Thursday, 10 August 2017

Let's Bake Some Apple Crumble!

Hi honeys
I was at a loose end today so I thought I'd make a yummy apple crumble for Hubby coming home. Crumbles are very popular in this house, not just apple either but more on that later 😊

First then, to the kitchen to put on a pinnie and gather our ingredients....

Lets bake some apple crumble

Do you love crumbles as much as I do honeys?  They make the perfect treat.  Any day in need of a happy burst of smiles can be made better by baking a crumble 😊

Of course I don't bake them too often.  They wouldn't be so special if I did! To make a loved one smile though, few things can beat a lovely surprise crumble 😊

OK, got your pinnie on dear ones?  Let's make a start...

Apple Crumble Delight 


4 or 5 medium apples - washed, cored & peeled

85g caster sugar - enough to toss your apples (or other fruit such as rhubarb... yum! love rhubarb crumble!) in so that the fruit is ever so slightly coated in the sugar.

Approx 2 teaspoons of cold water

For the crumble topping: 

175g plain flour 

75g sugar - I like to use demerara sugar for my crumble toppings if I have it but honestly honeys don't fret about it.  I've used plain old granulated sugar if that's all I had and it's been delicious. 

85g (unsalted) butter, chilled - straight from the fridge


1.  Pre-heat your oven to 180C/160C (fan oven)/Gas mark 4

2.  Wash, peel & core your apples.  Place fruit into an ovenproof dish, layering it evenly across the bottom of the dish.

Apple Crumble: Apples are placed into an ovenproof dish...

3. Sprinkle sugar across the top of the fruit... 

Apple Crumble: Sprinkle caster sugar across the top of the apples and gently shake dish to coat the fruit.

Then, very gently, shake the dish until all of the sugar has coated the fruit.  Add a little cold water - not a lot! Just around 2 teaspoons will be enough for a family crumble.

4.  Into a mixing bowl add your flour and chilled butter, which has been cut into small pieces. Mix together until it resembles breadcrumbs.  Add sugar and mix through until combined.  If you have a food processor honeys just add the flour, butter (cut into small pieces) and sugar all at once and mix. It will be fine and saves on ouchy shoulders from mixing.
Apple Crumble:  Sprinkle over crumble topping and press gently down to even out with the back of a spoon...

5.  Lay your crumble mix evenly over the top of your sugar coated fruit mixture and place the dish into the oven, on the middle shelf and bake for 35-40 minutes until the topping is pale golden in colour and the fruit is bubbling.
Apple crumble:  Delicious served with custard...

6.  Serve with cream, natural yogurt, custard, ice cream or even just eat on its own :)

7.  Enjoy!  
    Crumble is a perfect comfort food and ideal for birthday treats too.  Having a family get-together? Why not make a huge "tray bake" version of a crumble in a roasting dish (such as a turkey tin) to share with everyone?  

    Not a fan of apples?  Not a problem 😊  Choose your favourite fruits honeys.  I've made crumbles using peaches, rhubarb and also bananas.  Why not try a layer of apples with a layer of sliced bananas on top?  I have it's fabulous 😋  

    Mixed berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries all combine wonderfully and make such a gorgeous, and delicious, crumble.  

    Do you have a favourite crumble honeys?  I hope you've had a fab week so far and that you're looking forward to a wonderful weekend.  Till next time dear ones, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xx

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