Thursday, 10 November 2016

Picture Perfect Project: November: The Last Rose..

Hi Honeys
Back again for the almost, nearly last post in The Picture Perfect Project.  I've had such fun taking part in this wonderful link up and it 'll be fabulous to be able to look back over a year in the life of our much loved garden.

Picture Perfect Project: The Last Rose

The Picture Perfect Project encouraged bloggers to take more photographs and along the way to also improve their photography skills as well as the appearance of our blogs.  It's been an honour and such fun to have been part of this lovely link up this past year.  I've looked forward to snapping away happily in our garden each month.

The link up itself ended last month but me being me I can't bear to leave it unfinished.  I've had far too much fun :)  So, even though the link up is complete I thought I'd finish the year with two additional posts.  How else can it truly be a year in the life of our garden?

I'm so glad I decided to continue because our garden hasn't let me down :)  While everything is settling down for their winter nap we had one last rose patiently waiting to be captured forever...

Here it is honeys..

Last Perfect Rose of 2016 In Our Garden

The last, perfect rose of 2016.  Isn't it beautiful?  I can't wait till Spring to see the garden start to wake up and for the roses to bloom again.

As if the universe knew I had a post to write for the Picture Perfect Project this week on Tuesday (8th) evening we saw our very first snow fall of Winter and even though it was after 8pm and very dark outside how perfect is this...

The First Snow Of Winter

The photo above was taken by our front door looking skywards into our front garden just after the snow started to fall.

It had been raining most of the day so I didn't expect the snow to settle or to lay but look what happened honeys...

Snow starting to lay in the back garden

It was beautiful! I stood on the back steps watching the snow falling for as long as I could before the cold made us (our furbaby Jade was with me) retreat to the warmth of the living room :)  By the following morning it was all gone again and had been replaced by rain but oh my it was lovely to see while it lasted :)

Ordinarily snow terrifies me, I'm none too steady on my feet even on a good day so I have a tremendous fear of falling but when we're all safe, at home, and don't have anywhere to travel to, oh my do I love to look at it :) Next month I'll post my very last post in the Picture Perfect Project, it's been such fun honeys, thank you so much to our lovely hosts Beth, Courtney, Desiree, Elizabeth,  Stephanie, and Whitney for allowing me to join in the fun, and thank you too if you've been following along x

Till next time then dear ones, smile lots and hug even more.  Why not grab a camera, or your phone, and save some memories?  You never know, maybe they'll become treasures.  Tiny, precious bubbles of time :) Huggles always xx

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