Friday, 20 November 2015

Lets Look Forward To Summer :)

Hi Honeys
It's getting cold now, such a chill today and Jade didn't even want to go walkies with her Daddy this morning. She went out into the back garden and that was as far as she wanted to go.  She's having a nap in front of me right now, snuggled under her blanket, bless her.  She's been there most of the morning, on her wee sofa.
Friday Smiles Longing For Summer

According to the weather forecast on TV this morning we're supposed to have snow this weekend. This is not a prospect that fills me with joy.  Yes I know that a snowy landscape looks beautiful on a Christmas card but the reality is that it's freezing cold (well, duh Rosie!) and it's also slippery!  Both the cold and the ice are beyond unbearable to me honeys.

I've always felt the cold intensely, even as a child.  I swear it seeps into my bones and chills me through and through. The ice, well I need a cane to walk honeys and even on dry, flat land my balance isn't what it should be, so you can imagine throwing a slippy, icy ground into the mix and well... terrifying.

You can see then why it is that a forecast of snow fills me with foreboding rather than joy.  There's no hiding from it either honeys.  In an ideal world I'd pull all of the curtains tightly closed, stay in the house, hug our furbaby Jade and wait for Spring to arrive but I have to go to work and they'd probably notice if I didn't arrive till March ... probably :)

So, for our Friday smile this week I thought we could try to forget about the cold winds and (for now at least) awful rain outside and instead think of Summer.  Sunshine, warmth on our skin, long days with seemingly endless hours to fill and....
Perfect Summer Roses
Roses.  Is there anything that sums up Summer like a perfect rose.  I adore roses and we were blessed this year with the most glorious, beautiful roses in our tiny front garden.
Beautiful Roses
They made me smile every day all Summer long. I only had to open the front door and there they were :)

A Perfect Rose
Rain or shine.

They really were a blessing this year honeys.  A constant smile, even on grey days :) I was taught as a child to count my blessings, to always be grateful for them and I so am.
Perfect Summer Roses
This week sees our cousins across the pond celebrate Thanksgiving. I've always thought what a wonderful holiday that is. A holiday whose sole purpose is to allow everyone to pause, take stock and be grateful for the blessings they are lucky enough to have in their lives. Now that's a holiday that should be treasured.  We've imported so many holidays and traditions, wouldn't it be lovely to adopt this one honeys? Wherever we are in the world.

What's making you smile today? Till next time dear ones, stay warm & hugs always xx


  1. I hate the ice and snow too. I fall so easily as it is. The cold on Saturday was awful, and silly me didn't wear boots! I had 3/4 length leggings and flats on and I was frozen! Keep snuggled up. xxx

    1. It was so cold last night going home honey, I was so glad to get home again and into my PJs and hugging Jade. Definitely time to get the winter woollies out I think.Thick fluffy socks and jumpers, and scarves & gloves for outside :) Stay warm and safe honey, huggles xxx

  2. You're roses are beautiful! I can practically smell them from here. There's a monastary garden close to our place that I walk to often that have roses too that I love. Stay warm Rosie. Your personality is very warm and cheery but when you get cold it's very hard to get un-cold! (I only get this because I run "warm" much of the time, and it's very hard for me to get un-hot...hahah. I overheat so quickly!) Wish I could send you some San Diego sun!

    1. Thank you Heather! Those photos were taken in late July and early August this year and they're just such a lovely reminder of Summer :) I've always been a "cold" person, Summer or Winter you'll usually find me in layers of cardigans :) Feeling too warm all of the time must be worse though honey :/ I'd so love to see the San Diego sunshine, at this point (we've had rain every day for almost a fortnight now) a wee bit of Scottish sunshine would be lovely too :) Huggles always angel xxx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Heidi, you're so sweet! I took so many photos of those roses this Summer, these photos were taken between late July and early August this year. I so can't wait till next year to see how they are then. I'm hoping to plant another rose bush in the Spring. I'll take lots of photos as they grow. Sending heaps of hugs honey xxx