Friday, 15 July 2016

Happy Weekend & Free Rose Printable

Hi Honeys
Just wanted to wish you a wonderful weekend and hopefully make you smile with a downloadable and printable version of a photo from yesterday's Picture Perfect Project post :)

Free rose printable to make you smile
This image, of raindrops on a rose, is my favourite from this week's photos and I so hope that you like it too.  I've removed the "watermark" and if printing, just use your printers "print to fit" setting and it should print fine in either A4 or 8 x 10 inches size.
Raindrops on a rose

It's my little gift to you for visiting and keeping me company.  Feel free to download it, print it, use as wall art, use to illustrate a blog post of your own if you'd like to, if you do though, do come back and leave me a link so I can read your post too, I'd love to visit your blog and I promise to say hello if I do :)

You can download the printable here honeys: Raindrops on a rose.  Till next time dear ones, smile lots, hug even more and have a happy, wonderful weekend.  Huggles always xx

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