Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Blogtember Challenge Day 29: Favourite Blogging Resources

Hello again honeys :)
Still playing catch up with the last couple of posts in the Blogtember Series.  We've reached the penultimate post and I feel equally excited to have gotten this far in the writing challenge & sad that it's almost over. 

Day 29: What are your go-to blogging resources? What would you recommend to a beginner?

Well, this is awkward :) Being a beginner myself & positively still having so, so much to learn, I'm not sure what I can bring to the table on this prompt. So, I'll share what I've found immensely useful so far, in the hope that it can help someone out there.

Microsoft Word

I save a copy of the text of each of my posts, using Word, into a named & numbered folder of it's own with any photos I've taken (in the case of tutorials or recipes) or graphics I've made.  Each of these folders live in a folder named "Blog Library."

This is in case <shudder> the unthinkable ever happens & I lose all of those hours and hours of writing & editing :/  It should also make moving my blog (eventually) less stressful on my nerves, since it takes away the fear of losing all of my work.  Back up, back up & back up again dear ones.

Pic Monkey

There are not enough good words to describe Pic Monkey. It makes designing graphics such fun, I love using it.


I know some bloggers have wonderful hi tech equipment but I just have a tiny (and adorable... there I said it!) Nikon Coolpix S2700. I love this little camera! it takes great photos, it's so tiny it can pop into the tiniest pocket and is so easy to use too :)

We all need images for our blogs & I decided early on that I wanted to take my own photos.  I knew I'd be blogging recipes & much as I'd love to be able to illustrate them with magazine worthy images like other far more professional (and talented) bloggers, well, my little efforts are mine and I love them anyway :)


Creating my own blog images is definitely a learning process and as I blogged recently I discovered an easy, and very inexpensive, way to improve my images using blank canvas.  You can read about it here honeys.


I'd be lost without my little notebooks :) I'm constantly writing notes to myself. Ideas for future blog posts, recipes I'd like to blog, ingredients I'd need to buy.  Countless thoughts that I try to capture throughout the day, if I don't write them down right away.... like that, they're gone :)

I'm still trying to learn to code but HTML doesn't seem to like me at all :) I'll figure it out eventually, I hope :)  So honeys, for what it's worth, this has been what keeps Rosie's Cottage blogging. I'm looking forward to hearing what you've all recommended. Till next time dear ones, hugs always xx

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