Thursday, 29 January 2015

A Celebration, A Book Nook & A Printable!

Hi honeys
I hope everyone is well and staying warm.  I'm writing this with snow still falling outside and a wickedly chilly wind blowing.  I keep telling myself it's January, it'll be Spring soon and eventually Summer :) I'm so not a fan of the cold. The stork definitely got lost when he delivered me, I belong somewhere warm with a lovely soft breeze and where I can hang out laundry every day :)

Well, if I can't magic myself away to somewhere warm, I can at least snuggle with my furbaby Jade in our newly organized book nook.  Which brings me back to the purpose of this post :) I almost missed a birthday! This week, actually the 27th January, marked one year since the first post in this blog.

Rosies Cottage is one year old!

A whole year! Where did it go? This will be my 128th published post, and I can barely believe it.  I get such joy from writing this little blog.  I originally started it to keep a record of our efforts to organize our home and I didn't really expect anyone else to be interested enough to visit with me.

I can't even begin to thank you for visiting honeys. You've made my little corner of the internet so much less lonely and it means more to me than I can say.  Thank you so much. Anyone who knows me will know how much I love hugs and I wish I could hug you all for being so kind xx

After having (almost) completed work on our kitchen, the next part of our home to be worked on is what was our spare room. I said "was" because it has now been re-assigned :) What used to be our spare room is now, or will be once it's completed, my little oasis of calm.  A space to get away from the world, the noise of the TV, or anything really. Essentially, it's going to be my own little private space to read, to work on my crafting, to write or to just chill out.

There were a few things I absolutely wanted to be a part of the design for my little sanctuary. One of these things was a reading nook.  A quiet corner away from the world where I can cuddle up and read (or listen) to one of my favourite books.  Guess what honeys? I did it! So, here it is, my own wee quiet corner.....

Our ever so cozy book nook

Doesn't it look cozy?  Ordinarily with a room makeover the first thing is to clear everything out I suppose but as is so often the case, I have to work around certain things I need to have in the room.

For instance, when my dear BiL visits, well he needs a bed :) Since he's very tall we can't expect him to sleep on a fold down sofa :)  So, somehow a bed had to be factored into the plans. After chatting it over with my BiL, who said he was fine with sleeping in a single bed, bless him, next was drawing sketches of the room.  A single bed is really is for the best because it's an odd shape of a room and a double bed really is too big to sit comfortably in it, we did that recently and it leaves no room for anything else, not even to walk around it. 

So, how to change the use of the room away from being a bedroom into it's new use as a dressing room/craft room whilst keeping an always "ready at a minutes notice" bedroom for my much loved BiL. Well we've done this.....

The single bed is placed lengthways against the wall.  I then placed pillows at the head & at the foot of the bed, which gave me the shape I was looking for.

The bed is shaped to look like a sofa by placing pillows at the top and bottom, which are then covered in a pretty quilt.

Having set up our "makeshift sofa" I then added a large pretty quilt, tucking it under the pillows at the top and bottom to create "arms."  Next was to pile on as many cushions as I could make fit, I adore cushions :)  we then added a "RIBBA" picture ledge ideal for holding books as well as picture frames, so it's perfect for a book corner. 

Next was to add things that would make me smile just by being there.  At The right hand side of the photo you can see a beautiful geometric drawing by a dear friend (thank you Francine honey, huggles.)  I love it and so I was determined to make it a part of my "happy wall."  Doesn't it look wonderful there?

This gives us a bed for guests which can double as a very cozy book nook when the room is not being used for guests.

That brings us to the Ribba ledge and first on there is a frame containing a gorgeous Cath Kidston gift bag. A gift from my dear BiL, bless him. I adore Cath Kidston's designs, she totally gets me :) Well at Christmas during his visit my sweet BiL went to the Cath Kidston shop in town and bought me a stunning notebook and matching notelets & envelopes set and they were beautifully wrapped and placed inside this gift bag. 

The items themselves are on the shelf above my desk in the living room, so I see them everyday but I wanted the gift bag, which was such a sweet lovely surprise, to be a part of my happy wall, so there it is :) In a frame to protect it and keep it, and the lovely memory, safe. Standing in front of the Cath Kidston bag is the sweetest most adorable little reindeer, again a gift from my dear friend Francine, isn't he beautiful? I love him :)

Next is a flyer from an exhibition of the paintings of Jack Vettriano. We were lucky enough to go see this wonderful exhibition a few times, over a year ago now but it absolutely belongs on my "happy wall"  Next to that a copy of a book sold at the exhibition, so I can sit and re-visit those stunning works. We have a couple of his framed prints around our home, including a print of my favourite called "The Singing Butler"

The rest of the shelf is taken up with a few books which (for now) include one I'm reading on the Beatles (I swear I was born too late!) one on home organization and a book of Harry Potter themed knitting patterns :) Lastly is a framed photo of author Colin Dexter, which he was sweet enough to sign for me, along with a copy of his last Morse novel many years ago. It's one of my most precious treasures.

Under the Ribba ledge I've hung a little sign I made, for no other reason than to make me smile :)

Book nook printable to download and frame for your own wee book nook.

Would you like a copy honeys?  If so, you can download the Book Nook printable here Enjoy :)

As I said, this room will also be my dressing room.  It has a two door reach in cupboard which my dear hubby is going to decorate for me by wallpapering the walls inside.  I know it won't be one of the dream closets we all see on Pinterest, it's too small for one thing :) but I plan on making it my own little organized haven for my clothes & accessories.

I have a couple of pretty hooks for the inside of the doors put aside and I've already set up a tiny dressing table in the room next to the cupboard/closet doors. I'm planning to eventually move all of my make up and hair things through too.  It will be a lot of work but I can't wait till it's finished and I promise that when it is I'll share lots of photos. 

Well dear ones, enough of my waffling on :) What do you think of the "bed as a sofa" idea? It's so, so comfy and there's lots of room for me and my constant companion, our furbaby Jade :) It isn't shown in the above photos but we have a lovely huge fleecey throw that's big enough to cover us both, our baby loves blankets and has quite a few of her own, so as to stay warm too, even on especially cold days like today. 

Till next time then honeys, when I'm hoping to share some photos of my little crafting corner, stay warm and safe, and once again, thank you so much for sharing my journey with me, it means more than I can say, sending heaps of hugs xx

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