Monday, 18 July 2016

The Secret, Hidden Rose...

Hi Honeys
Today I thought I'd share an unexpected, but very welcome, smile :)
Our perfect secret rose
Yesterday afternoon, after an exhausting weekend at work, I decided I'd spend a little quiet time in our tiny front garden. It wasn't the sunniest day but after all of the rain on Friday, it was warm and a perfect day to tidy our precious roses.  You'll never guess what I found!

I wanted to deal with the (left too long) overgrown branches which had pretty much taken over one side of the garden and were starting to poke over the fence to say hello to our neighbours :)  I'm still not terribly confident about trimming our rose bushes and I'm always scared each time I do that I'll do something disastrous!

That hasn't happened so far <touch wood> but I do worry.  Well, after lots of (very) careful snipping, I had a growing bundle of overgrown branches...
Tidying the rosebushes
 You'll have seen a great deal of the two rose bushes to one side of the large (huge actually, need to deal with that too) lemon cypress shrub.  One planted in memory of my dear Gramma and the other, just recently planted in memory of my sweet Mother in Law, but on the other side of the lemon cypress is a rose bush which oddly doesn't tend to produce many roses any more.

I've no idea why this might be.  It gets the same amount of sunlight as the other rosebushes and, being in Scotland, it certainly gets enough rain.  Whatever the cause, this rose bush was the one with too many canes/branches trying to climb over the garden fence and into the pavement on the other side.

Since each of these branches were covered in (very) sharp thorns and I didn't want anyone being jabbed by them, trimming was in order.  After trimming this rose bush all the way back (who knows we may even have some late blooming roses in a few months) I was stunned and delighted to find this...
A perfect secret hidden treasure
 Isn't it perfect honeys?
Hidden rose
This perfect, hidden treasure hadn't grown (directly anyway) from the rose bush I'd trimmed back but instead from the ground, very near the lemon cypress bush.      
A perfect hidden rose growing unexpectedly by the lemon cypress shrub
Imagine honeys, if I hadn't trimmed the unruly branches back I might never have found this beautiful rose!
An unexpected treasure in the garden
Finding this little garden gem made my Sunday, an already lovely, quiet day spent with Hubby & Jade, just perfect.  
Sharing a garden smile
I hope this pretty little rose has made you smile too honeys.  Have you ever found anything unexpected that made you smile?  Do you adore roses as much as I do?  Till next time dear ones, have a fabulous day, smile lots and hug more :)  Huggles always xx

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