Monday, 12 June 2017

A Homemaking Aha Moment! I Found Somewhere New To Clean!

Hi Honeys
I'm sorry I've been missing.  Both Hubby & I had last week booked off from work to get some things done around our home.  It was lovely spending time with Hubby, even after all these years he's still my best friend so any extra time we get to spend together is wonderful.

We spent our time working on de-clutering, organizing as well as a little work in our front garden which included a new home for our miniature roses which has been living in the kitchen on the window ledge since Christmas.  Now they have a happy new home in our tiny front garden and we have the prettiest display of bright pink roses by our front door.  I'll share in my next post honeys, promise 😊

The best part of the week, other than spending time with Hubby and our furbaby Jade, was being able to fill bags to take to our local charity shop.  Now our home can breathe a little better because more clutter is gone and hopefully the bags of clothing and DVDs will raise a little money for our favourite charity too.

While working on our master bedroom upstairs I had a real "aha!" moment where a cleaning penny dropped and I had to share 😃

My homemaking aha! moment - I found somewhere new to clean!

Since we were going to be working on our master bedroom, going through storage boxes and containers looking for things no longer needed, we thought we'd combine our de-cluttering mission with giving our bedroom a roof to floor cleaning too.

In the main I'm happy with our master bedroom honeys.  It's easy to clean because we have systems in place which make keeping it tidy really easy.  We have ways to fold laundry which have become second nature and makes it so easy to put it away quickly and easily.  I'm still using that little closet/cupboard in this room that holds, thanks to storage systems, way more than it's size should allow it to and I still love pocket storage 😊

So this room rarely needs more work than making the bed and the occasional once over with a duster and the vacuum cleaner.... or so I thought!

I've now discovered that some items do need to be taken apart when cleaning and that a quick dust or once over with the nozzle attachment of the vacuum cleaner just isn't enough.  OK, what I'm about to show you horrified me!  I can't stress this enough honeys, it really did.

It left me quite upset and actually worried because having been born with damaged lungs and living with asthma what we discovered is not only annoying to me as a homemaker but is potentially harmful to my health too.

Let's take a look at what we found shall we? Fair warning this is quite gross....
Sitting on the window ledge of our bedroom is a small electric fan. It is situated so that if I open the window a little at night the opened side of the window is directly behind the fan so that when it's switched on it will draw in the cooler night air from outside.

Till now I've always thought that the aforementioned once over with a soft duster and occasional brush with the nozzle attachment connected to our vacuum cleaner would draw out any dust from inside the fan which is "caged" or enclosed in a double sided, circular mesh body.

Well even doing this, it turns out, doesn't stop a horrendous amount of dust collecting on the blades inside the fan.  Now surely if it's being dusted and vacuumed there shouldn't be any dust inside right? Nope. The "cage" part of the fan wasn't sitting quite right so Hubby took it apart and let's take a look at the horror we found inside....        

Once the body of the fan was taken apart the dust on the inner blades was horrifying

There is not enough ewwww in the world for that amount of dust!  This really did alarm me honeys because I've spent most of my life having episodes where my breathing fails me. I mean I actually find myself fighting to breathe.  From an early age I've always known this is how I'll die.  Someday I won't be able to get my breathing started again, no matter how many inhalers I have nearby.

So, to discover this amount of dust trapped inside an item bought to help me breathe is terrifying.  It was immediately stripped down and cleaned to within an inch of its existence by Hubby (thank you sweetheart x)

As you can see honeys, much better.  It could be brand new again it's so shiny...

A newly spotlessly clean fan will help me to breathe without distributing dust all around the room.

Once the interior parts of the fan were spotlessly clean again and entirely dust free, the outer body or cage of the fan was screwed back together again...

Electric fan in the bedroom, newly cleaned and re-assembled.

This really was a huge "aha!" moment for me and has made me start to look at the items in our home differently.  I really did think that dusting the surface and vacuuming through the cage of the fan would mean it was kept clean but obviously this was not the case.

If you have a little desktop or stand alone fan honeys, do (after unplugging from the mains entirely for safety) check the blades and inner moving parts of it every now and again for dust accumulation. Having trapped dust being blown around your home isn't at all healthy and less so if, like me, you have lung issues.

Have you found anything in your home that needs extra attention when cleaning?  What's been your latest "aha!" moment?  I hope your week is off to a great start honeys and that you had a wonderful weekend.

Till next time dear ones, when I'll show you the new home of our miniature roses, smile lots and never let a chance to hug pass you by 😊 Huggles always xx

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