Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Furbaby Smiles :)

Disclaimer: I'm not being paid to promote any products, just sharing the cutest furbaby treat we found for Jade while grocery shopping x

Hi Honeys
1st of November! This past year has gone so fast!  The season's changes have been almost unnoticed. In fact, you'd be forgiven for thinking this past month has been the tail end of Summer instead of Autumn here in the UK with (mostly) beautifully sunny days and summer temperatures in the low 20Cs.  All change now though, it felt very chilly this morning.

Time to add a sweater or cardigan to the outfit for the day :)  It's also time to start noticing holiday items when grocery shopping.  Christmas is a time to treat our loved ones and surely that has to include our furbabies :)

Misfits Furbaby Munch Box Dog Treats

Whilst grocery shopping in our local Asda (Walmart) we spotted this adorable treat tin and just knew we had to take one home for Jade.  We buy the misfits treats regularly anyway so I knew she liked them (I think her favourites are the Liver flavoured Wonky Chomps) but I'm willing to admit the downright cuteness of the container made it inevitable that it made its way into our trolley and came home with us :)

Seriously honeys, how adorable is this tin...

Misfits Limited Edition Tin With Dog Treats

The cardboard wrap-a-round label announces that this is a limited edition tin but it doesn't say anywhere that it's exclusive to Asda, so it might well be available in your local supermarket.  The adorable furbaby images are on all four sides of the tin and it is a very snazzy, eye-catching colour too. Would you like a look inside?

Misfits Dog Treats Tin Contents

As you can see this adorable little tin is just stuffed with treats for your furbaby.  I was actually quite surprised at the quantity of treats for the price of the tin.   It was priced at £5 and with five full packs of treats inside the tin (and since the treats are usually around £1.27 for each pack) it really is a bargain.

Inside the tin are...

Misfits Dog Treats

Left to right (and starting on the top row)

  1. A pack of seven small Nasher Sticks in chicken & beef flavour  
  2. A pack of four small Wonky Chomps in lip smacking liver 
  3. A 180g pack of Motley Mixes in prawn & beef flavours
  4. A pack of seven large Tangly Twists in beef & cheese flavour
  5. A 180g pack of Scruffy Bites - no flavour mentioned it just says "mouth watering morsels" but I can tell you our baby Jade adores them :)
There was also a tin available for kitty parents to treat their furbabies.  It's made by Whiskas and is a gorgeous purple tin, again with five assorted packs of treats and again priced at £5.  I've looked online and I can't find an image of it for you, even at their official web page which is quite odd but you'll find it, and the Misfits tin we bought for our baby Jade, in your local Asda (Walmart) and maybe some other retailers?

These adorable little tins can be very useful.  Last year my dear Brother-in-law bought Jade a Pedigree Chum tin, again it was full of treats which she happily munched on over the festive period :) That tin is now used to store Jade's paperwork such as her vaccination/boosters booklet from her vet, her micro chip information as well as other little treasures such as her puppy collar :)  

You could just as easily use the tin to store treats for your furbaby in your pantry.  Jade has a large Bonio tin which is constantly kept full of her Bonios, Markies, Milky Bones, Gravy Bones and other yummy treats.  She also has a larger plastic air tight box where extra supplies of unopened packs are stored.

I hope you're having a fabulous day honeys, Jade is having a nap (under the little blanket I knitted for her - bless!) next to me on the sofa as I write this so while she's napping I think I'll go try to get some ironing done.  Till next time dear ones, smile lots, hug even more and don't forget to hug your furbabies,
Huggles always xx

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