Wednesday, 17 June 2015

OMG!! I Found Something Wonderful!

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to write this post, I just found Yummly through a pin on Pinterest while looking for ideas on what to make for dinner and got so excited I wanted to share :)

Hi Honeys
I'm very excited! OK, as you know I love to cook :) When I'm not cooking, I'm reading recipe books or pinning recipes or thinking about recipes... You get the idea :)
I Just Discovered Yummly

Well I just discovered a great site called Yummly! Why haven't I been here already?  Why has the Universe been hiding it from me? This fabulous site is packed, and I do mean packed honeys, with so, so many incredible recipes!

I've been trying to cook a little healthier, cutting out (unhealthy) fats & cutting down on the meat we (Hubby that is, I'm so NOT a red meat girl) eat each week.  I'm the one who decides "what's for dinner, honey?" around here so I really do try to make each meal as healthy as I can. 

Yummly has search functions that allow me to search for recipes by ingredients, by season, I can search for low fat meals, gluten free recipes, I can search by meal.  Seriously, there are more breakfast recipes listed than I even knew existed! There are smoothies, there are desserts, so much to see and read and try! I'm in heaven honeys :)

I've only just joined so I'm not really sure how it all works yet but so far I have a page where I'm being sent suggestions based on my likes. I love this! Yummly will remember what I like, what my interests are and will suggest new recipes for me to try :) That's like having a new recipe book to read every day! I'm going to have so much fun with this site!

If you want to try Yummly too honeys you can find it here I'm off back to find out what I can do with chopped tomatoes and some chicken fillets for tonight's dinner..... Till next time dear ones xx

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