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Picture Perfect Project: August: Roses, Roses, Everywhere!

Hi Honeys
Back again for August's installment of the Picture Perfect Project, the wonderful link up designed to encourage bloggers to take more photos, work on their photography skills and make their blogs even more beautiful.
The Picture Perfect Project August
Throughout this project (can you believe we're in August already!) I've been charting the changes in our little garden and I've had so much fun snapping away outside, watching our garden change and grow :)  Shall we have a look at what's happened since last time then honeys?
During a recent lovely, warm afternoon I had decided to do some tidying up in our tiny front garden. There is a rosebush, one of the first planted after we moved in, which had become very overgrown and was starting to creep over the garden fence out into the street!

This rose bush hadn't grown any roses for the past two years or so and I thought maybe if I pruned it back of all of the over grown branches, it might blossom again. So, on went my gardening gloves and an apron, and our furbaby Jade & I went out into the garden. I never go anywhere without my assistant after all :)

I snipped away, one branch at a time, while Jade settled down on the grass and went for a nap, content that Mum wasn't going anywhere :)  Can you imagine my delight dear ones when, after cutting the out of control rosebush back so that it stayed inside our garden, I found this...
Our Secret Rose
We had a secret rose! It had grown out from the ground, nearby but apart from the original rose bush.
What a perfect treasure and such a joy to find!
A perfect rose
Naturally I popped back inside to fetch my camera and snapped a few photos of this unexpected but very welcome addition to our garden.  Every day, as I do with our other precious blooms, I checked on this treasure and six days later, with the help of lots of rain and sunshine, it looked like this...
Secret rose in bloom
I'm still smiling just looking at these photographs honeys :)  This single, perfect rose was an unexpected find and a wonderful gift from our garden.  I'm hoping it will take root and grow into a rose bush itself.  I can't wait to see!

The mixture of sunshine and (lots of) rain has also been very good for the rose bush I planted in memory of my beloved Gramma too...
Gramma's Roses
The rosebush we planted this year in memory of my dear, sweet Mother in law has been blooming beautifully too.  So far there have been a small cluster of five rosebuds together and a single perfect rosebud on a separate branch.
Mum's Roses
I'm thrilled! When we planted this tiny rose shrub this year, right after Mother's day, I didn't think for a minute it would bloom this year, much less as stunningly as it has.  I'm so looking forward to seeing how this beautiful rosebush develops over the next few years.

I managed to catch one of Gramma's roses in the rain and decided it was so pretty I wanted to make a printable version of it.  It looks like this honeys...
Raindrops On A Rose
If you'd like to download a copy of this photograph you can find the blog post with the link here. Enjoy, honeys and if you use this image as part of an art project or to illustrate a blog post, do come back and share a link?  I'd love to see x

This is such a wonderful project, thank you so much for visiting and keeping me company.  Please do visit our link up hosts, and the other fabulous bloggers taking part, and say hello.  You'll find them here:
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Thank you, lovely ladies, for letting me be part of this fabulous project x

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Do you adore roses and beautiful growing things as much as I do dear ones?  Till next time, huggles always xx

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