Friday, 9 October 2015

Friday Smiles: Sunny Days & Hubby Baking

Hi honeys
Here we are at the weekend again. The last twenty four hours have had quite a few smiles in them and I thought I'd share :)
Friday Smiles

Yesterday morning, after most of this week having been a succession of miserable, rainy, chilly, grey days we were blessed with this....

Beautiful Sunny Autumn Day

We had the most beautiful day honeys :) Perfect blue skies with fluffy clouds, the loveliest breeze and 14 degrees! Practically tropical for this time of year!  Remember we expect less of the weather in Scotland, so a day like this really is a blessing, especially at this time of year.  This of course could only mean one thing.... laundry! So yesterday was spent hanging out loads of laundry and playing fetch with Jade.  If that's not a perfect afternoon I don't know what is :)

Today the office where Hubby works is having a "bake off" in support of World Mental Health Day and the "Tea & Talk" campaign.  A fabulous cause and what could be more fun than baking? Hubby was determined to do his own baking for his contribution, bless him, even though there has been talk in the office of certain people getting their Mum to help! The scandal! hee hee :)  

So yesterday evening after we'd had dinner, off we both went into the kitchen, aprons were put on and laughs were had :) My presence was only to be "of an advisory nature" I was told! (squee! too adorable!) So I just hovered around watching Hubby following recipes and we seemed to spend the whole time laughing and grinning. 

Hubby decided to make a large chocolate caramel shortbread tray bake, sometimes referred to as millionaire shortcake.  He followed this recipe and substituted the chocolate sprinkles for a thick layer of dark chocolate instead.    Having finished his tray bake, it was popped into the fridge and he then made a lemon sponge batter and used a Doctor Who silicon mould to make these....
Doctor Who Lemon Sponge Cakes

He let them cool and then sprinkled icing sugar over the tops.  I was so impressed honeys. He did so well! Only asking a few questions while following the recipes.  It was a great evening, full of laughs and grins and this morning he went off to work practically grinning with pride because he'd done it all himself :)

I hope you're having a great start to your weekend honeys, with just as many smiles, laughs and hugs. Till next time dear ones, stay warm, laugh lots and hug even more.  Huggles always xx


  1. Sounds like you had a great day!

    1. Hello Heidi :) It's so lovely to find your comment. I'm sorry I haven't been around much this week, it really was a great day honey, we had such fun in the garden Jade & I, and Hubby was so proud of his baking bless him :) I hope you're having a fabulous week & sending heaps of huggles xx

  2. Mmm, those sound so good. And yay for blue skies. xx

    1. Hi Leah, how are you honey? I'm so sorry it's taken me a while to reply, it hasn't ben a good week, spent most of it on the sofa hugging Jade, bless her she kept me company while Hubby was at work. There are no words for how horrible it is to feel so utterly wiped out and exhausted. Awful :/ I hope you're well honey, the season's are definitely changing though so please wrap up warm and take care of you, ok? Huggles always honey xx

  3. This sounds so fun and so yummy! How adorable of your hubby to work so hard on baking his own and for such a good cause too! We've been left in a heat wave here in San Diego. I feel like we should do a trade off. I'll give you sunny and 90 and I'll take cold and rainy. We could just do a once a week trade :)

    1. Hello Heather :) Seriously? Swap this chilly snap we're having for a sunny 90 degree day where I can hang out laundry all day long? Absolutely! :) He really was too adorable in his apron, bless him :) Enjoy your lovely weather Heather, and have a fabulous weekend, sending heaps and heaps of hugs angel xx