Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Rosie's Reindeer Smiles :)

Hi Honeys,
I'm typing this while grinning :) I have a little reindeer dancing in front of me right now and he's making me grin :)  "OK, Rosie, how long have you been seeing dancing reindeer?" you might ask....

Well, it all started a few days ago when my dear BiL (who you might remember had come up on holiday) got back to the house after having gone into town with Hubby on a shopping trip before he headed back home and brought me these cuties....
Rosies Reindeer Ramble
Even if I didn't have a wee reindeer standing in front of me dancing away I'd still be grinning from looking at this photo :)

I know I ramble on occasionally way too often :) about my love for all things reindeer dear ones but I'm grinning from ear to ear and just wanted to share a smile (or lots)
Rosie Still Rambling On About Reindeer
Starting at the left hand side of the above photo there is a little sparkly reindeer with a jaunty green scarf who just stole my heart at first glance :) He was actually a gift from Hubby (thank you sweetheart, love him xx) He lights up and sparkles and twinkles and is beyond adorable :)

Next along is the most ridiculous and yet at the same time completely fabulous bobbling headband I've ever seen :) I soooooo can't wait to wear this to work this weekend! Best. Hairband. Ever. The little reindeer heads are on springs so that they bobble about the whole time :) Such fun!

Behind the little bobbling headband is an inflatable 18 inches tall reindeer :) Every home should have one and I'm so looking forward to inflating him on Christmas day :) There might even be a few photo opportunities with our furbaby Jade, although I'm sure she'll expect him to squeak like her toys or come to life and be a play friend :)

Last but by no means least, is this little cutie....  
Cutest Ever Dancing Reindeer
Isn't he adorable honeys? The little red stand he's on has a mini solar panel on it and this powers him so that he dances happily and makes me grin till my face aches :) He's sooooo cute!!  His packaging is sort of like a bubble around him allowing him space to wag his arms and antlers up and down. Mountains of hugs to my dear BiL for knowing me so well and understanding my "reindeer thing" :)

What's making you smile this week honeys?  Why not share in the comments section below? Till next time dear ones, stay warm and safe, and smile & hugs lots :) huggles always xx  


  1. All your little reindeer made me smile this week! And children's books make me smile! They are too cute :) I especially love that headband. I'm pretty sure you are going to rock it at work. So much fun. How cheery is that?! oxoxo

    1. Heather! Hi Honey! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply x I work in retail and this time of year is so busy as you can imagine. I hope you've had a fabulous time during the holidays, that Santa was good to you and that you're looking forward to a wonderful new year x Not long now, this year has passed so fast! Happy holidays dear wee friend, wishing you so many good things for 2016 and sending heaps and heaps of huggles always xxx