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Blogtember Challenge Day 28: Highs & Lows of Blogtember Month

Hello again honeys
It's been a busy, busy few days so I'm playing catch up with the Blogtember Challenge.  Now this will be a pleasure to write, the highs part anyway :)  So, here we go,  Day 28: What were your highs and lows for this month?

Blogtember Day 28 Highs & Lows of Blogtember Month

Let's start with the high spots of the past month shall we?

Blogtember Highlights

First and best has to be Blogtember itself. It was, at times, a challenge in itself to write every day.  I'm not a very confident blogger yet so this has been great, and sometimes a learning exercise in itself. Meeting deadlines, writing content and of course creating graphics too. 

The prompts have helped enormously too of course. The very first hurdle to jump over when blogging is what to write about after all :) So, of the daily prompts, my favourites have been the following.....

1. Day 22 where I was to choose some of my favourite blogs This was such a joy to do! It was really tough though to choose only 5! It was a really lovely way of saying thank you to other truly inspirational bloggers.

2. Day 13 where I got to gush about the single most important person in my life. My dear hubby of course :) It's sentimental enough to make everyone nauseous, it's very personal & every single word of it is true. I'm a very lucky lady & I count my blessings every day.

3. Day 8 where I shared music that moves me I loved this prompt so much!  It was an excuse (as if one is ever needed) to spend a wonderful, restful afternoon listening to my favourite music. Best afternoon in ages and a wonderful post to write.

4. A re-current theme of Blogtember was how personal some of the prompts were. I'm not saying this was a bad thing, it forced us as writers to leave our comfort zones, which can only be good.  Some of my more personal posts were Day 19 where I had to give advice based on what I've learned in life and Day 5 where I had to discuss my passions but the most personal, and difficult to write was Day 10 where I had to choose 10 things I liked about myself.  Like most women, I don't take compliments easily and never, ever compliment myself. My inner critic can be completely crushing if I'm honest, so this was not an easy post to write, but I'm glad that I wrote it.

Blogtember Lows

You know I can honestly say with hand on heart that the lows of Blogtember Month have been very, very few & far between. It's been a lot of work, I haven't tried to post every day before for instance, but it's been so much fun too. 

I do have regrets though. I started my blog in late January of this year & I'm still very much learning the ropes so to speak, so I didn't take part in Day 25 (guest post) & Day 17 (make a vlog) I have no idea yet how to organize guest posts and as for making a vlog? OMG the idea of being in front of a camera..... well it doesn't thrill me if I'm honest.  I'm not a pretty person, I've spent my whole life avoiding cameras. I had two friends and an aunt who constantly told me how unattractive I am for many, many years & I got the message. I'll spare the world my face honeys.

Another low point for me was that nearing the end of the month Blogger stopped allowing me to upload images to my blog :/  I now have to jump through so many hoops to upload any of the graphics I create for my posts. It is excruciating, brutal & takes far, far too long to upload a single graphic honeys and until I can find a way around it, I'm being held hostage in my blogging.

I so miss past posts when I could include step by step tutorials with photos for each step :/ I may have to start looking at how to have a self hosted blog & that terrifies me.

So, there it is. My highs & lows of the Blogtember Challenge month.  Thank you so, so much to the lovely Bailey Jean for organizing it & for her fabulous daily prompts. It's been wonderful being able to take part and a real learning experience for me as a blogger too.

Till next time dear ones, sending hugs as always xx

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