Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Never Let A Chronic Illness Steal Your Happiness!

Hi Honeys, 
I Love Laundry!!  There. I said it. I really do adore doing laundry J The arrival of summer is met every year with my checking the weather report every morning. Will it stay dry? (we do get a LOT of rain) if so my morning is set! I walk around the house looking for anything I can add to my normal daily laundry of towels from myself & hubby's morning shower, whatever we've both worn day before, nightwear etc.

Coping with a chronic illness: Keep your happy place!

In the summertime it isn't at all unusual for me to change my bedding most mornings just because I can have them hanging outside to dry :) Such joy! And the smell when I bring them inside again just cannot be matched by the finest perfumes or the sweetest flowers :) Such a mundane home making task I know, but one that's ever more important to me as each year goes past.

I love sorting, washing, drying, even the ironing gives me such a feeling of happiness, of accomplishment even. There are times that even ironing a few shirts can take me far too long. I may have to sit down between garments because of the pain in my shoulders/spine but oh the feeling when I hang the last garment onto a hanger and add it to the others on my little rail by the ironing board :) I did it! My ironing didn't beat me this week :)

Living with arthritis has taught me to truly appreciate all of the little things that passed by unnoticed before. Even things that might have previously been met with resentment. "A pile of ironing? As if I haven't enough to do today!" has changed to "ironing! cool I'll watch TV while I do it.... how's Judge Judy today..."

Of course it's yet another coping mechanism in play here.  I never have a pile of ironing anymore because I would never reach the end of it in one piece. Little and often is the way, I've found.  I iron shirts once a week and never have more than seven to iron because I don't allow more than that to accumulate before its tackled, most often it’s less. I've always been very fussy about my bedding and that hasn't changed but sheets, pillowcases & duvet covers do not get ironed. They do get immediately folded & put away as they come out of the dryer. That is the limit of my crease prevention. Don't tell anyone but easy care non-iron bedding is the secret :)  

On days I know I'll iron, I plan my time accordingly. I allow myself a time to rest after it's done because I know that my reserves of energy tend to drain quickly so completion & putting away of my ironing is celebrated with a sit down, a cuppa & maybe even a biscuit to share with my furbaby Jade. She always settles by me when I iron to keep me company :)         

Standing at the kitchen window looking out at lines of lovely fresh laundry fluttering gently in the breeze fills me with so much pleasure it is simply silly! Bedding, t shirts, Jade's jackets (she has a few & isn't at all a diva about it) my husbands’ shirts... doesn't matter. I look out at it and am so grateful it makes my heart sing.

I'm grateful that I am still able to hang out laundry.. even if it takes me a while & I'm not as spritley on my feet as I used to be :) I'm grateful that my hubby has a job that fills my laundry basket with shirts and that my work clothes are still hanging alongside his on the line. Even if I can't work the hours I used to, I'm grateful for the few hours a week I can.

So, that’s my happy place J Not my only one of course, I adore cooking, reading, watching TV & movies and hugs from Jade & my wonderful hubby J That’s the secret I think, keeping your joy.  Telling life that no matter what, you won’t allow it to take your smile away.  What do you do to make you happy? What’s your happy place honeys?  
Keep smiling :) Hugs always dear ones,
Rosie xx
Coping with a chronic illness: Keep your happy place!


  1. Reading ur laundry blog is just like me its great to read. Ive smiled while reading. Bless u Rosie hugs xx

  2. Aw! Bless you Shaza, thank you honey, you're so sweet, sending mountains of hugs your way xxx