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Picture Perfect Project: October: Hubby's Fence building Project

Hi Honeys
I have to start this post with an apology! I'm so sorry this post is a week late honeys.  I haven't been feeling at my best, my bloods are terribly low again and while I have posts lined up, just getting them written & published is proving difficult right now.

It's time then for another post in the wonderful Picture Perfect Project, the fun link up which encourages bloggers to improve their photography skills, as well as the appearance of their blogs, by taking more photos.  Practice makes perfect after all :)

For my tiny contribution to the fabulous Picture Perfect Project I've been documenting a year in the life of our garden and what fun it's been!  It's so good to be able to look back at the past year and to re-live our gardening smiles :)

Picture Perfect Project: October: Hubby's Fence Building Project

Autumn has finally arrived.  We've been lucky in that we've still had beautiful blue skies in place of the more common (for the west coast anyway) grey skies and constant rain for this time of year but the temperature is starting to fall now honeys,

Maybe not quite time for warm sweaters, mittens and scarves yet but certainly there is a change in the air.  Most noticeable in the early morning when Hubby takes Jade for her walk.  Jade has her jacket on now to keep her warm on walkies.

Jade waiting to go walkies
The garden too has settled down and is beginning to prepare itself for it's winter nap.  Our tiny front garden though is still blessed with a little colour from the lingering roses...

 Late blooming autumn roses still add colour to our tiny front garden

The petals are falling now and soon they'll sleep through winter until spring warmth wakes them again..

Falling rose petals

The excitement this month though has all been taking place in our back garden.  Hubby had a week's holiday from work and spent four full days tearing down the old fencing in the back garden and completely re-building it. Such a lot of work honeys but he's made such a wonderful job of it and of course he had his assistant, our furbaby Jade, to help...   

Hubby & Jade at work on the fencing

Four full days of tearing down old, weather worn fencing, installed by our homes previous owners many years ago and replacing the seven foot tall fence with a lovely, and lower, five foot tall fence.  

Corner of back garden before & after

I'm still smiling each time I go into the kitchen honeys.  As you can see the new fencing has completely changed the appearance of our back garden...

Back garden fencing replaced

There is still work to do but poor Hubby ran out of holiday bless him.  He says he's going to use weekends to finish the fencing off before winter arrives.  I'm so proud of him. He constantly amazes me with the work he does around our home. Nothing seems to phase him, even a little :)  He once removed the whole sink from our bathroom and then replaced it again as well as fitting pretty new ceramic lever taps.
Hubby's fabulous fence building work

The picture perfect project has been such fun. It's so sad that it's come to a close. Our link up hosts have decided to draw the curtain on it with the holidays coming up and life becoming busier. Thank you so much to our lovely hosts for letting me join in the fun.  Do please visit and say hello to other lovely bloggers taking part honeys x

I know it's probably my ocd talking here but, even though there isn't an official link up any more, I'm going to write two more posts in this series to finish out the year.  It feels right somehow :) Thank you again to our lovely hosts:

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Till next time dear ones, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xx

Hugs always

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