side of our headboard upstairs as night time storage for books, tablets etc.  I really do think they'll be perfect honeys. 

The SINNLIG candle was an impulse buy :)  We walked past them and the heavenly scent of vanilla was too much to resist so... into the trolley it went. It was only 85p though so it's an affordable treat :)

This next item was on our list because I had a plan to use it in our bathroom.  It's the IDEAL candle dish.  It's a very pretty, rectangular ceramic dish and even has little "feet" underneath to prevent it slipping...   

IDEAL Candle Dish has non slip feet underneath

The project I had in mind for this lovely candle dish took only a few minutes but I'm so pleased with the result...
Candle dish used to organize bathroom essentials
This is the window ledge of our bathroom.  I've used the candle dish as a home for my Soap & Glory "Smoothie Star" moisturiser, the day & night cream I've been using for a while now (the box is a new jar of each so that I don't run out) the vanilla candle we brought home from Ikea and a bottle os hand soap. 

This candle dish could just as easily be used on a dressing table/vanity for perfumes or make up items or in the kitchen to coral tea, coffee & sugar.  So many uses! 

Almost done for this visit honeys.  We've only two more items we brought home from last Wednesday's visit and I've saved the best till last :)  

The first item is something that's still making me smile every single time I walk into our living room! You can read about it here honeys, it's a display globe/dome and perfectly fits the topper from our wedding cake!   
Our wedding cake topper beautifully displayed
I really am curious, has anyone else kept the topper from their wedding cake? Ours really is a treasure to us both.  It's a lovely memory of what will always be the happiest day of my life (and of Hubby's too he told me :)

Last item then, which Hubby said was meant for me and I have to admit I think I agree with him!  


It's a perfect little earthenware jar, discontinued by Ikea and only a single one left when we went looking for it, it was in the bargain corner waiting for me to take it home and love it :) 
I so adore this little jar! It actually makes my heart smile :) It's now found a home in our newly painted & organized tiny entryway/mudroom which I'll share with you in my next post but I thought you'd like a sneak peak...
Sneak peak of new entryway/mudroom

Goodness this has been a long post! Thank you for keeping me company dear ones xx 

Are you, like us, still trying to declutter & organize?  What's made your heart smile recently honeys? Till next time, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xx    


  1. I LOVE your IKEA posts! They make me smile (and wish I lived near an IKEA!) xx
    x LoveLeah x

    1. Bless you Leah, you always make me smile! I so, so wish we could visit Ikea together, it's a day out in itself and we'd have such a giggle :) I'm sorry it's taken me a while to reply, life is pretty much kicking my butt again but I'm trying to catch up :) Thank you so much for visiting honey, sending heaps of huggles xxx

  2. I've been looking for something similar to your candle dish for my soaps & lotions in the bathroom. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Rhonda, thank you so much for visiting x I'm just loving this gorgeous little candle dish! I'm planning on treating myself to the smaller of the square versions of this dish to arrange oils & seasonings on next to our hob in the kitchen :) Thank you again for visiting, it so made me smile to see you & I'm sorry it's taken me a while to reply. Life is being pretty hectic here & I've fallen behind, sending heaps of huggles xxx