Thursday, 17 November 2016

Ikea Muffinsmix Citron - Lemon Flavoured Muffin Mix

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote this product, just sharing some fun Hubby & I had in the kitchen making yummy muffins x

Hi Honeys
At a loose end and with nothing much on TV to watch last night Hubby & I wandered off into the kitchen to try a muffin kit we'd bought on our last visit to Ikea a while ago.  

You might remember I tried one of these shake and bake cartons some time ago, the Ikea BRĂ–DMIX FLERKORN Multigrain Bread Baking Mix so you can imagine I was curious when I saw a similar carton promising yummy lemon flavour muffins ❤ 

Ikea Muffinsmix Citron

I adore baking honeys, I really do.  I also adore muffins.  Add grins & giggles with Hubby in the kitchen into the mix and we have a winner 🏆

The Muffinsmix Citron, or lemon flavour muffin mix, comes packaged in a bright, pretty carton and is also available in chocolate flavour.  The cooking method is the same as the bread mix in that you are asked to add water, shake and then bake.  It couldn't be any easier!

The problem I had with the Brodmix Flerkorn bread mix was in the shaking of the carton.  Having painful arthritic shoulders the last thing I'm able to do is to rigourously shake cartons but luckily I had Hubby to do the shaking last night with the muffin mix.

Off we went then, Hubby & I off into the kitchen.  We read the instructions on the carton which said to give carton a good shake to loosen any contents which had settled on the bottom of the carton. Hubby did the vigourous shaking thing and when it sounded like the contents were shoogling about inside the carton quite freely, we opened it to be hit with the loveliest scent of lemons.

The instructions on the pack say to then add 250ml of warm (40 degrees) water.  Note: since I am a cautious cook and I've never liked to add all of the required fluid to a recipe in one go.  It's always possible to add a little more but very difficult to remove it once it's in there!

Now the intructions say to add 250ml water and in fact we added 150ml or 3 of our little ceramic measuring cups which hold 50ml.  Hubby then gave the carton a very vigourous shake, so vigourous in fact he ended up quite red in the face! We then looked inside the carton to see if it had started to mix only to find it appeared very "watery."

We decided to pour a little into a muffin case and pop it into the oven before adding the last 100ml of water.  I'm so glad we did because the muffin emerged 14 minutes later (aren't kitchen timers fabulous honeys?) a perfectly soft, moist, lemon scented dream of a muffin.

We decided against adding the final 100ml of water because if we had the mixture would have been lemony scented water and not cake batter.  So, into the muffin cases went the mixture...

Ikea Muffinsmix Citron ready to bake

Then into the middle shelf of the pre-heated (to 180C - we have a fan oven so I lowered it a little from the 200C instructed on the pack) oven and the timer was again set to 14 minutes.  The timer went ping, we removed the muffins and they looked like this...

Ikea Muffinsmix Citron fresh from the oven

So honeys, what are my thoughts on the Ikea Muffinsmix Citron mix then?  I would make the following points...


  1. Super simple to make.  Seriously, it's just add water, shake and bake! 
  2. Takes no time to make so ideal for last minute coffee guests.
  3. Everything is mixed in the carton so there's virtually no post baking cleaning up!
  4. The scent of lemon in the kitchen while they're baking is heavenly!
  5. The carton made (in our case) 16 (small) muffins.
  6.  Yum! They are so, so delicious!!  So much so that Hubby & I had a muffin with our cuppa last night and Hubby took the rest off to work with him this morning to share with his co-workers :) 


  1. Take great care adding the water to the carton honeys, as I said if we had followed the instructions on the pack to the letter it would have been far too runny a consistency to bake.   After having added only 150ml of the required 250ml it was already very runny/watery even though they baked perfectly.  I'm wondering if there might be a mis-print on the pack? 
That's it! That's the only problem I can think of in our experience of making Ikeas lemon muffin mix and that's no problem at all really.  Would I recommend this muffin mix? yes I would. It was quick and fun to make and we're going to try the chocolate flavour ones next time we visit Ikea.  If you'd like to try the Muffinsmix Citron I managed to find links so that you know what the packaging looks like here and here.  

Have you tried any of the carton mixes from Ikea honeys?  If so, what did you think of them?  Till next time dear ones, stay warm it's getting properly chilly outside now, remember to smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xx


  1. Have you added any fruit to them? Blueberries, candied ginger, etc? What about pouring in some chia seeds or ground flax seeds?

    1. Hello there, I've tried blueberries (from our garden) when making my own muffins from scratch and they were amazing. I've also tried strawberries and other mixed berries but I hadn't thought of candied ginger, or of adding flax or chia seeds. What fabulous ideas though, thank you for the suggestions and thank you so much for visiting, huggles xx