Thursday, 12 November 2015

A Catch Up On My Week & Becoming An Elf :)

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to promote any products, just sharing some smiles x

Hi Honeys
I hope you're well and having a fabulous week :) My week so far has been a bit meh if I'm honest :/  I had worked an extra shift last Sunday and while I knew it would leave me pretty drained, I also felt really guilty that everyone else at work is picking up extra shifts and I'm only working my regular hours.  So, I'd decided that I wanted to try to help out more and I still do.  I'm just going to have to space out any extra hours a little in order to not be completely drained for days as I have been this past week.

I know, it's common sense isn't it honeys?  Don't go writing cheques that your body bank doesn't have energy to cover :/  I really did enjoy my extra shift though. It was odd working an early morning, I haven't done that for a while and there was a different atmosphere from my regular late evening shifts.  Aside from odd additional working hours for me, we've had some adventures this week :)
Catch up on my week & becoming an elf
While doing a short grocery shop in Asda (Walmart) I saw something that so made me smile that I had to walk over to it :) I was drawn, I actually squealed! In the shop! People stared at me! I didn't even care :) It looked like this......

This is such an adorable t shirt :) It's actually from the mens section at George and my first thought when I saw it, was that Hubby had to have one! He works in an office and spends his days in shirt & tie and I just thought this would be such fun for one of the dress down days before Christmas :)  He's also the office Health and Safety officer so I'm planning on making him a laminated badge to attach to his lanyard that says "Elf & Safety Officer" :) I know, that's such a bad pun, but how could I resist?

Having picked up a shirt for Hubby I decided I just had to get one for myself too :) I mean look at it honeys it's adorable! Also it's only £5 and did I say it's adorable :) So, off I went home with two shirts and a smile a mile wide :)  Last night Hubby came home from work with a bag, in the bag were two of these.......Adorable elf hat
It's an elf hat with ears! Too cute! I'm so glad Hubby is joining in the fun (although I never doubted that) but I'm also so looking forward to being a smiley elf during the couple of dress down days we have at work leading up to Christmas :) I'm going to be smiling the ears off that hat :)

Earlier this week Hubby, bless him, went out and cleared our back garden of leaves. Because it's been raining almost constantly though, Hubby couldn't use his leaf blower/vacuum so he had to spend a couple of hours in the garden with a rake gathering all of those leaves and getting them into the brown garden recycle bin. When he'd finished, it looked amazing.  The very next morning we got up and when it got light we had this again.....

Leaf filled garden
Oh dear :/  If you look closely honeys you'll just be able to see a garden path under all of those leaves :/  I say again, I want to be a cuddly grizzly bear and hibernate every year.  I'd be so happy to just snuggle under my duvet till Spring, Hubby could wake me up with a lovely cuppa just in time to hang out the first load of Spring laundry :)  

On a sort of lighter late Autumn note honeys, I went out this morning and took another few photos of our late blooming roses because, sadly, I really doubt they'll be there tomorrow. 

As I type this we're in the grip of Storm Abigail.  The rain is battering down outside and I have no idea of the strength of the winds but we were told this morning to expect anything between 80-100 mile per hour gusts.

I was really worried until Hubby got home safely from work tonight but he's here now. I can't see Jade wanting to go any further than her wee front garden tonight on her walk either, poor baby. She doesn't like storms at all, they scare her terribly.  She'll have plenty of hugs though so she'll be fine. 

If you're anywhere near where the storm is, please be careful and stay safe honeys. Try to stay inside if you can.  With a bit of luck it'll pass over quickly and be gone quickly.   Till next time dear ones, when I have some owl smiles to share, stay warm and safe, huggles always xxx


  1. That t shirt is adorable and so is the hat! You'll be as cute as a button wearing them. :) Keep safe. We're on a hill facing the sea so it'll be a bit blowy here but we'll live. :D xxx

    1. Aw bless you Leah :) I'm really looking forward to being a wee elf :) We've been ok here during last night, the wind wasn't half howling at one point but all safe and sound this morning. I hope you got through the storm too honey, I'm going to pop over to your blog/twitter now, need to know you're ok. Huggles always honey xxx