Saturday, 2 August 2014

Not So Teeny Tiny Apple Update :)

Hi honeys,
I know it's a silly thing to be so happy about, but I can't help it :) Do you remember how absolutely elated I was to discover the first ever teeny tiny apple on the apple tree in our back garden? 

I then happily kept an eye on it :)  Every day my dear wee furbaby Jade & I  go check on it and it's been such fun watching it change.  I posted an update a few weeks ago  and I thought I'd share another update on our now not so teeny weeny apple's progress :) 

This is how it looks now.....

first homegrown apple

I'm excited to see how large it'll grow, as I'd told you before we bought this apple tree from Woolworths nearly seven years ago and even though the past couple of years we've had the most gorgeous apple blossom this is the very first apple.  So here it is, this is the journey of our very first apple so far.....

Watching this apple grow day by day really has made me ridiculously happy and I really can't wait till next year to see what happens then :) Maybe our little tree will grow enough apples to make hubby's favourite apple crumble or apple & cinnamon pie! Yum!

I hope you're having a fabulous weekend honeys, and not getting too soggy with all of the rain, till next time, huggles xx


  1. I love this, one day you'll get enough for that apple pie! Can't wait to get a garden and be able to grow things of my own :)

    1. Hi Becky,
      Thank you so much for visiting. There are so many things that can be grown in containers on a balcony or inside on a window, I've grown herbs there. I've always wished I had "green thumbs" but growing things isn't a gift I have unfortunately. I do love trying though :-) When you have your garden it will be beautiful and I'll bet you'll be so much better at it than I am, I so hope you'll blog about it because I need help :-) THank you for visiting Becky, it was lovely to find your comment waiting for me, hugs xx