Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Organizing: ceramic planters as bathroom storage

Hi Honeys 
Well, here I go!  My very first, and hopefully not my last organizing post! I've decided to start with what was possibly my easiest, and fastest organizing project :) 

Ceramic planters used as beautiful bathroom storage

A while ago I was in Poundland and saw the loveliest set of two ceramic planters in the most gorgeous shade of teal.....

How ceramic planters can become useful storage...

Loved them! Took them home and they sat on the kitchen table for a while, one inside the other waiting for me to figure out what to do with them until I was in our very small bathroom cleaning one afternoon and inspiration hit!

Then this happened.....

How ceramic planters can become beautiful bathroom storage...

The larger of the two has our clean face clothes/flannels rolled up in it (the bottle you see in the middle is my Soap & Glory peaches & clean cleanser) The smaller planter stores our spare toothbrushes (and my Aapri face wash lol) Loved them there so much that they've never left and now it looks like this :)

Pretty ceramic planters perfectly at home as bathroom accessory storage.

Maybe not the intended use for these pretty ceramic planters but .... I love them there :)  So, that's it, my very first organizing post. Have you used planters for other uses around the home honeys?  Some planters really are so pretty & far too cute to be stuck outside in the garden :) 

Thank you so much for visiting,  Hope you have a great day :)  
Sending hugs xx


  1. Such a great idea!!I have tons of stuff just sitting under my cabinet sinks! Lol.

    1. Thank you so much Shea :) I love re-purposing things and you're so right we all have really useful things in our cabinets & cupboards that could be beautiful if found another use. I think I might be getting a little obsessed, just lately I've been noticing that some of the glass jars that coffee is sold in would be really pretty with the labels removed lol.

      I've just been at your blog and it's fabulous. Just stunning, like reading one of those expensive glossy fashion magazines, your blog is an inspiration Shea, thank you. I've followed you on bloglovin, I hope you don't mind? So I can see your new posts. Thank you again for visiting and saying hello, it means a lot to me, sending hugs x