Thursday, 10 March 2016

About That OXO post...

Hi honeys,
Well, what an exciting morning I've had!  To think it all started with a blog post I'd written last June in an effort to find out whether I was the only person who hated getting her hands icky when cooking in general and when using OXO cubes in particular.

I had also wanted to share a silly little hack I had used for years now to avoid getting most of that delicious but potentially messy stock cube all over my hands instead of in the pot.  You know the scene, you're working in the kitchen, your hands are a little damp (does everyone else wash things as they go along to avoid the mountain of dishes after dinner?) you try to crumble an OXO and end up with about three grains in the pot and your hands looking like you're wearing OXO mittens :)
OXO & Fun Morning on BBC Radio
Imagine my surprise then, when that little post from almost a year ago started attracting quite a lot of traffic.  My usual daily traffic doubled and then kept going.

I do have a few posts which tend to be pinned or shared regularly and now and again I'll see them appear on my daily stats but until now the little OXO wrapper hack hadn't really been one of them.

I didn't really give it another thought apart from feeling happy that maybe it was helping others, like me, who don't like icky hands while cooking.  Then yesterday afternoon I received first a tweet and then an email from a lovely lady called Alice at the BBC.
She was so friendly and chatted about my blog and wondered if I'd like to talk about the OXO post on the Radio 5 Live Breakfast show the next morning with Nicky Campbell & Eleanor Oldroyd. I said I'd be happy to and she told me I'd be called this morning at around 6.50am.

She wondered if that was too early and I told her we were up with the larks most mornings, and we so are. Jade is normally away out for walkies with her Dad around 5.30am while her Mum sips a cuppa and watches the news :)

As promised I was called this morning, was put on air and chatted about the post.  Apparently people are trying it and posting videos on you tube? I love that!! Here I was all this time thinking I was being odd not liking the stock cubes sticking to my hands, now I know I'm not alone! That makes me so happy honeys, I don't mind being odd if I have lovely company :)

Well, after our chat which wasn't any where near as nerve wracking as I'd thought, Nicky & Eleanor were lovely, well I went back to my cup of tea Hubby had made me (thank you sweetheart x) when the phone rang again.  Would I mind chatting about my post on the breakfast show on BBC Newcastle with Alfie Joey & Charlie Charlton?  It was such a hoot! I really did have enormous fun and feel as if I chuckled all the way through :)

I have no idea why (I'm a very dull person honestly, honeys) but I was called again to ask if I'd talk about my post with Sally Pepper on Radio Derby.  Sally was so sweet and so friendly and again I seemed to chuckle and giggle the whole time :)

Still grinning away happily, I was called and asked if I'd like to chat about the OXO post with the lovely Anne Diamond on her show on Radio Berkshire.  I was beyond happy honeys.  I've adored Anne since I used to watch TV AM every morning.  She's one of the few people I'll stop what I'm doing to sit down and watch when she appears on TV, so getting to chat with her was such a joy. She was just lovely :) I'm a happy wee Rosie honeys :)

To make the day perfect we have sunny blue skies with fluffy clouds and I got to hang out laundry today too :)  Oh and our furbaby Jade also spotted a squirrel in the garden who proceeded to shoot up across the fence and up into a tree.  Jade was very confused, wee lamb, she only wanted to play. She's exactly the same way when the ducks at the canal won't come out of the water to play with her, bless her :)

Well honeys, I thought I'd make a collage of my little OXO post for you, although you can read the original post here..
Rosies OXO Wrapping Hack Step By Step
If you'd like to hear my actual voice (although why you'd want to and it's probably more laughing than talking anyway :) you can hear them on the BBC iplayer.  They'll be available for 29 days from today and you can find them here honeys:

BBC 5 Live Breakfast - with Nicky Campbell & Eleanor Oldroyd (begins 53mins into the programme)

BBC Newcastle - with Alfie Joey & Charlie Charlton (begins 1hr 39mins into the programme)

BBC Radio Derby - with Sally Pepper (begins 14mins into the programme but start it at 10mins instead to sway with Enrique Iglesias -oooo wonderful! I so love this song!)

BBC Radio Berkshire - with Anne Diamond (begins 51mins into the programme)

Phew! Well honeys, I think I'll have a cuppa, then check on my laundry outside to see if it's dry yet and then make a start on dinner.  I'm making chicken breast fillets tonight using those Maggi papyrus papers. A genius idea and Hubby adores them.  I'm thinking fluffy mash and steamed veggies as sides.

I hope fellow spoonies are starting to feel a little better with the arrival of the sunshine, even though it's still a little cold.  I've been feeling thoroughly horrible for the past couple of weeks and (touch wood) I think I'm starting to get my feet under me again.

I hope you're having a fabulous day and seeing lots of sunshine too honeys, till next time dear ones, sending heaps of squeazy huggles always xxx

Edit: I'm afraid the BBC iplayer only keeps programmes for 30 days, so the recordings are no longer online I'm afraid honeys.  I hope you got to hear them and I'm sorry I couldn't have downloaded them to add to this page, I did look on the BBC site but there didn't seem to be an option to do that, huggles xx


  1. This is wonderful dearie! How exciting for you!! :)

    1. Hi Meagan :) I've so missed you sweetheart xx Haven't been myself lately so not able to keep up with things but the sun has arrived (finally) and I'm starting to feel a little better. I hope you're well honey, thank you for dropping by, I hope you're seeing the sunshine too, have a fabulous weekend dear wee friend, huggles xxx

  2. Congratulations! This is wonderful and well deserved. xx

    1. Hi Leah x Thank you honey, you're an angel xxx

  3. How much fun!! :) I saw the OXO post appear in my facebook stream but didn't put two and two together. ALAS I can't play audio at work (where I do most of my online stuff) so I can't listen in but how very exciting for you!

    1. Hi Yvonne, it was all a bit surreal to be honest :) and all from a silly post about something I thought made me odd, not being able to stand having stuff all over my hands. I really don't mind being a bit odd now because it seems I have lots of lovely company :) Thank you honey :) huggles xxx

  4. How fun to be featured like you were! And on so many shows!! Wow!! I've never actually seen oxo cubes in the store for sale. Is that crazy? We do have a version of this I buy at Costco but it is in a jar and a thick paste that I use a measuring teaspoon. Otherwise we always just buy premixed liquid beef, vegetable or chicken stock.

    1. Hi Rhonda x You don't have OXOs in Canada? How odd, I can't imagine not having those little cubes in my kitchen :) I discovered a sort of garlic paste in a jar recently which I thought was just sheer genius, I wonder if this is similar to your stock paste? It's such a fabulous idea and so easy to use too. It won't be long now till you're living in your beautiful new home. I'm so happy for you Rhonda, you so deserve your wonderful new life in your new home with your new family and I wish so you much happiness and all good things angel, sending hugs always xxx