Friday, 30 October 2015

Friday Smiles - Back Into The Garden!

Hi Honeys
For todays Friday smiles I went out this morning and took a few photos in our front garden for you :)
Autumn Smiles - Late Blooming Roses
The roses in our tiny front garden have always been beautiful, but this past year or two they have surpassed themselves honeys. You can see posts on them here and here and again here.  These posts have printables too :) We've been so blessed this year being surrounded by so much beauty and I'm so grateful for every little smile :)

I've always loved roses. Roses, lavender and daisies :) Those are "my" flowers :) I wish I could remember the name of the rose bushes in our front garden. They've been a joy. We bought them from B&Q after we first moved in here, planted them and hoped for the best.
Late Blooming Roses
They haven't once disappointed, these precious roses burst into life every Spring and then again later in the year, they bud again.

Beautiful Autumn Rose
Here we are honeys in the last few days of October and look how they're waking up again...

Autumn Roses In Bloom
Next Spring I'm planning to add another rose bush to one side of our front door.  I'm also planning on adding more Lavender too. I adore the scent of lavender. We already have it at the right hand side of our front door and during Summer it's such a joy to walk up the short path into our house because of the scent of lavender that greets us.

Autumn Roses
What about you honeys? What's making you smile today?  Are you doing anything special for Halloween this weekend? Are you dressing up? If so, what as? I'm working, so I'll be dressing up as a maid from Downton Abbey :) Whatever you're doing this weekend, have fun, smile lots and hug even more. Stay warm it's getting chilly! Till next time dear ones, hugs always xx


  1. so pretty! sadly my last flowers, my mums, are on the way out for winter!! Thank you for sharing those beautiful roses!

    1. Hi Heidi,
      I still have my dear Grandmother's peonies in a large planter in our back garden. I adore them, they only bloom once a year but I so look forward to it every year. Maybe blooming once a year makes them more special? I prefer to think that they don't die they just go to sleep, only to yawn and start to wake up in the Spring :) Have a fabulous weekend honey, sending heaps of huggles xxx