Monday, 20 July 2015

Yippee! We Have Apples!

Hello honeys
I hope you're well and have seen some of today's sunshine where you are :)  It's been such a busy weekend at work and I was so sure that Summer had come to an end, in spite of it only being July because of the torrential rain we've had all through Friday and yesterday.  I got drenched on Friday night when I left work because I hadn't bothered taking a jacket, it was sunny when I left. 

I know I should really have been resting yesterday, it's been a tough week, tough few weeks really, but I saw the beautiful blue skies and couldn't let a sunny day go by without laundry, so I pegged some outside in the gorgeous sunshine while Jade kept me company :)

Do you remember those blueberries in the garden the other day honeys? Look what I spotted while pegging laundry yesterday......
Yippeee we have apples
You might remember my getting very excited last year, when our tiny wee apple tree in the back garden had grown it's very first apple?  One single perfect little apple :)  Well this year we appear to have grown three instead :)   

We bought our little apple tree from Woolworths at the same time we bought the blueberry shrub/bush which also lives in our back garden.  It was the first Summer we'd lived in this house and I'd wanted an apple tree for so many years.  We'd had an apple tree in the garden in the house I grew up in and I have so many happy memories of helping to make apple crumbles & apple pies for our neighbours every year. 
Our apple tree in the garden

Last year's first apple grew on a branch that stands around my shoulder height but this year's little apples have grown at the very top of the tree instead.

As you can see they're already a very good size and seem very happy nestled safely among the leaves of the apple tree.

Apple nestled among the leaves on our apple tree

Just slightly across from the single apple sitting at the top of the tree, two apples have grown together.  Again, nestled among the heavy foliage, these two happy little apples are soaking in the sunshine.  

Two apples nestled happily among the folliage on our apple tree

It made me so happy to see those little apples honeys. It's been a tough few weeks and I needed a smile.  In case you're wondering what happened to last year's first apple, I found it, or rather what was left of it, on the ground by the tree.  It appeared to have fallen from the tree and been pecked at by wild birds.  I felt so chuffed :) Not only had we been blessed with a perfect apple, the first ever on our tree, but it had also provided food for our wee feathery visitors :)      

I'm smiling as I type this honeys, it feels wonderful to have something to smile about and I wanted to share it with you :) I hope you're having a great day dear ones, till next time, hugs always xx


  1. My childhood friend had a massive apple tree in the garden. It was lovely. One day I want a house with a cherry blossom tree in the garden. xx

    1. ooooooooooo cherry blossom is just gorgeous!! I remember a street nearby where a friend lived had two cheery trees, I loved seeing the beautiful shades of pink and when the wind blew sometimes the street would look like there had been a wedding, the fallen cherry blossom so looked like confetti :) Thank you so much for visiting, and just for being you Leah, you always make me smile, sending lots of huggles your way honey xxx