Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Smiling in The Kitchen & Pretty Accessories

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products, I just wanted to share my latest wee smiles x

Hi Honeys
I hope you've had a fabulous weekend full of smiles :) It's been hectically busy here but I wanted to share some smiles I found for our home.  I popped in to Asda (Walmart) for some fruit and milk and came out with lots of adorable home accessories too from their sale :)
Smiles in the kitchen & pretty accessories
At the bottom left hand corner of the above photo you can see a wooden sign.  It jumped at me because of it's vintage appearance and I'm such a vintage kinda gal :) It says freshly baked - the best cookies in town and in smaller lettering underneath, made with love :)  What can I say it, made me smile honeys :)   

The middle photo on the left hand side is of a set of four stoneware measuring cups.  They're just adorable and more importantly they measure in cups! No longer will beautiful recipes I find on Pinterest make me draw my eyebrows together and leave me entirely stumped as to what exactly a cup of flour looks like :)  Pounds and ounces I get, kilograms and grams I can get my head around thanks to my tiny electronic scales but cups of stuff?  Nope, drawing a complete blank :/  So, when I saw this adorable little measuring set,  giving (at last) an accurate, recipe following, amount of one cup, three quarters of a cup, half a cup and a little quarter cup too, well they had to come home with me :)

Which brings me on to my absolute favourite finds :) Top of the list has to be these guys....

Beautiful owl accessories
Who doesn't adore owls?  First is a wooden sign saying "owl wash, you dry" I know honeys, it's a terrible pun but the owl in a scarf had me grinning from ear to ear :)  Isn't he just adorable?  Nearly as adorable as the cookie jar sitting next to him :) As of the time of writing this the owl cookie jar is still available and you can find him here honeys.  This pretty ceramic owl is actually quite large and I have to admit to fighting the urge to knit him a little Gryffindor scarf :) What? Oh tell me you don't think of Harry Potter every time you see a snow white owl?  I absolutely do :)

Next is another little wooden sign saying "make everything beautiful."  It's right now standing up on the kitchen counter and making me smile but will make its way upstairs to my little sewing corner.  I love the design of this, especially the buttons and bobbins of thread with needles.

Ceramic egg carton
Sitting next to the wooden sign is a ceramic egg carton.  An admission. I got so excited when I saw this gorgeous piece of kitchen art I actually squealed! Right there in the shop :) I absolutely love it!!

It instantly reminded me of a milk jug I bought a while ago. It too was a ceramic version of a common item of food packaging, being in the shape of a milk carton. 
They could have been made to match honeys, with the milk carton too being white with a splash of red in the lettering on the front.  I've seen so many different versions of these beautiful ceramic milk cartons, there are lots on amazon for example, it has to be one of the sweetest kitchen accessory designs. Makes me smile just looking at it and now I have the little egg carton to match :)     

Last item then honeys is a cutting board for bread. Shaped like a slice of bread this lovely and very practical work top saving board has a slogan on each side.

Cute bread board with slogans
On one side it announces "cob a loaf of that!" while the other side says "oh crumbs"   Again the use of (very) silly puns made me smile but on a more practical note, while protecting our worktops from warm bread "sweat" (sooo much ewwww!) it might also encourage Hubby to clean up toast crumbs created when he butters his toast of a morning (are you listening there sweetheart? :) 

What about you honeys? Have you found anything that's making you smile lately? Till next time dear ones, hugs always xx 


  1. Oh I love that vintage sign, and the made with love is just so perfect!! Thanks for the smiles Rosie, sending them right back to you!

    1. Heidi you are an angel! Thank you! huggles xxx

  2. I absolutely love the owl cookie jar. How cute! xx

    1. Hi Leah! Thank you I adore him too :) I found a link for him, which I've added in the blog post, so you can find him. He really is adorable, every time I walk into the kitchen he makes me smile :) Congratulations on your new blog, I went along earlier just to say hello & I've added your new blog to my follows, have a fabulous weekend honey, huggles always xxx

  3. The owl cookie jar! How adorable! I have little measuring cups in the shape of owls. They just make me smile when I got into the kitchen :) Also my husband loves silly puns and would be all about those! The more silly, the better oxoxo

    1. Owls just have to be the cutest, most adorable wee creatures, there's something about them that just makes everyone smile :) I completely agree about puns too, the sillier they are the more they make me giggle :) ie: Bakers trade recipes on a knead to know basis :) awful, right? hee hee :) Have a fabulous weekend Heather, huggles always angel xx