Friday, 21 April 2017

How I Back Up My Blog Posts & Why You Absolutely Should Too...

Hi Honeys
Do you blog? If so, do you back up your blog?  How do you make sure you keep a safe copy of all of your posts, you know, just in case something happens and they disappear?

First, a true story.  I recently went looking for a particular post in order to pin it to one of my boards on Pinterest. Having found it I was horrified to find that a good deal of the post just wasn't there!

How and why you need to back up your blog

The post started fine, then around a third of the way through... it just stopped, literally mid-sentence. Everything after that cut off point was missing.  All of the images as well as the text.

I refreshed the page.. still the same.  I went to my posts page on Blogger and clicked on the edit option on the post to see what it looked like there.  It was the same!  

What had happened to my post?  How long had it been sitting like this?  Had people been clicking through from links on Pinterest, Twitter etc and finding an incomplete post and leaving angry?

Luckily honeys, because of a system I've used for as long as I've been blogging, a little over 3 years now, it took me less than 3 minutes to fix the post and have it looking good as newly published again.

Truth be told dear ones, when I first started blogging I didn't know what "backing up" was but I trained as a paralegal, a legal secretary, many (many) years ago so it's pretty much part of my DNA to keep a copy of everything 😊  Why not also my blog posts?

Of course I later found out that everyone recommends backing up our blogs but by then I had my little system in place and it was working really well.  I'm happy to say it still does, as is shown by this recent "the internet ate my blog post" moment πŸ‘

Each time I write a blog post I do the same thing immediately after publishing.  I file it.  The text, the images, everything that makes up that post. I file it.  Twice.  So you could say my back up has a back up.  Best part is that backing up twice takes just minutes.

Let's have a look at my back up system then shall we honeys?

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Oh To Live By The Sea...

Hi Honeys
Oh to live by the sea.  We're finally moving, altogether too slowly it feels like, into Summer and isn't Summer the perfect time to spend all day long at the beach? Feeling the salty air on your skin, the breeze blowing through your hair and the sun warming your skin?

If we lived by the sea shore I'd collect beautiful sea shells, I'd play fetch with our furbaby Jade on the beach where she could run in and out of the sea with the waves chasing her.  We'd go for long evening walks, Hubby, Jade & I.

Mostly though I'd spend hours sitting, staring at the waves, feeling the sand between my toes and fingers and my shoulders relaxing, every bit of tension disappearing to be replaced by an inner calm.

Do you remember my beloved canvas honeys?  The one that hangs on the wall of our master bedroom?  It calms me this beautiful canvas and represents, to me, my dream home.

Dream Home By The Sea

The times I've, in my mind at least, walked down those steps and onto the beach, only to sit on the sand with eyes closed, breathing the fresh salty air.

It's good to have a dream.

Oh to live by the sea...

Winslow Homer - On the Beach

I hope you're having a fabulous week dear ones, huggles always xx

Friday, 14 April 2017

Retail Therapy: A Peek At My Latest Avon Delivery...

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products, just sharing my own latest purchases and hopefully a couple of smiles x

Hi Honeys
Here we are at Good Friday already, where has the beginning of this year gone?  Again time is passing so fast.  This weekend will be so busy at work.  As with every other year the store will run out of chocolate Easter eggs, except maybe for the Pot Noodle and the Marmite flavoured ones, or at least that's what happened last year.

Lots of people will complain, as they do every year, that we've run out of stock and, as with every other year, they'll be reminded that we've had Easter eggs on the shelves since January.    

Happy Easter, dear ones,  to you and your family, whatever you have planned for this weekend I hope you have heaps of fun.  I have such happy childhood memories of Easter.  On Easter Sunday I would have a new dress and shoes and would wear them to church and later in the day we would have an Easter egg hunt, organized by our Sunday School, searching for boiled eggs painted brightly with water colours.

Precious, smile filled memories πŸ˜ƒ

Other smiles this week included a visit by my lovely Avon representative who dropped by to deliver my latest order and for a chat.  I thought I'd share the contents of my order with you to see if you've used any of these products and if so, I'd love to hear what you think of them.  I'll add links where they're available honeys in case you want to check them out.

A Peek At What Was Included In My Latest Order From Avon

First up then are four of the shower gels from the Avon Senses range...

Assorted Avon Senses Shower Gels

These shower gels are lovely honeys.  The different scents are amazing, I've ordered different scents in my last three orders, and Hubby likes them too.  Last order I had added the Amazon Jungle (sage & sandlewood scent), X-Treme (grapefruit & cedarwood) Ocean Surge (peppermint & marine) & Intense Freshness (a limited edition scented with bergamot & cardamon) for him.

Included this order were:

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Choosing Your Battles - 3 Ways To Cope When Living With A Chronic Illness

Disclaimer: I don't mean this post to be taken as health advise. Please speak to your Doctor or Health Professional if you have any problems.  I just wanted to share some of the ways I've found to cope over my nearly 20 years or so of living with a chronic illness.

Hi Honeys
How are you today?  Very well I hope dear ones.  I've been a bit on the quiet side recently haven't I? For months actually.  I am sorry, I have so many posts, started and abandoned, sitting in the draft folder but arthritis and brain fog seem to be winning the battle, especially lately.  They haven't won the war yet though honeys and I'm not about to give up without a fight but recently even everyday things have seemed far more difficult to cope with.

Like all spoonies I've had to learn to prioritize.  To assign a level of importance to daily tasks, chores & activities.  Each day begins with so many things I'd like to get done but since I was long ago forced to realize I simply can't go writing cheques that the Bank of Body can't cash, I know there are limits. I know I have to choose carefully my battles for each day.

