Thursday, 1 December 2016

Advent Calendar Fun!

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Hi Honeys
Well here we are, it's the first of December.  Everyone around me at work is counting down to Christmas and the new year and I have a countdown of my own.  On Saturday night it will be exactly sixteen weeks till the clocks go forward an hour in UK.  This marks the beginning of daylight savings time and of course the start of British Summer Time.

Word of my wee countdown is getting around, a couple of co-workers have even asked me what week we're on recently and I'm even thinking about making a little badge that says "ask me when Spring is..." 😊   Sixteen weeks isn't so long really, and it can't pass soon enough for me.

I so desperately long for sunny, warm days to peg out line after line of laundry and of course to see our much loved garden wake up from its long winter sleep.

Back to today though honeys.  The first day of December means opening the first little box on advent calendars... 

Advent Calendar Fun - Make up for me & treat for furbaby Jade :)

Do you remember the make up advent calendar I bought recently? I haven't ever had one of these before and it seemed like such fun.  This is the set I bought...

So this morning I opened the first little box, at the top left hand side of the calendar, and inside was a small, black eye pencil.

Of course, rather unfairly I thought, included on the reverse of the calendar was an image of the contents so only their order is in any doubt. Spoilsports! 😊

Contents of Technic Make Up Advent Calendar
So today's cute little eye pencil in box number one is number six on the image above.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring 😊

Of course I'm not the only one to have a little window to open this morning.  Our furbaby Jade also has an advent calendar and an adorable one it is too...

Santa Paws Advent Calendar For Furbabies

How seriously cute is this furbaby image honeys?  Buying an advent for Jade was Hubby's idea.  He'd seen them when out getting our weekly shop and brought one home for her.  I work late shifts and mostly lose my Sundays to complete exhaustion. For some time now Hubby has done our weekly shop while I hug Jade on the sofa, bless him (thank you sweetheart, love you 💕) 

Jade's first box on her calendar had a little bone shaped treat made from chopped rawhide.  Do you have an advent calendar this year honeys?  If so which type?  Have you ever bought any of the make up advent sets?  This is the first set I've had but they do seem like such a fun idea 😊 

Till next time dear ones, stay warm, smile lots and hug even more 🤗 huggles always xx   

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