Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants...

Hi Honeys
Have you ever heard of the old Scottish saying "What's for you, will no (won't) go by you?" Essentially it means that if something is meant to be, it'll happen.  If you're meant to have something in your life, it won't go past without knocking on your door :)
Another little smile from Ikea
You might remember honeys, during a recent visit to Ikea I fell in love with the cutest earthenware jar?  It was love at first sight :)  
Tillfalle jar from Ikea
I picked it up, then put it down again, then picked it up... and again thought... "no, it's £6.50... money doesn't grow on trees (at least not around here anyways! I work hard for my minimum wage :) "It's wasteful to spend so much on something just because it made me smile" I told myself and snapped photos of it instead :)  

Well honeys, I've spent the past couple of months wanting to kick myself.  I really did fall in love with this adorable little jar, so I resolved to treat myself on our visit this past Wednesday. 

Well, we looked high and low while walking around the store this week only to find the TILLFÄLLE Collection, just like the GILTIG collection, had been discontinued! 

Nooooo!  Now I really did want to kick myself!  Oh well, I thought, lesson learned.  In future listen to your heart when it speaks to you.  

Then on the way out of the store, in a little space they call "bargain corner" - a space where they put remaining items of discontinued stock - nestled among leftover dishes and kitchenware I saw this...

The last remaining Tillfalle jar in the store!
Joy! The last little Tillfalle jar in the store was sitting there waiting for me to come along and take it home :) It had been reduced, it said on the sticker attached, to £4 too!  Now if that isn't the universe speaking to me honeys, what is?  :) 

So, now I have to find the perfect spot to put it in our home.  I have a feeling it might find its way into our newly painted and re-organized little entryway/mudroom... there is what I think might be the absolutely perfect place for it :)  

What about you honeys?  Have you ever fallen in love with something and just had to have it?  I can't wait to share our little entryway with you and share it I will, as soon as we make a few finishing touches :)  For now though dear ones, I have to dash off, shower, dress and get organized for work.  Till next time, I hope you have a fabulous weekend full of smiles and fun, huggles always xx

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