Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Super Easy, Super Yummy, Baked Chicken Breast With Garlic & Tomato

Hi Honeys
It's been glorious outside all day! I hope you're enjoying the weather, but also being careful too.  On the south coast of England today the temperature reached 34C while up here, north of the border, we made it to the dizzying heights of 21C which for us is practically tropical 😊

Hubby works very hard all day in a far too hot office so I thought I'd make him a super yummy dinner to come home to.  Nothing too heavy, being mindful of the mini heatwave, but something I know he loves.  This is what I made...

There are no words for just how delicious this meal is honeys.  It's all prepared, and cooked, in a single, oven proof dish too so yaaaay for less cleaning up too 😊  You probably have all of the ingredients right this minute in the kitchen too! Let's head to the larder & fridge shall we?

Baked Chicken Breasts With Garlic & Tomato

Serves 3 (adjust as needed - I made 3 so Hubby could take some to work tomorrow for lunch😊)


3 Chicken Breasts
1 can (400gm) chopped tomatoes
1/2 cup of Olive Oil & little extra for chicken fillets
Approx 2 teaspoons of frozen, finely chopped, garlic (if not using frozen approx 1 clove finely chopped ie a single piece of an opened head of garlic) 
Approx 1/2 onion (finely chopped)
A good sprinkle of Italian Herbs 
Salt & pepper to season chicken fillets 
Grated cheese for topping


1. Begin by fetching an ovenproof dish, the dish you'll normally make a lasagne in will be perfect. 

Begin by fetching an ovenproof dish...

2. To your dish, add the can of chopped tomatoes, the finely chopped onions, garlic and a good sprinkling of Italian herbs.  I adore them so use lots but use a little or a lot to your own taste honeys...

Add the chopped tomatoes, finely chopped onions, garlic & Italian herbs

3. Mix with a spoon or spatula until all of your ingredients are combined to create a base for your chicken fillets...

Mix your tomatoes, onion, garlic & Italian herbs to create a base for your chicken.

4. How yummy does this look already honeys?  Place your chicken breast fillets on top of your lovely tomato-y base. Season the chicken breasts with a little salt, pepper and olive oil.  I keep olive oil in a spray bottle by my stove and use this.

Place your chicken breast fillets on top of your lovely base and season with salt, pepper and sprinkle a little olive oil over them too.

NOTE: I know I don't have to say this but I will anyway just in case because I worry.  Please take care handling raw chicken.  Wash hands after handing it and before touching anything else.  Be careful honeys x

5. Place your dish onto the middle shelf of a pre-heated oven set to 180C/360F (or 160C/320F for fan oven) for 30-35 mins.  Check to see if chicken is cooked by (carefully) using a knife to pierce them.  Liquids should run clear from them if done.  

Check the chicken is cooked all the way through by piercing with a knife - the juices should run completely clear.

6. Add a good scattering of grated cheese,  I used grated Scottish cheddar but choose your favourite honeys...

Scatter grated cheese over the chicken fillets and return them to the oven.

Return to the oven for a further 7-10 mins until cheese is all melted.... 

Cheese melts over the baked chicken fillets and combines with the tomato, garlic & onion sauce...

Oh my! The smell when you open the oven door! The garlic as well as the tomatoes and.... well everything!  It is amazing!! 

7. Serve with a side of your favourite vegetables or if you prefer crispy roast potatoes?  Maybe have a side of lovely, crispy, garlic bread?  

Baked Chicken Breast In Tomato, Garlic & Onion Sauce.... yummy!

Tonight for dinner I decided to load up Hubby's plate with lovely fresh steamed veggies.  There is broccoli, sweetcorn and sliced carrots... yum!  Of course I added some of the delicious sauce the chicken was cooked in on the side too.  

Hubby loved his dinner.  It was perfect for today.  It's far too hot to eat a big dinner so this was just the thing.   If today was Sunday and I was making a proper Sunday Lunch,  I think I would add those roast potatoes and garlic bread 😋 

So, what's your favourite way to cook chicken honeys?  Stay safe in the sun, lots of sun cream and drink water like it's your job ok?  Till next time dear ones, huggles always xx

Huggles Always, Rosie x 

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