Saturday, 3 June 2017

Latest Avon Smiles

Hi Honeys
Happy Saturday 😊  I hope you're having a fabulous weekend so far and have lots of fun planned.  I have work today but I'm hoping for a rain free day tomorrow (are you listening Mother Nature?) so we can re-pot our miniature roses into a lovely planter by the front door.

My latest Avon order was delivered while I was at work and I thought I'd share it with you before dashing off to work today.
Latest Avon Smiles - What's inside my latest Avon products delivery?

There is quite a fun little mix in the Avon carrier bag this time around honeys.  To be honest I had forgotten what I'd ordered by the time it arrived so it was fun taking the items out of the bag one at a time 😊

Let's take a look at what was in the bag shall we?
First, and certainly the heaviest items in the order, were two extra large bottles of the Avon Senses shower gel...
Avon Senses Shower Gel - Yet another variety to try

The bottles are marked "bonus size" and they're not kidding honeys! They each contain a massive 720 ml of product and a little goes a long way with this shower gel so these will last a while.

I've bought so, so many different varieties of this shower gel now (for both myself and from the mens range for Hubby) and each of them have been great with lovely scents and as I said they're very foamy so a little goes a long way.

These latest two bottles are, from left to right in the photo above:

Refreshing Lagoon in Water Fruit & Pear Scent: I have no idea what a water fruit is 😊 Seriously honeys, what is a water fruit? Is it a fruit with a high water content? Like water melon?  I have no idea but the scent of this shower gel is gorgeous.  All I can get from it clearly is the scent of pears but it really is lovely.  This is going to be a favourite of mine I think.  I'm glad it's such a huge bottle so I won't run out for a wee while 😊

X-Treme 2-in-1 For Men Hair & Body Wash in Intense Grapefruit & Cederwood Scent: This product differs from the other bottle in that it's actually, like many of the Avon for men products, a hair & body wash.  I mentioned this to Hubby and he said "it's because men just have a shower. You know, wash, dry, dress and we're done."  "eh? so do women!" I said. "Hubby laughed and said "Eh no honey. When a woman is having a shower a guy can wait half an hour or more for her to be done and then another half an hour or more for her to be dressed. A man is happy to have a bottle of something that gets foamy and smells nice.  If it washes our hair!" 😊  Gotta love him.... it's in the fine print of the wedding license somewhere πŸ˜‰ Well anyway, it does certainly smell lovely.  Sort of zesty and fresh and Hubby likes anything that has ceder wood scent in it so he's happy 😊  

Next out of the bag were some hair care products...

Avon Naturals Hair Care Products

All three of these products are from the Avon Naturals range and two of them I've already purchased and liked them so, hence why they're included in this order again.

Beginning with the first two products in the photo above (again from left to right):

Avon Naturals Herbal Hair Care: Complete Recovery in Camomille & Aloe Vera: The bottle has shampoo and the small jar is a hair mask (conditioner.)  These two products are the ones I've tried and liked honeys. The scent is nice and lingers in my hair and, using both, (the hair mask I mixed through my hair with my fingers and then combed my hair with a large wide toothed comb I keep hanging in the shower to make sure the conditioner reached all way through my hair, before rinsing it off again) my hair was left super soft and almost "fluffy."  

Avon Naturals Herbal Hair Care: Vitamin Complex in Basil & Lotus Flower: This shampoo is a "two in one" product in that it has shampoo and conditioner combined. I wasn't sure about the scent of this one because it seemed a little "heavy" but once you use it (which I just did in my shower before work) it's actually really nice and again it lingers in the hair.

Now on to the smaller (kinda) items left in the Avon bag...
Avon True Products

These last products are all from the Avon True range and are as follows:

1. Avon True Colour Eye Shadow Duo in Enchanted Forest Shade: I haven't worn this yet but I have done a "swatch" test on the back of my hand and the colours against my skin tone are so pretty!

Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo - Enchanted Forest Shade

The green shade isn't so much a dark green on my hand it looks more like a moss type shade.  I think this will be so nice on, with the green on my eye lids and the paler shade on my upper brow.  I already have this eye shadow compact in the Warm Cashmere shade and love it.  It goes on well and lasts too.

2. Avon True NutraEffects Refreshing Gel Cleanser: I know, yet another cleanser to try 😊 I've heard some good things about this one though from a couple of girls at work so I'm looking forward to trying it.

3. Avon True Colour Nail Experts Gold Strength Base Coat: I thought I'd give this product a try honeys because my nails are awful.  They're very brittle, they chip and break quite often.  I am, thanks to my arthritis badly anemic, my lovely Dr of over 20 years once said to me that if I was a fridge he couldn't stick a magnet to me, not even a little one 😊 Bless him, he makes me laugh.  I'm assuming that my low iron levels don't help my nails either so I'm hoping that this nail polish will help to strengthen them a little.   

Avon True Nail Experts - Gold Strength Base Coat

As I write this I'm wearing this nail polish.  It goes on clear and dries quite quickly.  So far I'm pleased with it.  Will it make my nails stronger? Well, that's asking a whole lot of a small bottle of nail polish (seriously my nails break so easily) but I'm hoping 😊

Well, that brings us to the last products in the bag honeys.

4. Avon True NurtaEffects Active Moisture + :  I ordered two sachets of this facial oil just to try it before possibly purchasing the whole product.  I'm still searching for something that will help deal with a stubborn dry patch of skin on my forehead and around my eyebrows.  Yuck 😩 I've tried so many creams now that I thought I'll give this oil a try you never know, it might work.

Well, that's it honeys.  I've reached the end of my Avon bag.  Have you tried any of these products?  Do you use Avon?  If not what is your favourite way to treat yourself?  I always consider my every now and then Avon orders are a little "cheer me up" treat to myself 😊

Whatever you're doing this weekend dear ones, have fun, smile a whole lot and don't let the chance of a hug pass you by 😊  Huggles always xx

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