Saturday, 3 October 2015

A Moment Of Perfect Peace...

Hi Honeys
Could I share a smile?  On Thursday evening when Hubby was just home from work we were in the garden with Jade.  As always she was excited to have her Daddy home again, she misses him all day when he's at work.  I miss him too but don't go telling him :)
A Moment Of Perfect Peace

We were outside in the garden, it was just a perfect evening.  Warm in the sunlight with a lovely soft breeze through the trees.  While Jade was playing fetch with her Daddy I was standing under the trees watching them play and I looked up at the lovely blue, cloudless sky through the trees and it struck me that this was one of those rare perfect moments we all have every once in a while.  A moment that stays in the memory long after it passes.  When all is right with the world and everything is perfectly still. 

I went inside to fetch my camera and snapped a few photos...

First, there was Jade playing fetch with her Daddy.  They have such fun these two, Jade loves their long walks, she just about walks the legs off Hubby and actually helped him win a "walking challenge" recently organized in his office :) Go Jade! We adore our furbaby, she's the centre of our home, bless her :)

Perfect blue cloudless sky
A perfect blue, cloudless sky. Joyful :)

Looking at the sky through the trees

I only have to look at this photograph to be back in that moment again honeys, with the birds singing, the breeze through the trees and Hubby & Jade having fun playing fetch :) A moment of perfect peace and I wanted to share it with you.  I hope you're having your own perfect moment of peace too honeys, something that makes your heart smile.  Till next time dear ones, hugs always xx


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    1. Heidi! What a sweet thing to say!! Thank you xx

  2. Awww I love this Rosie! I simply adore those moments when all is well in the world and in our soul. So special and so great to capture the feeling and mood with a camera! Thank you for sharing oxoxo

    1. Heather! Thank you! That's so sweet! You're right too, we're so lucky living in the time we do because we all have cameras to hand, either on our phone or tablet, to be able to catch these special little moments, like a tiny precious bubble of time, kept safe & protected. Huggles honey xx