Friday, 19 June 2015

What's your pet peeve?

Hi honeys
Is there something that bugs you?  We all have something that can spoil an otherwise perfect day and sometimes it's incredibly difficult to just shrug it off as we should.  OK today we need to feel better, stop smiling through gritted teeth and get it off our chest.

What's your pet peeve? What annoys or bugs you?
Mine is without a doubt plain old "don't care about anyone else" rudeness.  There, I said it.  I'm not saying we should all walk around on eggshells all day long, fearful of causing the slightest offence.  I dislike all forms of political correctness, surely there should only be correctness?  Treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself? Be kind, just because you can?

What I mean here is people who just seem to exist (or so it feels) for the sole purpose of spoiling someone else's day.  I've experienced a few examples of this recently myself and I've seen lovely people being treated badly.  Oddly enough I find it so much easier to stand up for others than for myself.  I often wonder if the people guilty of such selfishness, because that's surely what it is,  are even aware of how their behaviour is affecting others. 

I know everyone has "off days" where we don't feel like Mr/Ms sunshine & being sociable is just not going to happen but that's no excuse for being downright rude, especially when the people you're being rude to have no choice but to accept & put up with it.

I was chatting to a taxi driver recently and he was telling me about a customer who'd been incredibly rude to him.  He said that working in the service industry he was used to tolerating behaviour during his work day, such as being sworn at or other verbal abuse, that he simply wouldn't tolerate in his time off. Unfortunately, as we chatted I recognised completely his point having experienced it myself many times.
I know we can't completely control our environments, things happening throughout our day, but we can control how we react to them.  I smile. A lot. Seriously, even on bad days when I'm in pain, or finding it difficult to cope for whatever reason, I smile. A really lot.  Especially when someone is being outrageously rude to me because 1. I won't allow someone to take away my good day that easily & 2. I don't know what struggles that person is facing.

So, there it is honeys, my pet peeve is people who treat others badly just because they can.  There really is no excuse for it.  The fabulous thing about smiling a lot is that it's infectious, people smile back :)  What's your pet peeve?  What creams your corn? What sets your teeth on edge?

Have a fabulous weekend dear ones, till next time, sending heaps of hugs xx     

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