Friday, 4 March 2016

Friday Smile: All Kinds Of Smiles Going On :)

Hi Honeys
I hope you're well and seeing the sunshine where you are.  Mother Nature is certainly taking her time but slowly, little by little, Spring is arriving :)
Friday Smiles In The Garden
The UK seems to be split, weather wise, right now.  On BBC breakfast this morning they showed lots of photos, submitted by viewers, of snow in so many places up and down the Country but (so far) no snow here in the West of Scotland.  Instead we have a bright, sunny day with the prettiest blue skies and fluffy clouds, as you can see...  
Blue Skies & Fluffy Clouds
 My goodness though, it's bitterly cold!  It's apparently six degrees outside right now but the wind chill cuts that to a temperature fit to chill the bones.  It's march honeys! I'm so tired of being cold. I'm a Summer baby so I'm just not made for chattering teeth and wearing thermals on a sunny day.  We need a smile then to banish the chilly weather blues :)

Looking for smiles to share I wandered off into the garden this morning and boy did I smile! Look what's happening in the garden honeys...
Spring roses begin to bud
 I'm the grinning just looking at these photos :) There are so many little shoots appearing on the rose shrub in the garden and while I know it might take a wee while yet but look at what those tiny shoots will become...
Rosies Summer 2015 Roses
Aren't they glorious honeys? These beautiful roses gave me so much pleasure last year and they will again this Summer I'm sure.  This year they're going to be joined by a new rose bush which we're going to plant in remembrance of my sweet Mother in Law.  She so loved roses and I loved her as much as if she'd been my own wee Mum, because for so many years she really was.

In case you missed them honeys you can find downloadable printables of last year's roses here and here.   You can also find pretty printables from Summer of 2014 here.

As pretty as roses are, and as much as I love them, I've saved the best of today's smiles for last :)  
Our Beautiful Furbaby Jade
This is our furbaby Jade, warmly bundled up against the chill in her pretty coat. Our baby makes me smile every single day :)  She's my constant companion, the only time we're apart is when I'm at work, and then it's her Daddy's turn to keep her company. We work our shifts around each other for our furbaby so that she doesn't have to be alone. She's a very nervous wee dog bless her.

I always say it's worth going to work just for the welcoming wag of her wee tail and her ever present, beautiful smile when I get home again :) So Jade is my Friday smile and my every other day smile too :)  I know what you're thinking, "what about your Hubby Rosie?"  Well, Hubby knows I love him but he also knows his place in the scheme of things around here :) First hugs always go to Jade, from me and also from Hubby when he gets home from work and that's just as it should be :)  

What's making you smile today honeys? Are you blessed to have a furbaby?  Till next time dear ones, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xxx


  1. Hi Rosie! I so loved your gorgeous blue sky! Looks so brilliant! And your photos of the little shoots appearing is so exciting! Spring is coming :) Of course dear Jade is such a little cuties. And guess what!?!!! We got a PUPPY this weekend!!! We are so excited! (well sleep deprived right now as she is not yet used to her new place and we are house-training her) Anyway happy weekend and much love oxoxo

    1. Heather! You got a puppy!! Congratulations angel I'm so, so thrilled for you! I know you've wanted a furbaby for ages, you must be so happy to have your wee darling finally and how lucky is he to have been blessed with such wonderful furbaby parents? He'll love you two for forever and a day for saving him honey, really he will. Adopting is so, so worthwhile and you won't ever regret it honey. I'm so happy for you! Sending mountains of huggles for you all Heather xxx

  2. My hound is a tad large for cuddles but he and the OH make me smile as they meet me at the station to walk me home. How can you not love that!?? My friday smile (Its now sunday though) goes to my beloved teen.

    1. Hi Yvonne x :) is any furbaby ever too big for cuddles? I LOVE that your dear OH & furbaby meet you from work! I'd so love that too! I'm sure I'd be happy all through my shifts if I knew that when I finished for the night I'd have Hubby & Jade waiting for me :) What a gorgeous photo of you and your son Yvonne. He's beautiful just like his Mum, thank you for sharing xx I have to change my phone at some point in order to add instagram, everyone seems to use it except me. You'd laugh if I told you how old my phone is :) I do love it though, it's pink, sparkly and simple to use so it suits me perfectly by not scaring me :)Technology doesn't like me :) I hope you're having a fabulous week honey, sending heaps of huggles xxx