Friday, 5 June 2015

Beautiful Smiles In The Garden :-)

Hi honeys
Well here we are almost at the weekend again :) Yesterday Jade and I had some fun in the garden, I threw her ball for her, I'm hopeless at throwing (more dropping really) but she doesn't seem to mind, bless her :) I also took some photos of the peonies to share. It was raining, off and on, not terribly heavily but when I was looking at the photos, I loved that you can see the raindrops :)

The photos so made me smile honeys, and I wanted to share them with you :) Every weekend should start with smiles don't you think?

Beautiful Smiles In The Garden
I've been custodian of these beautiful Peonies for quite a few years now. We've moved home, taken them with us (they live in a huge planter) and still every year they wake up and smile for me :) 

There are no words for how much these roses mean to me. They were planted as cuttings from his own roses by a much missed former neighbour many years ago for my beloved Grandmother. She, like me, adored roses and when I lost her I lost a whole huge chunk of myself. 

Beautiful Peonies In June
Every year they appear and I swear they always seem to be more beautiful than the year before, every year they smile for me.        
I so wish I could take better photographs. I'm trying, I really am but at this point I basically just point our little camera, click and hope it catches a fraction of the beauty I see around me.   
Beautiful Peonies In June With Raindrops
These gorgeous flowers always remind me that every day has smiles in it, if we look for them. Sometimes it just takes raindrops on rose petals :)

Beautiful Peony In The Rain
So dear ones, this weekend why not hug everyone you love, and maybe a few people you're on the fence about :) Have fun, smile more than you have a reason to, just because you can.  Someone without a smile might just borrow yours and it could light up their day. Be happy honeys, take a few minutes, even if you're really busy, to appreciate the beauty around you.

As for me? Even though my Grammy's gorgeous roses smiled beautifully for me yesterday, there was an even brighter smile in the garden with me and I wanted to share that smile with you too....   

Beautiful Furbaby Jade Smiles For Mum
My dear Hubby works hard all week long and so for a lot of the time it's just Jade & I, keeping each other company.  Whatever I'm doing, whether it's laundry, housework or writing this blog, my wee pal is right there with me, looking after her Mummy till Dad gets home :)  Our furbaby is the centre of our home and she knows it too :)  

What makes you smile honeys?  Well dear ones, I have to go get organized for work, till next time, have a fabulous weekend, hugs always xx

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