Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Super Moon Over Scotland..

Hi Honeys
I hope your week is going well. I actually got to peg out laundry yesterday! It was a beautiful, if chilly, sunny day outside with a good "drying wind."   Whether it was all likely to dry or not wasn't really important I was just so happy to be able to peg it all out. There's simply no substitute for the gorgeous scent of bedding and towels pegged outside to dry,  now if someone could just make a perfume of that scent I'd be a happy wee Rosie!

In fact all of my towels did dry, as did most of my laundry, with the exception of our duvet cover which is made from a very thick, brushed cotton and two of our furbaby Jade's soft fleecey blankets, since they were the last to be pegged out and our sunshine is gone so early.  Not a problem though, they were soon dried in the tumble dryer.  Just being able to peg laundry out at all made me smile yesterday 😊

Another highlight of this week was, of course, the much reported appearance of the "super moon" on Monday night. Did you manage to see it honeys?  I saw so many beautiful images on Twitter from around the world but I thought, even though they're not nearly so impressive, I'd share how this gorgeous, seldom seen occurrence looked over the West Coast of Scotland...

The beautiful "super moon" over Scotland

We won't see the moon pass this close to earth again until 25 November 2034 - not for another 18 years! Indeed it hasn't passed this close to us since 1948 so I was determined to at least try to catch a photo of it.  Here are the best of the images I caught...

Super moon seen over the West Coast of Scotland

It certainly seemed brighter than normal and maybe a little larger but it didn't look anything like the images of the gigantic moon towering over buildings I was seeing on Twitter.  Were people using their zoom buttons or was Scotland missing the full effects of this rare sighting I wonder honeys.

In fact, according to the BBC, the moon should have appeared around seven per cent larger and approximately fifteen per cent brighter.
Rapidly moving clouds swept across the skies blocking our view of the supermoon

An additional problem was the rapidly moving cloud coverage which constantly sought to obscure our view of the super moon.  I stood at our back door though and kept snapping away..

A brief, clear sighting of the moon again before clouds rolled across trying to obscure it from view

Within a few short minutes though this happened...

Clouds cover the super moon

I wonder what I'll be doing the next time it passes us so closely in 2034?  I can't even imagine what I'll be doing next year much less in 18 years time but I hope I'll still have a camera snapping away trying to capture it :)

So honeys, that was it for the skies over Scotland but many other places around the world saw the event far clearer and without those pesky clouds, who had all seemed to have decided to hold a convention over our house :)

Did you see the super moon?  Have you blogged your photos?or instagramed them? If so, do share a link in the comments section? I'd love to see them and promise to say hello if I visit.  Thank you for dropping by to keep me company, till next time dear ones stay warm it's getting chilly and definitely starting to feel like winter outside.  Huggles always xx 


  1. I dragged Heath out and we walked up the hill to see the moon (We live in a valley) but he shrugged and went back home too tired to be bothered. I only had my mobile so nothing to take a good shot with. :( Bummed. I did take photos the previous super moon..

    1. Hi Yvonne, it really does seem to have been luck this time around as to whether we all saw it. There was such a small window here before the moon was hidden by clouds. I wonder what we'll all be doing when it next appears in 2034? It sounds like forever away but it's not really. Time passes so fast. I can't believe we're so close to the holidays already, it feels like no time at all since summer. Hope you're having a fab week honey & looking forward to the weekend, huggles always xxx

  2. It was all cloudy here, alas. I hope I'm still alive for the next one in 2030-something! ;) xxx

    1. Hi Leah x omg what a thing to say! Of course you will! I'm sorry you didn't manage to see it honey. There was such a small window of time here when it could be seen. We stood on the back steps and watched the clouds roll over in a matter of a few minutes :/ Maybe next time eh? I'm trying to catch up, this hasn't been the best month. I've been feeling so exhausted the whole time and it's taking everything I have to just make it through my shifts at work :/ Roll on Spring and the better weather. Have a fabulous weekend honey, sending heaps of huggles xxx