Thursday, 21 April 2016

Latest Ikea Goodies & Planning Future Projects

Hi honeys
I hope you're having a fabulous week so far. The sun has actually arrived! Yaaay! So lots of laundry being done and hung outside to dry on the line :) Yesterday I ran out of laundry and re-washed some of our furbaby Jade's little blankets :)
Latest Ikea goodies and future projects
I thought I'd take a break from editing my photos from our recent visit to Ikea (there are so many! I'll share soon though honeys I promise) and share what we actually bought while there and also maybe a couple of future projects we'll be using these items for...
First purchase was more of a necessity than anything else.  We so badly needed to replace our coffee table in the living room because it was less than stable anymore and had definitely seen better days. We bought a Lack coffee table as a replacement...
LACK coffee table from Ikea

The one we bought was in a very pale birch shade, in order to tie in with the rest of our living room and since it was so inexpensive (we paid £16) I really wasn't expecting all that much but it actually is pretty great :) The shelf underneath now holds a basket for magazines and another matching basket which keeps all of my knitting together :) 

You might remember honeys I'm knitting squares and making a blanket :) It's such fun knitting these little squares and, once I have enough, sewing them into place.  I'm now working on pretty pastel squares and it's a lovely way to remind myself (on days the sun isn't shining) that it is in fact Spring :) 

Our next purchase is one I'm quite excited about!  Not for the object itself really, more for what it represents.  I should explain :)  If you walk to the back of our kitchen there is a glass door leading out into a teeny tiny hallway (honestly turn around and you're back in the kitchen :) which has the back door leading out into the garden and facing the back door there is a cupboard.  

It's a decent sized cupboard and would have been used, back in the early 50s when these houses were built, as a coal cellar.  There is a lane behind us and that is how the coal would have been delivered. Brought along this lane and the coalman would have then emptied the large sack of coal into this cupboard.  

With central heating nowadays we don't have coal men anymore (oooo I do miss having a coal fire!) and at present this cupboard is just full of stuff. It has two huge shelves full of boxes, cleaning supplies, all sorts of things.  The ironing board currently lives in there and tries to attack me each time I open the door! It's chaos in there honeys and badly requires order.  To that end we bought this...
HYLLIS shelving unit from Ikea

This is a fairly basic little metal shelving unit and, once we've cleared out and sorted all of the accumulated stuff in the cupboard, it will be going into the cupboard and used to help restore some order.  We also have a smaller shelving unit and between the two of them we're hoping to create a usable space.

As you can see there is quite a large gap between the shelves of the metal unit and in order to make the most of this vertical space we also picked up some of those excellent little Variera metal shelves.
VARIERA shelves from Ikea
Do you remember these little shelves honeys?  We've used them all over our home :) There are a couple on my desk, I have two stacked on the counter above our washing machine used to store a container of washing powder as well as fabric conditioners etc. On this visit we bought three of the slimmer shelves and two of the larger, broader units.

We did buy some fun things too though :) Among my favourites are the sweetest little hooks which are to be used to hang up our furbaby Jade's jacket & Harness/lead in the planned makeover of our little entryway/mudroom...
Among our latest Ikea purchases
We also picked up a pretty blue watering can to let me mix the rose food for our much loved roses, another of the double sided (room for two photos to be displayed, one photo on each side) Tolsby photo frame which will of course be home to Jade smiles :)

Lastly in this image is a box of the smallest of the Istad bags to top up supplies in our kitchen.  I so love these bags and the smallest ones (other than being great to hold fruit or snacks to take to work) are used a lot to contain my craft supplies.

Last, but not least, are a few bags of straws :)
SODA & SOMMAR straws from Ikea
I'm a straw girl :)  I always pick up a couple of bags whenever we visit.  The Sommar straws are much larger than normal but that makes them great for drinking smoothies :)

What have you been buying recently honeys?  Do you love Ikea as much as I do?  Till next time dear ones, have fun, keep smiling and hug lots, huggles always xx


  1. Love the straws, I had no idea, I will have to pick some up on my next trip!!

    1. They're fab honey! There are 100 to a pack too! I'm so sorry for the delay in replying, I'm so far behind :/ Not coping so well right now I wish Summer would hurry up and arrive. Hoping you're well honey and sending heaps of hugs xxx

  2. Ooh, those Variera shelves look amazing! I've never seen them before - I must've missed your earlier posts. I'm well overdue an Ikea visit! xx

    1. They're wonderful honey! They're made of metal too and can be bolted together. Great for shelves, inside cupboards and cabinets, on desks, anywhere :) Great for doubling storage space in kitchen cupboards (to stack different sized dishes for instance) I keep finding new uses for them :) I hope you're having a fab week so far honey, sending huggles xxx

  3. I am a straw girl too! I love drinking out of a straw and I find I drink more water if I have a straw! (and more cold brew coffee for that matter) We also have that coffee table! It's been great and such a good price too :) Thanks for sharing. Shopping trips are so fun (especially when there are fun prizes: I need to get those little dog hooks: so cute!)

    1. Heather! Hello honey xx thank you for visiting. I'm so sorry not to reply straight away. I haven't been coping well but I'm trying to catch up x I loved your latest post! Lenny is adorable! He's so lucky to have you as his Mom x I'm loving the Lack coffee table to :) I wasn't sure at first because it's larger than our old one but Jade has figured out that she can shimmy under it and snuggle on her Mummy's feet :) I hope you're having a fabulous week so far dear wee friend, sending heaps of huggles always xx