Friday, 30 December 2016

Mini Travel Cup For Spoonies, Moms, furbaby parents.....

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products, just wanted to share my latest ever so helpful find x

Hi Honeys
Just a quick post as I dash around getting ready for my shift today.  It's so, so cold outside right now and my yearly chest infection has appeared 😩  Very (really very) little sleep last night because of all of the coughing, my head feels as if someone's been using it as a football and I have to work till 11pm tonight. Yuk.

Please wrap up warm honeys, add an extra layer or two, especially if you have to go outside to run errands or anything else, OK?

Being a spoonie can be challenging, even on days when your lungs aren't trying to give up thanks to a chest infection, so finding something, any little thing that can help make life easier can be a real blessing.

Mini Folding Travel Cup For Spoonies

Have you ever been outside,away from home, and needed a cup to take, or mix, medication?  I have. Many, many times.  As a money saving measure my workplace recently partially closed our break room. We're still able to use the break room itself but there are no meals served there anymore, just vending machines.  While there are bowls, plates and mugs available for our use, the dishwasher has been decommissioned and placed out of service too.

This means everyone relies on co-workers to thoroughly wash any cups and dishes they've used in hot water and to rinse well too.  This doesn't always happen I'm afraid and so many times I've looked for a cup to dissolve my effervescent  medication and the cups available sometimes look very dingy to say the least.

Goodness, I do sound like a princess don't I honeys?  In fact, in order to treat my rhuematoid arthritis I take a drug which intentionally flattens my immune system, prevents it from working as it should. This is necessary because in RA the bodies own immune system attacks the joints.

So, even if using cups which may not have been washed properly didn't completely gross me out, which it so does, I have no immune system to battle common everyday germs.

Enter the wonderful little gadget which has changed my life... or at least my breaks at work 😊
Here it is.....

Plastic Ringed Folding Travel Cup

This version of the small, pocket sized, travel cup could be found in packs of two during the spring/summer months in Poundland (and more than likely in your local Dollar Store?) among the camping or hiking products.

This cup is made up of plastic rings which, when it's pulled up out of the base, "lock" together.  When you're done using it it collapses back down into the base again and the lid fits snugly on top.  Genius!

Having given my spare cup to a co-worker, I wanted to find another to keep safely in case this plastic one wears out, as it inevitably will.  Imagine how happy I was to find this one...  

Silicone Folding Travel Cup

Unlike the other cup, which has plastic movable parts which lock together, this cup, which again folds into its lid as you can see, is made of silicone and "pops" out its cup shape and of course folds back up again into its lid just as easily...

Folding Silicone Travel Cup -Before And After
I've just been to the page where I ordered this little blue cup to find out how much it holds and apparently it holds 170ml.  It really is small enough to fold and pop into your handbag, or in my case my pocket and being silicone is easy to wash and re-use.

Of course you don't have to be a spoonie to use these little cups.  Moms could keep one in their handbag or even in the car for when children want a drink or even to keep in your pocket for walkies with your furbaby, although there is a folding bowl version available too.

I'm definitely going to send for another of these little cups for work, they're available in different colours too so maybe I'll pick sunshine yellow or rose petal pink this time 😊

Have you found anything that makes life easier honeys?  If so, do share in the comments section? Till next time dear ones, stay warm, smile lots and hug even more 😊  Huggles always xx

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