Sunday, 9 February 2014

How not to let "fibro fog" steal your joy of reading!

Hi Honeys,
Have you ever read a book and found yourself so absorbed by it that time passes unnoticed, coffee goes cold and pages can't be turned quick enough to find out what happens next?  If so perhaps you'll understand my overwhelming and lifelong love affair with the printed page J 

 I spent a large chunk of my childhood curled up on the fireside rug with my very best friends.... my books.  I adore books.  A truly great book can make reality melt away. You'll love/hate the characters, feel their fears and joys. You'll travel their path with them and by the books end feel a genuine sense of grief at the loss of their world and the return to your own.

In previous posts here  and here I spoke of coping with a chronic illness. The pain, headaches & fatigue might stubbornly refuse to go away but I'll be damned if I let them beat me and you shouldn't either!  In this post I wanted to share something that's helped me keep literature in my life in spite of the dreaded "fibro fog." 

This "fibro fog" is one of the worst side effects of the chronic lemon that life has seen fit to hand me, and certainly to me one of the most devastating.  it's the inability, no matter how hard you try, to make your brain work as it should, and indeed used to. A  nasty invisible cloud settles over your brain which can make following conversations tricky, indeed even grasping specific words from your own memory can be frustratingly difficult.

I find myself reaching the bottom of a page and having to re-read it because my brain is refusing to retain what I've read.  The books nuances, sounds and atmosphere have been lost to me.

This foggy horror has robbed me of the sheer pleasure I once had of picking up a book, any book and becoming entirely, completely lost in its pages to the delicious degree I once did.  To someone who has always loved reading as I have …. Well, this is beyond painful.    

Have I given up reading? Not till my last breath! Does it take me longer to read and enjoy a book? Unfortunately it does, but I've made a fabulous discovery!

On "foggy" days I'm still able to get my literary fix via the wonderful world of audio books J  On many a bad day when I’ve been so completely drained that my only option has been to go lie down, I take an audio book & my headphones with me for company. I can lay down and rest while still disappearing into another world accompanied by some wonderful readers.  Who wouldn't want the fabulous Stephen Fry as a guide through the world of Harry Potter, the soothing voice of Tom Hiddleston sharing a Bond adventure or Jackson Brodie himself, the wonderful Jason Isaacs, reading the Case Histories stories?

I do miss physically reading as much as I did but thankfully I have a world class theatre of wonderful voices there on my bookshelf and happy to read to me when I need them too What about you dear reader? Have you found ways to adapt your hobbies and interests in order to keep them? I’d love to hear how, sending hugs & wishes for a wonderful "spoon filled" day  xx

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