Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Shopping With Rosie Part Two

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products or stores. I'm just sharing our shopping trip, some pretty items we saw and some smiles. Thank you for keeping me company honeys x

Hi Honeys
Back again with part two of a shopping trip with I went on with Hubby on a bitterly cold Sunday.  If you missed part one yesterday, with all of those gorgeous canvas prints, you can find it here.

I mention that Sunday was bitterly cold because it really did affect our shopping trip.  Had it not been so cold we might have gone for a wander into Pets at Home to pick up some chews, treats or a toy for our furbaby Jade or we might have wandered over to the huge Sainsburys and had a wander around there.  As it was so cold though honeys, we went to B&Q to complete our mission of finding the perfect rose bush in memory of Mum, which was our principle reason for going out, and then went to B&M.
Shopping With Rosie Part Two
This was the first time Hubby and I had visited B&M together and it really was an eye opening experience.  I've no idea how long this store has existed but we've been completely unaware of it.  In fact we only found out about it because the store is in the same retail park as the garden centre we use and seeing it's bright exterior, we got curious as to what kind of store it was.

The answer seems to be... it's a treasure trove :) Seriously, there seems to be a bit of everything in there :) Everything from foodstuffs, sweeties (candy to our US cousins), pet supplies (including a great selection of plush beds), homewares such as decorative items and more practical items such as pots, pans, crockery, duvets, pillows and really pretty bedding sets, toys, gardening supplies, everything from garden sheds, fencing, tools and adorable decorative items such as solar lights & ornaments.... phew! Like I said  bit of everything :)

As we walked into the store I saw this M&M hot chocolate powder and immediately thought of a dear friend, Alex, who adores M&Ms :)
M&M hot chocolate
On our visit we actually bought, among other things (I'll show you later in this post honeys) a plastic drum of instant coffee sachets for Hubby to take to work - he seemed quite happy about that, bless him, some treats for our furbaby Jade and a gorgeous garden bench for an intended seating area in our patio :)

Decorative Homewares

In the homewares section I was rather dazzled by what has to be the prettiest curtain tie backs I've ever seen.  They're essentially made from layers of small crystals and looked like this...
Crystal Curtain Tiebacks
Aren't they beautiful honeys? I really did feel as though I walked around this store saying oooo quite a lot :)

I adore angels. You'll find them all over our home. Sitting on shelves and peeping out of bookcases, so I had to snap a photo of this...
Angel with quote
 I may have to add another angel to my collection :)

These decorative bottles are really lovely.
 They're quite large, very shiny and have beautiful "aged" almost sepia toned labels attached.  They'd make a lovely display on a bookcase or sideboard.

For The Garden

You know how I adore owls honeys....
3D Owls Wall Art
We need extra walls! Between all of those gorgeous canvas prints we saw at B&Q and this amazing 3d owl wall art, well, we just do, we need more walls :) From the packaging it seems as if this lovely owl is intended to be displayed outside?  My first thought is that our rainy, generally miserable a lot of the time Scottish weather would tarnish it in no time but it's beautiful and would be lovely indoors, don't you think honeys?

We saw the sweetest little decorative plaques for outside in the garden.  Among my favourites were this pretty heart shaped ceramic & wooden plaque...  
Too many weeds not enough time plaque
 And this plaque made from slate...
Decorative slate garden plaque
They're both lovely and would look adorable in the garden.

Speaking of adorable...
Flower Pot Kids
Even looking at the photograph now is making me smile :) They're called (according to their label) Flower Pot Kids and have to be the most adorable flower pots ever :)  I think they'd be a fun addition to anyone's patio, or sitting by the front door or anywhere else in need of a smile.

Hubby liked this gargoyle.....  
Solar Gargoyle
 He already has a much larger version which is a dragon.  You might remember that Hubby collects dragons, has for years, so I wasn't surprised that this little chap caught his attention.  I rather like him too actually and I can't help thinking this little gargoyle (even though he's probably intended to sit in the garden) would make quite a statement sitting on a shelf or bookcase. We may have to go back for him...

