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Picture Perfect Project - July

Hi Honeys
It's July already!  Over half way through the year and of course onto the seventh post in the fabulous Picture Perfect Project too!

In case you don't know, the picture perfect project is a fun link up which encourages bloggers to take more photos, improve our photography skills and of course this enables us to improve the look of our blogs.  Did I mention how much fun it is?

I've been loving this link up!  When I decided to join in with this project, I thought I would try to chart a year in the life of our garden and hopefully be able to share some beautiful images with you along the way.  Not that I'm claiming any credit for anything beautiful honeys, I'm still learning how to use my camera so any beauty it captures is purely down to mother nature :) It has to be said though that even a less than perfect photo of a rose is still beautiful :)
The Picture Perfect Project - July - Tales From The Garden
This month there's been such excitement, and just two days ago, crushing disaster too in our little gardens.  Let's have a look shall we?
Do you remember the rose bush we planted in memory of my dear Mother in Law honeys?  Every year we would send two dozen roses to my sweet MiL, on her birthday and again on Mother's day. She loved roses as much as I do.  Well, in the fourth months or so since it was planted Mum's rose bush has grown and look what's happened now honeys...
Mum's Roses
 Yaaaaay!!! I'm so excited!! There are five perfect rosebuds all starting to bloom!  You can see their colour which is going to be a gorgeous, perfect red and as an extra bonus, a sixth tiny rosebud has appeared at the other side of the rosebush :)

Even seeing this photo again makes me smile! I really didn't think we'd have roses this year, so I get ridiculously excited each time I open our front door and look out into our tiny front garden and see Mum's roses starting to smile at me :)

The other rose bush, sitting alongside Mum's, is the one we planted in memory of my dear Gramma and just look at Gramma's roses smiling...
Beautiful roses in the rain
Gramma's roses are just stunning again this year and aren't they just the perfect shade of pink?

There is something about raindrops on a rose honeys...
Raindrops on a perfect rose
 In the back garden I was thrilled to find apples on our little apple tree...
Apples discovered on the tree
 We have another bumper crop of blueberries again this year too...
Bumper crop of blueberries
Unfortunately though, it hasn't all been good news in the garden this month.  Do you remember how excited I was to see two tiny, beautiful rosebuds growing from the cuttings I'd taken last year from a bouquet sent to me by my dear friend Miriam?

Here they are...  
Rosebuds grown from cuttings
I'm so glad I took these photos! I'd kept these cuttings inside over winter and in the Spring moved them outside.  Two days ago I went out into the back garden with Hubby and our furbaby Jade and something made me look at Miriam's roses only to see... horror!  The whole plant had been savaged!

This is what's left of those treasured and dearly tended cuttings...  
Damaged rose cuttings
There are no words for how much this hurt me honeys.  I've fed and tended these cuttings since last summer and was so excited that they had started to shoot & even grow tiny rosebuds.  I have hopes though and haven't given up on them yet.  As you can see three of the cuttings are still very dark green and appear to still be alive.

I'll have to carefully snip off one of the shoots since it is discoloured and has died.  This is the one Hubby picked out of the lavender pot!  He found it and popped it back into the planter, bless him.  So, what savaged my much loved cuttings?  Hubby thinks it might have been magpies.  We do have a lot of them around here.  Whatever caused the damage, it's deflated me terribly.  Hopefully if I care for it the surviving cuttings will grow again.

There you have it then, honeys.  All of the fun (and drama) from our gardens this month :)  I can't wait to see what everyone else has posted for July!  Are you taking part in the picture perfect project? If so, do leave me a link so I can go read your post?

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Thank you again for visiting dear ones, it means more than I can say x  Till next time, when I have a lovely printable for you, smile lots and hug even more :) Huggles always xxx
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  1. oh no garden drama. I'm not much for green thumb things but we did plant some pumpkins and a cat used it as his bathroom the other night. I got very defensive lol. I was like time for fences and laser beams!!!
    Those roses though, perfection.

    1. :) Hi Courtney! This is just so weird! I just left a comment on your blog! Your pic this month is wonderful, Aria looks so happy, bless her. Wanted to say congratulations too, won't be long now till you have Aria's little brother with you, remember to rest and take care of you, sending huggles xxx
      ps: a neighbour's cat once killed my lavender by deciding my planter was a sand box too! I couldn't even be annoyed, he was such an adorable cat :) x