Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Rosies Latest Ikea Visit: Part Two

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products, just sharing our outing and what we saw x

Hi Honeys
Back again, as promised, with more photos from our recent trip to Ikea :) If you missed yesterday's post you can see it here.  OK, I'll wait here, why don't you grab a coffee honeys, there is so much to see :)
Rosie's trip to Ikea Part Two
 From the moment we walked into the store it was all change since our last visit. Summer is coming and Summer is a time to be outside enjoying the garden...
Summer in the garden
 There were barbeques, trolleys, patio furniture.....
Ikea Summer in the garden
 and of course gardening equipment too for those with green fingers.  I've always wished I had green fingers! I would so love to be a talented gardener but I think our garden grows in spite of me honeys :/

Into the elevator then to begin our journey upstairs, from where you follow Ikea's carefully placed arrows on the floor which guide customers around the store.  Other than slight panic at how crowded (and noisy!) the store was when we got upstairs my first impression was wow....

The wow was directed towards three very beautiful pendant lights in one of the living room displays...
KRUSNING paper light shades Ikea
These gorgeous shades have paper layers which you can crumble or crush into the shape you'd like, making each shade individual.  I really like these and have been looking around our home for somewhere they might suit :) The shade is called KRUSNING and you can read about it here honeys.

OK, still have your coffee?  Sitting comfortably? Good, off we go then honeys, lots of photos ahead...

 Living Rooms

First up then lets have a look at a couple of Ikea's Living Room displays...
Living Room Display Ikea
I adore walking around the different room displays in Ikea. Not just because they're always beautifully organized but because of the many subtle ideas it's so easy to adopt in your own home.  A good example of this can be seen in the above image honeys.  Have a look at the wall on the left hand side of the chair.

There is a picture ledge (I seriously love these picture ledges! we have them dotted around our home in different rooms including our book nook) fastened to the wall above the picture ledge is a kitchen rail which is holding the books sitting on the picture ledge from falling.  Genius!

This same idea could easily be adapted to a picture ledge by your bed with the rail being used to keep laptops or tablets safely in place too.  Great idea Ikea! I really liked this display, such a cozy corner to sit and read :)

There isn't a single thing I don't like about the next display honeys...
Ikea Living Room
I like the fireplace, the wooden floor, the height of the bookcase (if I ruled the world all bookcases would be floor to ceiling to store lots more books :) and I love that little armchair with the floral slip covers! It's so me :)

Another living room display I just couldn't find fault in (not that I was trying) is this one...
Beautifully organizing living room
 This living room display isn't overly large and yet it manages to combine a living room space as well as a work area to the side of the sofa with a desk & chair.  The coffee table is actually very large.  It's a LACK coffee table, which we bought for our home (in birch) in this latest visit.

Another element of this room which I stared at for far too long was the beautiful canvas hanging above the sofa.  Isn't it lovely honeys?  I found it very calming.

I've always wanted a console table in our hall but it's really too small (our hall that is) so we have a small unit there which doubles up as shoe storage.  If we did have room for a console table though, one of these would be lovely...  
HEMNES Console Tables at Ikea
You can find details of these beautiful Hemnes console tables here

The last (for now!) of our living room displays I snapped because I really liked the colour scheme honeys...
Ikea Living Room in Shades of Green & Black
The green and black shades work so well together. I liked the wooden flooring and that gorgeous plaid rug, the furniture pieces chosen, the wall mounted storage along the back wall keeping clutter off the floor and of course...
Ikea Stockholm Chair
The Stockholm chair (in sandbacka black) I have to admit honeys to being slightly obsessed by this chair :) I took photos of it on our last visit too and whenever I see it I just can't walk past without stopping :) Isn't it perfect? Love it.

Our next stop isn't a living room at all but it seemed to me the layout would work fine in a corner of a living.sitting room and since my own desk lives in the corner of our living room...
Ikea Compact Home Office
The planter on the shelf also made me smile since Hubby is a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, which features a character called Groot :)

By the side of this desk there was a Helmer storage unit in the same lovely shade of green...
HELMER Drawer Unit Ikea
 Hubby has two of these small storage units (in red) upstairs in his office/den/man cave and uses them to store some of his huge collection of collector cards which go back many years.  He has sport (football) cards, movie cards, and thanks to these little units he can file them neatly and also keep them safe.


Whilst I'm very happy with our kitchen (Hubby worked so hard on it) I can't help stopping by the kitchen displays each time we visit Ikea...
Ikea kitchen maximizes storage in an awkward space
 I love the thought that's so obviously gone into planning this kitchen honeys.  This display shows that no matter how awkwardly shaped a space is, Ikea can make the most of the available room and pack so much storage into it.  Not just with the floor to ceiling cabinets either...
Genius Kitchen Storage From Ikea
I couldn't leave without snapping photos of the space by the sink in this kitchen display.  So much storage in such a small space! Love it!

There is something about the dark wood cabinets and butchers block style worktops of this kitchen. So beautiful...
Ikea Dark Wood Kitchen
Again, I love everything about this room display especially the very high, glass fronted cabinets which would be perfect to display favourite dishes or beautiful bottles or glasses.  You might remember we keep our treasures on glass shelves in our kitchen.

