Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Yummy Apple Crumbles Made From Apples Grown In Our Garden

Hi Honeys
I'm so sorry I haven't been posting very much lately. I'm still feeling terribly drained and run down due to a low blood count.  I'll be fine dear ones, low iron is something I live with it's just that now and again it gets fed up being in the basement and starts to dig :/

Enough of this moaning honeys :) Today I thought I'd share a happy smile :) Do you remember our much loved little apple tree in our back garden? Hubby planted it for me and I've so loved watching it welcome Spring by bursting into gorgeous apple blossom the last few years.  You might remember that it even started to produce apples too with a first, single perfect apple in 2014 and with three apples last year.

This years apple adventure got exciting because I was actually in the garden with our furbaby Jade when the apples fell from the tree! Our dear wee tree has produced two full size Bramley apples, easily large enough and perfect to cook with and of course you know what that means...

First Ever Apple Crumble Made Using Bramley Apples Grown In Our Garden

I look forward to the day when our tree (which, at nine years old, is still very young in the world of trees) will grow a basket full of apples but for now I'm so chuffed!  This year the tree has grown two apples.  Two full size, healthy, beautiful Bramley cooking apples....

Two Perfect Bramley Cooking Apples
Even looking at this photo makes me smile honeys :)  Onward then to our crumble recipe!

Yummy Apple Crumble


  1. Washed, peeled & cored apples - I used 2 large apples to make mini individual crumbles but for a family crumble to serve 4 maybe use 4-5 apples. 
  2. Caster sugar - enough to toss your apples (or other fruit - I LOVE rhubarb crumbles) in so that the fruit is coated. Again for a family crumble this would be approximately 85g of caster sugar. 
 For Crumble Topping:

  1. Plain flour - 175g - this should be enough for a family crumble. 
  2. Demerara sugar - 75g - honeys don't fret the type of sugar. I've used plain old granulated sugar and it's been delicious :) I just like the taste of demerara sugar in crumble topping and so that's what I use if I have it. 
  3. Butter - 85g and chilled in the fridge.  I use salted butter but again its a matter of taste. 


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 180C/160C (fan oven)/Gas mark 4  
  2. Wash, peel & core your apples.  Place into a bowl and add sugar.  Carefully shake bowl until all of the fruit is coated in the sugar . Place your sugar coated fruit into the bottom of an oven proof dish laying it evening across the bottom of the dish.  Add a little cold water - not a lot! Just around 2 teaspoons will be enough for a family crumble.
  3. Into a mixing bowl add your flour and chilled butter, which has been cut into small pieces. Mix together until it resembles breadcrumbs.  Add sugar and mix through until combined.  If you have a food processor honeys just add flour, butter (cut into small pieces) and sugar all at once and mix. It will be fine and saves on ouchy shoulders from mixing.
  4. Lay your crumble mix evenly over the top of your sugar coated fruit mixture and place the dish into the oven, on the middle shelf and bake for 40-50 minutes until the topping is golden in colour and the fruit is bubbling. 
  5. Serve with cream, custard or natural yogurt or eat on its own :)
  6. Enjoy!   

Perfect Mini Apple Crumbles Ready To Bake

Crumble is such a fabulous comfort food and a perfect treat on birthdays or other special days or even as a yummy dessert to follow Sunday lunch for the family.  Not a huge fan of apples? Why not try using your favourite fruit. Rhubarb, berries, peaches, are all delicious, use whichever fruit you love.

I hope you're having the best week dear ones, till next time, smile lots and hug every single chance you have.  A hug can make someone's day and the world needs more hugs.  Huggles always honeys xx

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