A Round Up Of Our Shopping Trip Purchases 

Here it is then honeys, a round up of which items we brought home on Sunday....
B&Q Purchases
 First up then are our purchases from B&Q.  First, you'll remember, we spent the longest time in choosing the perfect rose bush for Mum. Next we choose two pots of English lavender and Hubby then fetched a large plant pot into which the lovely wee tree from Katie (thank you sweetheart x) will live as soon as we re-pot him.  Do you remember the lovely living Christmas tree from Katie? If not you can read about him (and see him) here.  Once re-potted he'll move to his new home out on our patio until he's grown big enough to plant in the garden.

Next then are our purchases from B&M....
Purchases From B&M
 From the top left hand corner then:

  1. A large clear container of coffee sachets for Hubby to take to work - he's still happy about that :)
  2. A make up organizer - now this I'm happy about :) It's a clear acrylic organizer, similar to the one I bought a while ago at Home bargains, but at only £3.99 it's a real bargain and means I can re-organize my dressing table (again :)
  3. This is the roll of blue gingham patterned fablon we bought from B&Q :) Assorted purchases from our shopping trip

Back to the photo again and you can see that next to the roll of fablon is...

  1. a large box of dentastix for our furbaby Jade to keep her teeth healthy & clean (next to this box there are the handles of a shopping bag peeping out, I was rather pleased that we managed to take enough shopping bags with us this time :) 
  2. Next is a four tin pack of Tuna in sunflower oil as an occasional treat for Jade again, to keep her coat lovely and glossy, 
  3. Next there are two tins of mushy peas, a favourite with Hubby when served with a pie & fluffy mashed potato :) 
  4. A multipack of Crunchies & Twirls - essentially sweeties to throw into a cookie jar in the kitchen as a treat with a cuppa :)
  5. Sitting on top of the tins is a three armed rawhide toy/chew - again for Jade :) It must have been delicious because she happily chomped away on it for quite some time after we got home bless her :) 
  6. Yep, you guessed it, a multipack of rawhide chews for Jade :) 
  7. Last, but by no means least, is the very large box standing behind the shopping bag, which contains a cast iron with wooden slats garden bench for our patio in the back garden. It looks like this.... 

Cast Iron Roses Garden Bench
Isn't it beautiful honeys?  Hubby bought it for me and I'm so chuffed I could cry!  If I had to sit down and design a garden bench it would, somewhere in its design, have roses and just look at the backrest of this bench.  Set into the wooden border is a cast iron piece of fretwork in a rose design!  It's perfect and I feel positively spoiled :) The image above is a photo I took of the box, but I'll share photos of the actual bench when Hubby puts it together.

We've been planning to create a small seating area on our patio where I could sit during the day (weather allowing) and maybe read or knit while Jade plays with her toys on the lawn and this beautiful bench will now be the centre piece of it.  I'd like to sit the large planter containing Grammas peonies alongside.

Right now the area we're thinking of using, under the kitchen windows, is a storage area for the large wheely bins so it'll be great to see that space transformed into something pretty.  I'll share photos whenever we get it completed.

So, that was our short but sweet shopping trip and lots of smiles on a bitterly cold day.  Thank you for keeping me company honeys, I hope you enjoyed our wee wander around the stores too.  Have you shared a shopping trip? Why not share a link in the comments section below?  What are your favourite stores to visit?

Till next time dear ones, keep smiling, keep hugging and stay warm :) Huggles always xxx  


  1. WOW the bench is wonderful! I have said it before, your husband is a gem! The owls and the bottles would have come home with me.. Hell I want them now!! The M&M chocolate drink is one I would buy for my ex-hubby who adores hot chocolate. We don't have things like this! How unfair.

    I loved these posts my love. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Huggles honey xx I'm so kicking myself for not bringing a wall owl home :/ The bench was such a bargain, it was supposed to be £69.99 and was on clearance for £29.99! I never go out Yvonne, unless I have a Drs appointment (or at the hospital) I only go out to go to work so the chances of us seeing that bench... I think Hubby was right, it was meant for me :) I'm very grateful and it'll be so loved :) Huggles honey xxx