Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Free St Patrick's Day Menu Printable & Why Our Wee Scots Furbaby Has The Luck o' The Irish :)

Hi Honeys,
I hope you're having a wonderful day! We still have sunshine (sort of) in the west of Scotland, birds are singing and I'm happily doing laundry... a lot :)

Happy Saint Patricks Day

Since we have St Patrick's Day this week, in two days time to be precise, I thought I'd tell you how our darling furbaby Jade got her birthday, since her (official) birthday falls on St Patrick's Day itself, and also share a wee printable St Patrick's day menu I've made for you :)

Jade & how she got her official birthday :) 

Jade playing in the garden

First then, let's talk about my favourite topic of discussion in the whole, wide world :) Our furbaby Jade :)  As I've mentioned before on this blog honeys we were blessed to have been able to adopt Jade from a local rescue when she was (the rescue told us) " a few months old."  Off we went then to her first vet's appointment, where we'd arranged for her to have the first of her puppy inoculations, have a microchip fitted in case, God forbid, she ever gets lost from her Mummy & Daddy, and also to be neutered.

She's an incredibly nervous baby, having been abused by her other owner, bless her, and we didn't want other furbabies following her or having any reason for getting too close to her, so making her scared, also of course, it's what responsible furbaby parents do.

The rescue we'd adopted from is a very small independent group of ladies who seek homes for the furbabies they themselves rescue from local authorities and owners who can't keep their babies any more so Jade hadn't been neutered yet but we promised we would.

During her very first check up, I'd asked the vet if there was any way she could tell Jade's age, even a rough guess.  She'd asked why and I'd replied, well how can we celebrate her birthday if she doesn't have one? Our lovely vet had said, after looking at Jade carefully (and her teeth in particular) that as a (very rough) guess, she thought Jade was possibly no younger than five months and no older than seven months old, she still had all of her baby teeth.

This precious nugget of information acquired then honeys, I did the maths, in order to work out an "official" birthday for her.  Well, why shouldn't our baby have an official birthday? the queen does and with respect to Her Majesty, who as a dog lover herself, I'm sure would completely understand that our baby is far more precious to us :)

So, since Jade had come to live with Mummy & Daddy on the seventeenth of October and if the oldest she could possibly be was seven months of age then her official birthday would be... March seventeenth.  Yaaaay! Our baby's birthday would be St Patrick's Day!

Jade three colors

With a name like Jade, the beautiful (sometimes) green crystal supposedly known for it's lucky qualities, how perfect a birthday is that?

St Patrick's Day Menu Printable

I thought honeys since the wee Christmas menu printable seemed to be quite popular that I'd make a St Patrick's Day menu too :)  This is how it looks...

St Patricks Day Menu Printable

I so hope you like it honeys, if so please feel free to follow this link to download your copy.  I've sized it at ten inches by eight inches but you can always set your printer to fit the page and it will print out A4.  

Then you can either laminate it or pop it into a frame and write on the glass or just write on your print out :) It's up to you, enjoy in good health and if it's made you smile even a wee bit I'm a happy wee Rosie :) 

Whatever you have planned for St Patrick's Day honeys, enjoy, have fun, smile heaps and hug even more :) Till next time dear ones, huggles always xxx

Happy St Patrick's Day from Jade & Rosie x


  1. Happy Birthday to Jade!! Enjoy St. Patrick's Day :)

    1. Heidi! Hi honey x Aw thank you sweetheart, sending huggles xxx

  2. :) Happy birthday puppy dog!! :) I am sure you will be spoilt.

    1. Hi Yvonne x :) Thank you honey xx Jade will be six years old on her official birthday tomorrow bless her :) A friend at work once asked me if Jade knew she was a dog and accused me of spoiling her! I said that Jade knows all she needs to know, that she's loved by her Mummy & Daddy and that she's not spoiled she's just loved an awful lot :) Jade is the centre of our home Yvonne and she knows it too :) I keep saying it's taken her a few years but she's pretty much got us trained the way she wants us :) hugs always honey xxx