While in the kitchen section I had to pause by this perfect little corner display...
Ikea Perfect Calming Kitchen Accessories
 This teeny tiny corner is just me to a tee!  It reminds me of perfect "shabby chic" look kitchens.  The table and chair are lovely, the plate rack on the wall too and the accessories on the table are perfect! A dainty little teacup and saucer sits on a tray alongside a two tiered cake tray (love those!) and a pretty lace patterned napkin holder.  Perfect!

The next display, while related to kitchens, is actually meant for the pantry, for those blessed to have such a space.  
Pantry Organization At Ikea
Aw honeys, I miss our pantry!  We used to have one in a past home and I still miss it to this day.  It was only small but I loved it.  Such a luxury to have a (even if its small) designated pantry and oh my goodness wouldn't it be wonderful to have such a space and to organize it like this...
These photos just make my little homemaking heart smile :) Wonderful!


I love bedding honeys and I adore looking at new bedding designs,  I love colours, patterns, accessories... I just love bedding :)  Naturally then I look forward to seeing Ikea's bedding range set out on room displays.  

As I said in yesterday's post though I didn't have much luck this visit in taking photos of the many styles on display because there appeared to be children using most of the beds as trampolines!  Would I sound old fashioned (and maybe a bit of a grouch) to suggest this is poor parenting?  I felt so sorry for the Ikea staff!  Note to self: for any future trips to Ikea.... go on a weekday :)    

All was not entirely lost though honeys since I did manage to snap a couple of bed displays not being used as trampolines...
RINGKRAGE quilt cover set Ikea
The set in the photo above is called Ringkrage and you can find details here

I did spot a rather cool quilt cover set, featuring very cool rock animals...
FLICKÖGA quilt cover set by Ikea
 Aside from making me smile it also looked familiar and of course it should, because on a previous visit we'd unknowingly seen some cushions which match this set...
Ikea Cushions
Too cute!

I couldn't leave the bedroom section without snapping a photo of this wonderful corner closet display...
Ikea Corner Closet Display
Who wouldn't want to have a closet like this honeys?  It's a dream :) I'm still very grateful to have my teeny tiny closet but wouldn't it be wonderful to have so much storage space?

Miscellaneous Items

Goodness! This has been a very long post!  We're on the home stretch now though honeys.  I've used this section to add anything that doesn't really fit into the other sections but that I'd still like to share.  

First up is this ODDVAR stool with a chess board printed on it... 

What a great idea!

The next item is a beautiful earthenware storage jar which I loved on sight...
Aren't they lovely?  I think I would have bought (at least) one this visit if I hadn't found them so near the end of our shop tour. We'd already been in store for over an hour and a half by this point and it was so busy and so noisy I just desperately wanted to go home!

I've already added this beautiful item to our online shopping list for our next visit though :) Imagine my joy when looking for them online only to find these lovely jars are part of a bigger collection!  Fabulous!  I'm already looking forward to our next trip so that I can search out the other items :)

In the fabric department we saw this display...
Cat fabric in Ikea
More kittys!! You might remember from yesterday's post how much  I loved the cat teacup & saucer sets from the new GILTIG collection?  How could I not adore this fabric :)

Ikea has always sold lovely vases but over the last couple of visits I've noticed some very beautiful artificial flowers to display in them too...
Ikea Artificial Flowers

Another relatively new section too is the Ikea papershop...
Ikea Paper Shop
This wonderful area sells party ware such as wrapping paper, gift bags, paper plates, cups and bowls as well as pens, paper, notelets, cards, and notebooks.  There are storage boxes and paper decorations too.  It's an amazing little area that really is worth a visit.  It's a little treasure trove of pretty things :)

That's it honeys!  Another Ikea visit with altogether too much to see :) I hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I have writing them :)  Thank you for keeping me company x

Being in Scotland of course, as we left we were thoroughly thumped by hail stones!
Leaving Ikea
 Hail stones honeys, in April!  Oddly enough I looked in the direction of our living room window earlier while typing this post only to see large hail stones crashing against the windows!  The weatherman on the BBC this morning did say it would be cold enough for snow over the next few days and it so is!!

Whatever is happening with the weather honeys?  I feel as if it's been forever since we last saw Summer here.  Never mind, at least I have Jade to hug and share a blanket on the sofa with :) Our furbaby Jade adores hugs as much as her Mummy does and happily naps on the sofa til her daddy gets home from work bless her :)
Jade on her own little mini sofa
Till next time dear ones, stay warm and safe if you're seeing this odd weather too.  Smile lots and hug even more honeys, huggles always xx


  1. Oh gosh! How I do love Ikea and their display rooms! They are always so well organized and cozy looking. Looks like you had so much fun. I would LOVE a closet like the one displayed. So amazing. My favorite picture is of Jade though. So adorable. I've found Lenny to like all the softest blankets in our place as well. Who knew he would want pillows and blankets as much as I do?! :)

    1. Hi Heather :) I think all furbabies should have heaps of soft & fluffy blankets for naptimes, don't you? Jade adores being snuggled under her blankies for naptime. She even sometimes tucks her wee nose under her blanket so that all you see is her ears :) I LOVED your latest post! Baby Lenny is so adorable! He's a wee cutie :) Lenny is so lucky to have found such a wonderful Mum & Dad and he'll love you both forever and a day for rescuing him. We were so blessed to have been able to adopt Jade, for sure we'd be so lost without her :) Sending so many huggles dear wee friend xxx