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Slytherin, Slytherin Everywhere! A Little Harry Potter Primark Haul...

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products or stores, just wanted to share some Potter related smiles from my wonderful Hubby x

Hi Honeys
We've reached the end of August and, other than this horrid cough, I'm actually starting to feel almost human again after fighting this horrible chest infection.  Aw honeys this has been a dreadful couple of weeks.

I can tolerate RA, and the myriad of annoyances that come with it, such as body batteries going from as-good-as-they-get (not great) to completely drained in no time, migraines that could stop a charging rhino and being mostly housebound for the past too many years but it turns out that a thoroughly nasty and just-won't-quit chest infection is the one thing I have no defence against.

I admit it universe!  It's beat me!  I've so had it with the not being able to sleep and sore lungs so can this horrible cough just really, really, really hit the road now please?  Pretty please?

Well, coughs, shivers and sleeplessness aside, it hasn't been all bad this past couple of weeks honeys. Mostly bad... but not all bad 😊  It's that time of year again and Hubby, after leaving our furbaby Jade with instructions to look after her Mum and making sure I had everything I could possibly need for a few hours (bless him) went off to Comic Con.

When he got back home again he had a bag with assorted things for me to make me smile in spite of the awful coughy, shivery thing. How sweet is my other half honeys?  Unknown to me, Primark had released a whole new range of Harry Potter items which Hubby had seen in the window and had gone inside to check out.  I thought I'd share the little smiles he brought home for me...

Slytherin, Slytherin Everywhere! A Little Harry Potter Primark Haul

Before seeing the Harry Potter things at Primark, Hubby had already spotted something else at Comic Con. Do you remember the scarf Hubby bought for me at Comic Con last year? Goodness, I love that scarf.  It's so soft and warm and cosy 😊  Well, while at Comic Con, he saw a pair of Slytherin House gloves....

Harry Potter Slytherin House gloves were a lovely surprise gift from Hubby, spotted when he attended Comic Con. They'll be lovely and cosy during winter with the scarf he bought me last year.

These will definitely be worn through winter this year and, like my scarf, will be coming to work with me during our Halloween celebrations, when we all dress up and I'll be wearing my Hogwarts student uniform again 😊

Last year was such fun! The highlight has to be my being able to convince an adorable little boy, to the delight of his Mum, that Hogwarts was a real school.  It still makes me smile 😊  If you missed it, you can read the post here honeys 😊

Why Slytherin? 

Well, technically I'm a Griffyndor... according to Pottermore this is the house I was sorted into 😊 but I really do owe my love for all things Potter to the wonderful Alan Rickman.  I've been a fan of his for a long (really long) time so when the first movie was released I saw it purely because Mr Rickman was in it.

So, with apologies to Pottermore, if I'm to have a Hogwarts uniform (which is such fun!) well it has to be Slytherin, in honour of dear Mr Rickman and his character so magically brought to life, Professor Severus Snape.

Hubby wanted to cheer me up, bless him, knowing how fed up I was with battling this lasting-far-too-long chest infection.  So, when he spotted the new Harry Potter range in Primark's shop window, he popped in, in search of Slytherin things (thank you sweetheart x)

This is what he found....

Harry Potter Slytherin House accessories from Primark

1. A Shopping/Tote bag

Harry Potter Slytherin tote shopping bag from Primark

These wonderful tote bags are available for each House as well as a Hogwarts crest design too.  At £3 they certainly seem great value for money because, quite apart from being such bright, beautiful designs (they actually sparkle with part of the print being very glittery) they are very roomy bags with lots of space for school/college/University books or for grocery shopping.

2. Filled Cushion Cover

I adore this cushion!  It's a good quality cushion cover and is sold complete with the cushion pad to fill it which is a nice surprise.  We have so many cushions honeys, I'm a huge throw cushion fan, and usually the cushion cover is sold without the cushion.  At £4 they're not too expensive either, although smaller than the other cushions we have.  It'll look great sitting on my pillow or maybe as a part of our little book nook.

3. Hard Cover Lined Notebook 

Harry Potter Slytherin House hardback notebook from Primark

I'm sure I'll find a use for this gorgeous notebook but for Halloween this year it'll be added to my little cauldron which sits next to me at work where I'll be wearing my Hogwarts uniform again 😊

Rosie's halloween cauldron and Theodore Arbuthnott the frog.

I have a minor obsession with notebooks...who laughed just then? OK, maybe not such a minor obsession 😊  I really, really, really like notebooks.  Notebooks are a joy. They can house recipes, lists, journals, blog post ideas, random thoughts as they float past to be examined later.  When notebooks are pretty they make me smile even more and I'm loving this one.  There are notebooks for each house too...

Aren't they pretty honeys?  These notebooks are approximately A5 size, they have solid covers and inside have lined pages and at £3 each aren't too expensive either.

4.  Make Up Bag 

I'm loving this bag!  It's bigger than the make up bag I have now so allows a little more space but isn't so big as to be cumbersome to carry.  It would also make a great pencil/stationery case for students too.

What's impressing me most about this latest range at Primark are the little extras.  The tiny finishing touches that make the products special.  This make up bag for instance has a little round wooden (?) tag, attached by a piece of soft cord...

The latest Harry Potter range from Primark has lots of little finishing touches

There are make up bag designs for each Hogwarts House, as well as a Hogwarts crest design which you can see here.

Satchels With The Hogwarts Crest

Having seen the Slytherin goodies Hubby brought me home I went to the Primark website and had a look at the rest of the range.  The clothing range is fabulous but what I fell head over heels in love with is this...

Harry Potter Hogwarts Brown Satchel from Primark

Isn't it beautiful?  As soon as I saw it I know I had to have one 😊  The strap is long enough to go across the body, which is how I wear my bags.  It has a large inner compartment, with a small zipped pocket and two outer pockets perfect for keys, phone etc.  The bag fastens using two magnetic clasps located under the buckles.

The gorgeous Hogwarts shield appears to be an embroidered patch and looks just stunning.  There is such a lovely quality to these satchels and at £12 they cost less than I thought they would.

Being trapped at home with a horrid chest infection I asked Hubby to see if the Primark branch in town had these gorgeous bags and if so could he bring one home for me.  Imagine my surprise when he called me to tell me they were also available in black too...  

Harry Potter Hogwarts Black Satchel from Primark

Hubby being the angel he is (thank you sweetheart x) he brought me one of each colour.  I'm still feeling horribly guilty about this honeys, I really am.  Had I been with him I never would have spent £24 on two handbags for myself.  On something for Hubby, absolutely.  For me? No!

Anyway, I have them now thanks to a lovely Hubby 😊 and they are just beautiful.  I've decided I'll use the brown satchel as the perfect accessory at Halloween and the black satchel will be my new work bag,

Are you a fellow Potter fan honeys?  Have you seen any of the new Primark range?  Have you any favourites?  I have to admit I am taken with the mug in the shape of a cauldron 😊

I hope you're having a fabulous week so far dear ones, till next time, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xx

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