Monday, 7 March 2016

Wanna Join Me On A Shopping Trip Honeys?

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to write this post or to recommend any products.  Hubby & I went shopping and I thought you'd like to tag along with us and share some smiles x

Hi Honeys
It was sunny today! Yaaaay! It's been such a busy weekend dear ones. As anyone who works in retail will tell you, this past weekend is one of the busiest of the year.  Yesterday was Mothering Sunday in the UK, a day (quite rightly) set aside each year to celebrate Mums and how much they do for everyone.

I worked till late Friday and Saturday (and oh my was it busy!) but I was lucky enough to have yesterday off work.  Sundays are the only day of the week both Hubby and I are off work together, so it's a special day for us.  Hubby, bless him, is out the door before 7am every day to work and doesn't get home much before 6pm so our Sundays are a day to catch up about what we've done during the week, and also to chat online with my dear Brother in Law too.

Yesterday honeys, the sun appeared :) It was such a beautiful day outside, still cold (especially in the icy wind) but other than the temperature, just a perfect Spring day :)  We decided to go on a (very rare) joint shopping trip and I took my camera along so that you could join us too :)
Wanna come along on a shopping trip honeys
I'm going to have to split this post into two parts because of the sheer number of photos I took yesterday. There were so many lovely things and I found myself snapping away happily :)

Shall we get started then honeys?

First stop was the most important to us. It was after all Mothers Day, so Hubby and I decided to go buy the rose bush we've been planning to plant in memory of my sweet Mother in law as soon as Spring arrived.

We'd discussed it with my Brother in law a few weeks ago and he agreed that red roses would be ideal.  Every year for many, many years, we had two dozen roses delivered to Mum on Mothers Day and on her Birthday.  Pink roses for Mothers Day and red roses for her birthday.  Red roses are supposed to represent love and for sure my dear Mum in law was certainly loved.  I adored her honeys, she was there for me without question whenever I needed her and for so many years she was my Mum too.  I miss her terribly.

First stop then was to B&Q, our local garden centre in search of the perfect red roses to plant in memory of Mum.  We arrived and oh my, the choice!
Beautiful Roses All Waiting To Bloom
After spending the longest time looking through the cards attached to the available rose bushes (and there were so many more than is shown in the above photo - surrounded by roses, I was in Rosie heaven :) we both agreed on this one...
Mums Roses
This is the Nina Weibull rose, you can see images of this beautiful rose here honeys.  It is a floribunda rose (from latin, meaning many flowering) just like the other rose bush in our garden, planted in memory of my dear Gramma. I'm so looking forward to watching this little rose bush grow and bloom for Mum as beautifully as Grammas roses have.  You can see Grammas roses (and download the prettiest printables) here and here honeys.

Having chosen a beautiful rose for Mum, we wandered on through the chilly, outdoor section of B&Q.  Even with the late afternoon sunshine, it really was bitingly cold on our faces with the wind blowing through.

We were on a mission though, looking for some lavender.  We already have some established lavender in our front garden and it's fabulous to come home, walk up our tiny garden path and have the gorgeous lavender scent all around me.  It wasn't long before we found trays of beautiful English lavender all in pots...
English Lavender
Isn't it lovely honeys? I love the grey/almost mauve appearance of lavender plants and I'm looking forward to having the two pots we brought home planted in the front garden.

As you can imagine on Mothers Day the shelves were a little more bare than they would normally be. I'm sure lots of Mums have had happy Mothers Day smiles over gifts of pretty flowers and plants.  It was lovely to see so many daffodils blooming too.  A sure sign that Spring has arrived :)
Daffodils Blooming For Spring
With our teeth starting to chatter from the chilly wind outside Hubby and I headed indoors.  We stopped by the shelves containing rolls of Fablon. A sticky backed plastic coating normally used to cover books, shelves and hundreds of other things.  There are so many designs available...
Display Of Rolls Of Fablon
I choose a roll of pretty blue gingham patterned Fablon which I'm hoping to use to cover two boxes we have upstairs so i can use them to store craft supplies...
Blue Gingham Patterned Fablon
A couple of aisles along Hubby and I had a fanboy/girl moment over some very cool, very large canvas prints...
Marvel Avengers Canvas
 Aren't they completely fabulous honeys?  We actually stood there trying to think of somewhere we could hang them but agreed that since we don't have anywhere we could hang wall art right now (we have waaaay too much wall art) we'd wait until we finish working our way through organizing, downsizing & decorating each room and then maybe consider a couple of cool finishing touches :)

There were so, so many beautiful canvas prints though honeys.  It's enough to make me long for more rooms just to have enough walls to hang them on :)  I absolutely adore reindeer/stags/deer in general, so I loved seeing this handsome deer in a very cool bow tie...
Beautiful Canvas Prints
I liked the print showing a couple walking in the rain too.  So full of atmosphere and I love the vibrant colours used.  Then we saw this...
Under The Boardwalk Canvas
 I so wish I had a large enough wall to display this gorgeous image.  I could almost climb inside and walk along that beech under the boardwalk.  It grabbed my attention in the same way the beautiful canvas which hangs above the bed in our master bedroom did.  If you haven't seen it, you can see that canvas here honeys.

