Saturday, 10 December 2016

Soap And Glory: The Whole Glam Lot Limited Edition Set

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products, just sharing the contents of the latest Soap And Glory Christmas set.

Hi Honeys
It's arrived!  The moment every Soap and Glory fan waits all year for is here!  Hubby went into town very early yesterday morning to pick up a set for me (thank you sweetheart πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–) What can I say honeys it's fabulous as always and in a change to recent years the set is presented in a gorgeous metal retro look flight/vanity case in a collage design made up of many, many individual (and teeny tiny) images.
Soap and Glory The Whole Glam Lot

As always this years set is beautifully presented.  Inside the case, the products lay flat and are covered, though not wrapped, in a sheet of the gorgeous Soap and Glory tissue paper, fastened together with a little sticker...

Soap and Glory The Whole Glam Lot case interior

Opening the tissue paper honeys, we can see the goodies all packed inside...
There are ten full sized products inside, as well as a money off coupon for any one of four different cleansers in the Soap and Glory range...

Soap and Glory The Whole Glam Lot Set - Products

Let's take a closer look at what's included this year then shall we honeys?

Soap and Glory: The Whole Glam Lot: 

  •  Sugar Crush Body Wash (500ml): In a change from the usual Clean On Me body wash (which I absolutely adore) from past years sets, this year's body wash is the good-enough-to-eat lime scented Sugar Crush. OMG I love this scent honeys.  It's perfect, zingy, wake you up like nothing else in the morning fabulous-ness.  Love it! 
  • Hand Food Hand Cream (125ml): Best hand cream ever! I use this at night, a couple of times a week, just before I climb into bed. Once I've rubbed this lovely cream into my hands I put on a pair of cotton gloves and keep them on over night. I also at same time use the same method with my feet.  Rubbing in lots of Heel Genius before adding a pair of soft cotton socks. Joy! πŸ’“ I also keep a travel size tube of Hand Food in my handbag for whenever I feel like my hands need a little treat during the day. My hands feel like velvet. Fabulous. 
  • The Righteous Butter (300ml): Speaking of velvet.... this product is velvet in a tub 😍 There are no words for how wonderful this creamy goodness in a tub is!  On the nights I treat my feet & hands before bed I will have already slathered loads of this gorgeous product all over after my bedtime shower.  I don't tend to spend money on myself too often but this is my little treat to myself. I honestly wouldn't be without it. 
  • Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel (50ml): This was a welcome surprise.  I use antibac hand gel constantly, especially at work where I'm handling money, so a moisturising, floral scented version is lovely.  Added to my work things to take with me for my next shift. 
  • Speed Plump All Day Super Moisture Marvel (50ml):  This is new to me so I'm really looking forward to trying it.  It's something I would have wanted to try from the Soap and Glory range for the dry skin patches on my face but I would've been put off by the price if I'm honest.  It's £13 for this small 50ml bottle, so having a full size bottle in this year's Christmas set to try is a real bonus.
  • Scrub Of Your Life (200ml): My go-to product to prevent rough skin and especially fabulous for knees and elbows.  I pull on a pair of exfoliating gloves, squeeze out a little of this product and Bobs your uncle! No rough skin for Rosie. It also smells gorgeous too. Joy πŸ˜Š 
  • Smoothie Star Body Lotion (500ml):  Another long time favourite product!  There is a bottle of this permanently situated on the window ledge in our bathroom so I can grab a little after my shower.  The huge 500ml bottle lasts for ages and the scent, a glorious combination of almond, oats & brown sugar, is beyond scrumptious and practically (but not really! Seriously, no matter how tempting it is, don't!) edible πŸ˜‹ 
  • Face Soap And Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Face Wash (350ml): A bottle of this lives in the little shelf by our sink, waiting to be grabbed each morning. Fabulous stuff. Love it! As a bonus, there is a coupon included inside this years bag to redeem in Boots for another bottle (or one of three other products) for £5, that's a £3 saving! Happy, happy wee Rosie 😊 
  • Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in Rose & Shine (4ml):  This is a great lip gloss and in a gorgeous shade too.  It does feel a little odd on until you get used to the slight tingling while wearing it πŸ’‹πŸ˜™ The tingling is apparently caused by clever ingredients plumping up your lips. 
  • Thick & Fast HD Mascara High Definition Collagen Coat (10ml): I don't tend to wear mascara often but this mascara certainly does make your eyelashes show, I do like the shape of the brush too. This product was part of last years set too so, even though I don't wear mascara often it's great to have another to pop into my make up bag. 
  • Last but by no means least, is this year's bag.  I love it!!  I haven't decided what, if anything I'm going to store in it yet.  Hats? or maybe I'll just sit it on a shelf and stare at it in all its loveliness πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ This has to be my favourite Soap and Glory bag in ages and is certainly so much prettier than last years. 

Soap and Glory the Whole Glam Lot

This wonderful set is on sale now at Boots and until Thursday this week (15th December) is also half price! Which means it's retailing at £30 instead of it's normal price of £60.

I did a quick count up and (allowing for a per ml on lip gloss since full size is 9ml and the one included in this years set is 4ml) the products inside alone would cost around £78 to buy and then there is the gorgeous case πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ which by the way I can't stop staring at 😊

Thank you Soap and Glory, you've outdone yourselves this year, can't wait to see next year's set and already added it to my wish list for next Christmas 😊

Are you a fellow fan of the Soap and Glory range honeys?  Have you managed to lay hands on one of this year's Christmas sets? If so which one did you choose? Did you wait like me, not so patiently, for the Whole Glam Lot set? Do you have favourite products in the Soap and Glory range?

Till next time dear ones, stay warm and safe everyone. Have fun, smile lots and hug even more,
huggles always xx
Hugs Always Rosie xx


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    1. Hi Rhonda x It's so good to see you, I'm sorry I haven't been around, I need to catch up with everyone, I'm hoping I can do that sometime this week coming when I get some time off work :) Do you have Soap & Glory yet in Canada? I know it's starting to become a little easier to find in USA. I have to admit I actually squealed when I saw the bag this year, it just feels a little retro and is very cute :) Thank you so much for visiting Rhonda, it so made me smile seeing you here, huggles dear wee friend xxx

  2. I picked this up too. I wasn't going to, but on the weekend my brother asked me to go into Boots to get him a gift voucher and they were right by the till. My bad, it fell into my eager little mitts! xxx

    1. Hi Leah! They know how to tempt a lassie, putting them by the till is just shameless :) It is a great deal though, the products inside retail at around £78 without the case and the S&G range is beyond fab :) I'm loving the huge bottle of sugar crush body wash, love the zingy scent of that range and they've included a tub of Righteous Butter too as usual. Love it! The new moisturizer they've included this time around, Speed Plump, retails at £13 on its own. It's great to have a chance to try it because I think the price would have put me off buying it, if I'm honest. Hope you're having a fab week honey, sending heaps of huggles xxx