Thursday, 18 August 2016

An Organizing Week!

Hi Honeys
What a busy week it's been! Hubby's had a Holiday from work this week so we've been organizing and decorating - well painting really since the walls of our tiny front entrance/mudroom are lined in wood but I'm getting ahead of myself :)

So this week  we'd planned to at least freshen up our little front entryway and declutter it too and we so have! I can't wait to share it with you but today I wanted to share the first project we completed this week which, oddly enough, happened because we'd made a start on the entryway/mudroom :)
An Organizing Week: Project One: Back Door Cupboard Re-Visited
Do you remember a recent post on de-junking & organizing the large cupboard facing our back door honeys?  I was really pleased with how it turned out. A home for everything and I so love using it.

Well, just wait till you see what we did to it this week...

Completed Cupboard Project - About To Change Again..
I really have been loving using this cupboard every day honeys.  Everything is to hand and, most importantly, everything from pots to spare bags for the vacuum cleaner had a home!

So why change it?  Well, when we started to clear out the little front entryway in order for Hubby to freshen the paintwork we had already decided on a complete change out there.  Do you remember the green cubbies?
Cubbies as they looked originally

These wonderful little crates have served us well by allowing us to coral bulky items such as bottled water and soda/fizzy drinks.  A bonus of course is that the area by the front door, while there are no chilly drafts, it tends to stay cool and so cooled the soda & water too.

Having decided the cubbies were not part of the new design for the entryway/mudroom we had the idea of re-using them in the cupboard at the back door.  This too is an area that, with it's stone walls and floor, tends to stay cold.  So, why not move the cubbies into the cupboard and store the water and soda/fizzy drinks in there?  This would also free up space for the little seating area we wanted.  A place to sit and put on/remove shoes.    

First task then was to empty one side of the cupboard...  
First task was to make room for the cubbies on one side of the cupboard...
Next was to install the cubbies themselves...
Cubbies in place in the cupboard...
The cubbies are secured together and in place in a single tower of four units, instead of the two by two formation they had in the entryway/mudroom.  Next it was time to fill them...
Cubbies in place in the large cupboard
Let's take a closer look at how we've used each cubby honeys.  Sitting on the top of the cubby tower is a lazy susan or turntable waiting for a purpose :) Sitting on top of the lazy susan are two colanders/sieves and inside are plastic mixing bowls.    
On top of the tower of cubbies
Just to the side are Jade's assorted little ceramic bowls :)  Hanging from the top edge of cubby tower is an under shelf basket...
Top cubby contents
The under shelf basket is home to a plastic, lidded, airtight box.  This box is a little first aid box for our furbaby Jade. It has items such as cohesive (self fastening) bandages, tea tree antiseptic cream, gauze dressings etc.  Just essentials that could be needed in an emergency (God forbid) to help our baby till we get her to the vet.

We do, of course, have a mini first aid kit for ourselves at home and why shouldn't furbabies have their own first aid kit too?  Sitting by Jade's first aid box is a large tub of Sudocrem.  This was recommended to us by our vet in case of scratches from bushes outside during walkies or any other little mis-adventures which need treating but might not be serious enough to need a visit to the vet's practice.  Our vet is a bit of a distance from us and we don't own a car, also I'm a "what if?" kinda gal so isn't it better to be prepared and have these things and never need them, than to need them and not have them?

Sitting on top of the Sudacrem is Jade's brush (although this will move to our little mudroom with her grooming things but more of that in a later post :) while under the hanging basket, in the cubby itself (from left to right) some cans of soda (they needed a home so.. :) Next are Hubby's five star wars water bottles (they needed a home too... :)

Finally in this cubby are (from front to back) A bottle of Jade's healthy skin supplement, Jade's Frontline pipettes and her Thundershirt.  Jade is very nervous and this jacket has been wonderful helping her cope.

On to the second cubby then honeys...    
Second cubby is home to our plastic ware
 This one is now officially home to our plastic tubs/containers. They nestle snuggly inside this large plastic tub which is acting as a drawer. Just pull out, take needed container.  No digging to back of cubby :)

The third cubby is home to large bottles of soda/fizzy drinks (and two bottles of dilute orange juice :)
Third cubby is home to large bottles of soda/fizzy drinks
 While the bottom cubby stores large bottles of water. nicely chilled because of the cold stone floor :)
Bottom cubby contains large bottles of water
There we have it.  The contents of our newly re-sited cubbies.  Sitting alongside the cubbies are two (very) large boxes of washing powder.  What can I say, we buy in bulk, I love laundry :) Sitting on top of the washing powder is a little basket with a mini vacuum (and accessories) inside.

What do you think honeys?
Large cupboard organization: before & after
The pocket storage is still in the cupboard, it's just moved to the side wall by the cubbies...
Pocket storage is home to "just in case" essentials such as candles, matches & spare vacuum bags
This hanging pocket storage is still home to lots of useful items such as candles (and matches - there hasn't been a power cut for years but you never know!) spare vacuum cleaner bags etc.  You can see what I store in these pockets here :)  The top cubbie is now also home, as you can see, to a small cute treat tin belonging to our furbaby Jade :)

The Ikea Variera carrier bag storage unit is now attached to the wall on the other side of the cupboard and still acts as storage for assorted brooms, dusters and small brushes...
Ikea Variera unit used to store brooms, dusters & small brushes
So, that's our cupboard honeys, re-organized (again) and even better.  All because we made room for the green cubbies.  It's been a lot of work this past week but it's also been a lot of fun spending time with Hubby too :)

Are we the only people who book leave from work to organize our home?  Say we're not honeys! :) I hope you've had a fabulous week, chock full of smiles too dear ones :) Till next time, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xx


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    1. Thank you Rhonda :) It was such a lot of work although thankfully Hubby was there and he did the heavy lifting, we seemed to spend the whole time laughing too :) It was fun :) I keep going out into our little entryway/mudroom too and smiling, it feels so nice out there, still chilly though! It's always been cold out there, very odd. Thank you so much for visiting, sending heaps of hugs xxx