Back to B&Q's wall art section though and this image of a lighthouse standing sentry over the rocks and waves below it....
Lighthouse Canvas
There is something endlessly fascinating about lighthouses, don't you think honeys?

You can probably imagine how this canvas of a stunning purple rose stopped me in my tracks...
Stunning Purple Rose Canvas
It's just breathtaking, isn't it?  This photo really doesn't do it justice at all and I so wanted to bring it home :) A perfect, purple rose.

Enough wall art for now then honeys :) I also spotted the sweetest, brightest, cutest owl rug...
Cutest Owl Rug
Sorry! I can't help it! I just squealed all over again. I mean seriously, how adorable is this little guy? I adore owls.  Been in love ever since I met two gorgeous owls at a local wildlife rescue centre.  So, owl anything is fine by me and this pretty rug wins because of it's bright colours and sheer adorableness.  It's also super soft and fluffy :)

Hubby collects vintage buses models.  He's always loved buses, so we couldn't walk past this adorable rug (just as with the owl rug) without snapping a photo...
Adorable Transport Rug
  Just adorable :)

One of the rooms in our home we're planning on having work done on (although we have no idea when we'll get to it, our "to do" list is pretty long) is our bathroom.  We had fun looking around the bathroom displays, each finding elements we'd like to incorporate into our own home.

I liked the furniture as well as the suite in this bathroom display...
B&Q Bathroom Display
 Especially the beautifully designed corner fitting vanity...
Cooke & Lewis Bathroom Furniture
Such a wonderful use of space.  Those cabinets are so roomy they might even manage to hold my collection of assorted girly potions & lotions :)

We both liked the clean, sharp lines of this suite and shower enclosure although I definitely don't like that shower head. 
Cooke & Lewis Shower Suite
Facing us at the checkouts of B&Q was a large door (cupboard?) and the door had been covered in wallpaper...
Books wallpaper
There are no words for how much I like this wallpaper honeys :) If they'd had a supply of it sitting at the checkouts we would have bought a roll for sure because even looking at the photograph now I think it would look fabulous on the doors of the cupboard in our guest room upstairs.  This cupboard has two flat doors and I really am tempted by this wallpaper.  This is the room after all that is home to our little book nook :)

Well honeys, I have lots more to share but this post has gone on far too long :)  I'll be back tomorrow with part two which includes heaps of pretty things from B&M, a store I've only recently discovered but they so get me :) I wandered around yesterday saying "oooooooo" constantly and Hubby treated me to a beautiful bench for the garden that has wrought iron roses set into it, bless him (thank you sweetheart, love you xx)

I'll share all tomorrow dear ones, with lots more photos.  Till then, stay warm and safe, smile lots and hug even more honeys, huggles always xxx


  1. I love this post. I like seeing what people are shopping for! xx

    1. Hi Honey xx It was such a fun day out, really bitterly cold though. I'm still trying to get my feet back under me, I really do think winter has gone on too long this year. It drains the energy and makes everything hurt. Hopefully the sun's arriving now though, managed to hang out laundry this week, it's a daft wee thing but it really cheered me up :) We're all owed a wonderful summer Leah because it's been a miserable winter. Here's to a fab weekend honey, sending heaps of huggles xxx

  2. This post was so cool! I adore owls and I am a pharologist myself. My grandfather was the chief engineer of the Victorian lighthouses and I still have a lot of his photographs. Imagine my surprise when I was flipping through the local pharology magazine "Prism" when I saw an article from someone describing his boss.. my grandfather.. LOL. Off topic for this post.. sorry. I have a heap of art relating to lighthouses.. I am hopeless really. I even have 3 tattooed on my body! (Plus an owl)

    Your weather sounds great to me. Its been so HUMID for weeks now and I feel like a melted candle. TBH a lovely crisp wind would be a blessing..

    1. Hi Yvonne :) Thank you honey x I LOVE lighthouses! OMG what a fabulous history to have in your family and your Grandfather must have been an incredible man to have had such an awesome (and important) job. I've always thought there was something so hauntingly beautiful about lighthouses. They're all of them stories waiting to be written and timeless because time passes them by while they stand guard against danger. How can that be anything but awesome? I'd love to swap the rainy, miserable weather (most of the time) of Scotland for the gorgeous sunshine and warmth of Australia :)Today thought it's actually sunny! yaaaay :) Sending heaps of hugs honey xxx

  3. Damn got me on to lighthouses.. LOL I WAS going to comment that the rose for your beautiful MIL looks like a perfect choice. I can't wait to see it when it blooms!

    1. Aw thank you Yvonne! Bless you for being so sweet! I so can't wait to watch it grow too and I promise I'll lots of photos on the blog. huggles always xxx

  4. Oh my gosh, that print of the pier/water would be perfect to put over my couch! I so wish I could pop over to your store and pick it up!!!

    1. oh Heidi, I so wish I could send it over but it's huge :/ It's such a beautiful image. I love images that I can just disappear into and this is definitely one of those images. I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply honey, not been coping so well lately but Summer will be here soon and hopefully we'll all feel better. Sending heaps of huggles dear wee friend xx