Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Most Amazing Little (Budget) Kitchen Trolley!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write this post, I just wanted to share our latest discovery and how it has absolutely completed our kitchen makeover :)

Hi Honeys :)
In my last post I shared the details of our recent kitchen makeover and, as promised, this post will go into a little more detail on the wonderful little kitchen trolley which just has to be the best thing we've bought in a long time for our home.

The Most Amazing Budget Kitchen Trolley

I really am so ridiculously happy with this useful little trolley :) It blends so perfectly into our kitchen and has already made itself completely invaluable by helping to clear counter clutter & by giving me a way to organize all of my baking things.

As you can see from the photo below, it doesn't take up much room.....    
Kitchen Trolley In PLac Beside Cabinet

When it's in place under the countertop it blends perfectly alongside the cabinet it sits by and holds... well, I'll show you in this post :)  The trolley has two handles on the front, the top one is attached to the very useful drawer, and the other handle is used to move the trolley around.

The trolley sits on 4 casters which allows it to easily glide in and out from under the counter.  Since I have it sitting under the new counter, where my sweet hubby has set up my baking things all together on one wall for me, I decided to use the trolley to store my baking things....

Kitchen Trolley Storage Details

As you can see the lower shelf is the perfect home for our food processor and juicer.  It's ideal because aside from keeping them safe from damage, it also helps us avoid counter (or valuable cabinet space) clutter. 

The upper shelf holds my growing collection of silicone bakeware, with smaller items like chocolate moulds and cupcake & muffin trays corralled in this container.

Silicone Bakeware

My larger silicone items are stored in Ikea ISTAD bags which have to be, in my humble opinion, the absolute best quality re-sealable bags. I have found so many uses for them around our home. I adore them! They're in three different sizes too and have double seals.

The drawer at the front of the trolley holds various baking accessories, including ceramic items such as a tub of ceramic "baking beans" (used when baking pastry/flan cases) and a pretty little set of measuring cups.  It also holds silicone cases, sticks for cake pops, an electronic timer and paper cupcake & muffin cases.   

Kitchen Trolley Drawer Contents

I really do love this little trolley. I love that it manages to store so much in such a small space, that it's all out of sight (tidy kitchen! yaaaay!) but that it's all there whenever I need it and is so easy to access.

Kitchen Trolley In Place Under Counter

So, what do you think honeys? Have you found any new storage methods you love? If so, please share? In my next post I'll share what we've done to the kitchen walls and how we've used open shelves instead of wall cabinets to organize things & also to just display things that make us smile :) Till then honeys, please stay warm and safe. As I write this we're being battered by winds and rain. Sending heaps of hugs always dear ones xx  


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