Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Birds Of A Feather...

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to promote any products, just wanted to share a smile x

Hi honeys
Well it's been a right old week hasn't it?  Earlier this week we were hit by Storm Abigail and right on it's tail the UK then had Storm Barney.  Thankfully we've been protected from the worst of it, there were awful gusts of wind all through the night and it's been raining incessantly now for well over a week. 

During both storms the rain was so heavy it hammered against the windows and scared our furbaby Jade, who absolutely refused to go for her walks bless her.  The farthest she would wander from the house was onto the grass in the back garden.  As if her fear of the dark wasn't enough to cope with, wee lamb :/  I know I'm being very boring here honeys but I repeat, I absolutely want to be a grizzly bear and hibernate till Spring! I'm so not a Winter person.

I'm in need of cheering up today so I thought I'd share what I've done with those adorable little owls I mentioned recently :)
Birds of a feather flock together
You might remember that I'd put the smaller owls by the cookie jar in the kitchen but you can't have ornaments in a kitchen, well you can of course, but it's just another thing (or things) to move every time I want to wipe down the worktops.  So, I went for a wander around our home looking to find a more appropriate new home for the owls :)

I wanted to be able to see them every day, that was after all why they were bought, because they made me smile :) I was fairly certain I wanted them to stay together too, since I just love how they look together, like a little owl family :)

Then the penny dropped! We have a little one drawer unit which sits between the fireplace and the television in our living room. Until now the top of this unit was home to a couple of candles (I adore gorgeously scented candles) but since I can see this little unit when I walk into the living room it seemed like the perfect place for adorable owls......
New home for adorable owls
They seem to like their new home :) This little unit used to be a telephone table once and has moved around our home since then.  The pretty basket sitting under the drawer is home to various household magazines and catalogues, including my collection of Ikea catalogues which I love to refer back on.  I love to relax with a lovely cup of tea (or hot choc with mini marshmallows on cold days) and lose myself in beautiful design and fabulous rooms.  Looking at my little basket I think it's time I had a clear out, it's looking very busy!  These days I tend to find my gorgeous design joy via the fabulous Decoist and Homedit websites. If you haven't been to either site make a coffee and do visit. You'll love them!   

As you can see honeys the little "hear no evil..." owls look just adorable keeping their cookie jar friend company.  I added a couple of pretty tea light holders in the shape of hearts in front of them saying hope and dream, just because :) 

hear no eviil, speak no evil see no evil owls
Across the room, on the little shelf unit hanging above my desk in what I like to refer to as Rosie Central :) there is another little owl friend you may not have seen yet.....
Owl lamp
He arrived a couple of days ago and has been making me smile ever since :)  I had bought two of these beautiful ceramic owl lamps around 18 months ago as a gift for my much loved MiL and when I saw them again online last week on impulse I ordered one to sit by my desk.

I'm going to have to be firm with myself now though, or the cute owl thing could so easily become an obsession :) No more owls Rosie! :)

What's making you smile honeys? Have you accidentally started a collection of anything?  If so, do share I'd love to hear about it.  It's gotten dark again outside, I have to go close the curtains in an effort to keep the cold and dark outside.  What about you?  Are you a Summer baby like me who dreads the cold and darkness of Winter? Or do you look forward to mittens, scarves and crispy snow underfoot?

Till next time dear ones, stay warm, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xx


  1. Hi Rosie! I adored this post! I think you totally should be able to have some cheery owls to get you through winter! I've been a bit sad after losing Baps and getting a cold that was so bad I lost my voice! During such times, all I want to do is shop. I have to limit myself somewhat, but all things in moderation you know! Even a little prize brightens my day so much. Just receving a hand-written letter or mail makes my day! Let's see...what have I started to collect? I do have a lot of owls, as well as candles. I love candles! That's another I do when I feel gloomy, I light a candle. I also LOVE stationary and cards. I collect them too. Target is gonna break my budget with all their 1 dollar stationary. It's all SO CUTE. I also collect Dr. Seuss books :) Thank you for asking. This was so fun! oxoxoxo Stay cozy and warm Rosie.

    1. ALSO I love that you sip tea and look through IKEA catalogues. I've never tried this but it sounds VERY relaxing. :)

    2. Hi Heather, I'm sitting here grinning :) we really are so alike :) Pretty stationery so makes me smile and I adore candles :) When we lost my dear Mother in law I bought a large rose scented candle and I light that on her birthday, on the anniversary of her passing and sometimes just when I so want her to be near us. Ikea is my second home :) Or it would be if it wasn't so difficult to get to. Why do they build their stores so far away from everyone? It is my dream to some day make our home look like a page from their catalogue, with a place for everything and everything in it's place. They seem to have the whole storage thing sorted. Maybe someday :) For now though, I sip my tea and just dream :) Have a wonderful weekend dear friend, stay warm and remember scarves and gloves when outside? I'm so happy you're feeling better but at this time of year those horrible colds just refuse to go away at times. Take care of you dear one, hugs always xxx