Monday, 14 August 2017

What's Inside The Soap and Glory Happy Glamper Kit?

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote this kit or any other products, just sharing my love for all things Soap & Glory and the contents of their latest fun bag set x

Hi Honeys,
I hope you're well and have had a fabulous weekend.  I can't believe we're moving so quickly towards autumn.  The weather is certainly looking that way.  We're about to, according to weather forecasts, start our third week of rainy days.

The schools all start their autumn terms in Scotland this week and before we know it, it'll be Halloween, then November 5th (too) quickly followed by Christmas and New Year again.  Phew!

Time is rushing past again.  I know I'm not alone in waiting all year long for the lovely Christmas bag collection released every year by Soap and Glory.  Seriously, I go to work and there are so many customers walking around with their bag, in our locker room on top of the lockers there will be a few sitting too and by the time I get to work mine is already at home because Hubby picks it up for me in the City and brings it home.

It's turned into a yearly tradition for so many ladies, myself included 😊  Can you imagine my excitement then to find that Soap and Glory have released a summer version of their bag this year, well sort of 😊  

Soap and Glory's Happy Glamper Kit

This is the Soap and Glory Happy Glamper Kit.  It's a gorgeous drawstring bag containing essentials for any lady making her way to one of the summer music festivals.  Would you like to see the contents of this fabulous bag?

Let's have a look then shall we honeys...

Contents of the Happy Glamper Kit from Soap and Glory...

Here it is honeys, a bag full of Soap and Glory goodies 😊  Let's take a closer look...

Happy Glamper Kit from Soap and Glory details...

Happy Glamper Kit Contents

  1. Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lip 3D lip colour and sculpt in Firecracker -  First up is a lip colour from the Sexy Mother Pucker range.  With the other bags we've been given a lip gloss from this range but this time we have a matte lip crayon.  It does feel very soft and creamy when applied and the shade, named Firecracker, is very fiery indeed being an intense orangey colour.  It's interesting and does make me want to go try the other shades in the range. 
  2. Supercat Skinny Easy Precision Black Ink Eyeliner - I was really disappointed to find this eyeliner has now sold out and they won't be stocking any more.  It does everything you want a good eyeliner to do. It applies very smoothly, stays on and looks fabulous.  What more could you ask.  Wonder why they've discontinued it?  Maybe it'll be replaced by something equally fab? 
  3. Foldaway Brush - This handy little brush doesn't seem to be listed individually on the website, or at least not that I could find which is a shame because it's a useful little handbag accessory. It's essentially a hairbrush which folds for easy storage with a mirror in the handle.  I would be tempted to buy this if it was available.  Very useful and I'm glad to have this one. 
  4. Hand Maid Anti Bacterial Hand Cleansing Gel - I use such a lot of hand gel, especially at work and having tried this product before when it was given as part of the last Christmas bag from Soap and Glory, I was pleased to see it again.  It's exactly what it says on the bottle, it's an anti bac gel but it does have a beautiful floral scent which lingers and makes it lovely to use. 
  5. Original Pink Body Spray - Another favourite product yaaay! This beautiful scent is so light and feminine and I like the little spritz bottle too.  This is another item heading straight to my handbag 😊
  6. Rushower Dry Shampoo - This is a new product to me.  I don't use dry shampoo, I'm an old fashioned wash my hair in the shower girl, but I gave this little can a spray and the scent is lovely 😊  Since this kit is intended to be taken to festivals where washing your hair might not be possible till you get back home again I think it's a perfect little addition to the set 😊
  7. Off Your Face Cleansing Wipes - Three in one facial wipes.  Again this product has been part of previous Christmas bag sets and I love them.  I have a pack on my dressing table upstairs and another pack in the bathroom.  I love their scent, the way they leave my skin feeling, just love them so another pack is always welcome 😊
  8. Shower Proof Glamorak - This is such an adorable little accessory for anyone attending a festival and might also be useful to pop into a handbag ready to whip out for cover during our lovely British summer weather 😊 It's a pink anorak/cover-up with a pretty polka dot pattern, quite thin so might tear easily if not careful with it and would fit up to maybe a UK size 14-16? (that's just a guess honeys so if anyone knows please let me know in the comments section below? thank you x) There doesn't seem to be a listing for this product on it's own so it might be exclusive to this set. 
  9. Happy Glamper Drawstring Bag - My favourite bit of this set honeys 😊 This is such a lovely bag with it's white text design against the gorgeous Soap and Glory pink background. The lining is a beautiful pink and white stripe design, previously used in a past bag you can see here.  The bag is 100% cotton and the lining is polyester.  I've figured out that if I fold over the top edge the bag will sit like a basket or bucket so it will definitely become my latest pretty storage accessory 😊 
This is such an adorable set and I can easily imagine it being invaluable if I found myself in the middle of a muddy field at a festival 😊  Well, dear ones, I don't go to festivals but I'm still looking forward to using the products in this set and at £16 it's a bargain too.  Well done Soap and Glory, you've outdone yourself again! 

Soap and Glory Happy Glamper Kit tags.

Are you a Soap and Glory fan honeys?  Do you have any favourite products?  Among my absolute can't-live-without-it faves are a big jar of The Righteous Butter and my never-shower-without-it Clean On Me.   

Till next time dear ones, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xx


  1. I used to use some of these products when my daughter lived at home - her influence I guess. I remember loving the smell. Thanks for reminding my of a fun brand I stopped using by accident! x

    1. Hi Maria, How lovely to see your comment, thank you so much for dropping by x I adore S&G products, every year I wait patiently to see what's in the Christmas bag at boots and they've never disappointed me. It's the vintage feel of the products (and their packaging) that gets me, I'm a vintage kinda gal :) as well as the quality of the products of course, they do have the most gorgeous scent and it always feels a little like a treat when I use them. Everyone needs a little pampering I think :)

      I loved your latest post on Florence, it's fabulous and the images are just gorgeous! I have to admit it made me smile to think that a man of Michelangelo's talents would have enjoyed graffitti :) I really enjoyed reading about the Medici's, the outside marketplace looked out of this world and a place you could wander through for hours and how adorable to rub the boars nose to return :) Such a fab post Maria, you're so lucky to have been there so many times. Thank you again for visiting, it made me smile to see your post, sending heaps of huggles always xx