There are days when even having my morning shower, getting dressed and combing my hair feel like an achievement and then there are my (unfortunately far more rare recently) good days where I can be showered, dressed and started my morning load of laundry before pain slows me down for a while. Slows me long enough to have to re-group. Maybe to take my pain meds or to wait for the pain to ease enough to move on to another (gentle) task.

Every choice carries a cost honeys.  A morning of cleaning will almost certainly mean a difficult afternoon. It can be incredibly frustrating to have invisible walls appear blocking our plans for the day but this is where forward planning is everything.

3 Ways To Cope When Living With A Chronic Illness

Being a spoonie means being realistic about the limitations your chronic illness places on you.  It changes how we live, but that doesn't mean that you have to give up, admit defeat and resign ourselves to a future of sitting on the sofa all day.  We can't ever do that dear ones.  We can't let it win you see.

We still have to live.  We Just have to live a little smarter than our non spoonie friends.  Planning is key.  Planning, with a dash of self-care included, is everything.  We have to learn to stop being so stubborn, so determined to beat the limitations set on us by our health that we end up sabotaging ourselves.

I have a feeling this post may require a beverage and maybe a cookie (or two) so I'll wait here while you go fetch a coffee and cookies.... I wouldn't mind if you brought one for me too πŸ˜ƒ  See you back here in a min then....

Saturday, 8 April 2017

An Unexpected Smiley Gift...

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products, just sharing a happy smile x

Hi Honeys
I hope your weekend is off to a sunny, smiley start 😊  The weather is improving, or as a co-worker said to me "at least the rain is warmer" πŸ˜ƒ and everyone around me seems to be smiling more too.

I love this time of year.  We're emerging from the almost constant darkness of winter, the days get brighter and our beloved garden is springing to life again.  I don't even mind the rain after all as the saying goes "April showers bring May flowers" and it makes the days when I can peg out laundry mean all the more too 😊

As if garden smiles weren't enough though, and they so are,  my dear, sweet Hubby brought me home a surprise 😊

An Unexpected Smile...

You might have noticed I'm a bit of a Harry Potter fan.  I'd recently been looking at the Potter range at Primark online and when Hubby collected my prescription for me he also brought me home a bag and inside was this...

Harry Potter Gryffindor fleece throw from Primark

It was such a lovely surprise, and it just made my day πŸ˜ƒ  It's made from a lovely, cozy soft fleece and measures (according to the attached label) 125cm by 150cm which is roughly 4 feet by 5 feet or single bed size, or in Rosie measurements it's the perfect size to share with our furbaby Jade on the sofa on cold rainy days while we watch TV 😊

Our baby does love blankets for nap-time...

That photo always makes me smile 😊

Quite apart from being Potter related it really is a very beautiful and super soft, throw and the pattern looks like this...

Harry Potter Gryffindor Throw Pattern

I really do have the sweetest Hubby in the world, don't I? 😊  Thank you sweetheart, it was a wonderful surprise x

I hope your weekend has lots of smiles in it honeys and that you're seeing lots of lovely summer sunshine.  Whatever you're doing this weekend, have fun, smile lots and hug even more. Till next time dear ones, huggles always xx

Friday, 7 April 2017

We Have A Bumper Crop Of Peony Roses This Year Honeys...

Hi Honeys
How are you today?  I hope this past week has been fabulous for you and has been full of smiles and hugs 😊

It's been a mixed week here I'm afraid.  A combination of not being able to sleep and damp weather tormenting my achey joints have meant I've spent a great deal of this weeks days off work on the sofa wishing the air would stop moving around so much because I swear I could feel it and it hurt.

Luckily though, as always, I had my own little smile generator keeping me company 😊  Our furbaby Jade can always be relied on to make me smile bless her, whether it be by bringing me her toys to throw for her to play fetch with or just by snuggling with her Mum on the sofa to watch TV she's always there 😊  Hubby usually asks her to look after Mum in the morning when he leaves for work and look after me she does 😊

I wanted to share some much needed smiles (by me anyway) before dashing to work honeys...

Bumper Crop Of Peony Roses This Year...

If you could see me right now you'd see a very smiley person who has been grinning so much this past hour that my face is actually starting to ache 😊

As always at this time of year I love to check on the garden and watch everything grow and in particular our roses... you might have noticed if you've read any of this blog before I kinda like roses more than  little bit 😊

Today though I got quite a shock, although in a good  great wonderful way πŸ˜ƒ  Wanna see what I found?

Friday, 31 March 2017

Peony Roses, Fairy Doors & Catching Up...

Hi Honeys
I'm sorry I've been missing the past week or so.  I've spent most of the last few days on the sofa, hugging our furbaby Jade and feeling as if my body was trying to twist me into a human pretzel. Ick.

Peony Roses Fairy Doors & Catching Up

It hasn't all been bad though.  As a matter of fact the start of the week began wonderfully!  I had a long shift at work last Saturday, stationed near the windows where I could see the most glorious sunshine, accompanied of course by the bluest of skies and lots of fluffy clouds. Heaven!

Or it would have been had I not been stuck at work and had instead been at home pegging out row after row of lovely fresh laundry.

First thing Sunday morning then honeys, there I was watching the weather report hoping against hope and... yyyaaaaayyyy!! Another glorious day was forecast!  Well, you don't have to offer me the chance of a sunny, rain free day twice so, at around 6.30am on went my first load of laundry.  Bliss!

With Hubby's help (thank you sweetheart x) I got the lines in our back garden all filled, and oh my what a feeling that was.  Next day, Monday, again we had the most gorgeous sunny day and off I went in search of stuff to wash.

Managed three loads of laundry, although that meant re-washing stuff that didn't actually need washing but... well... it was sunny!

By the time Hubby came home on Monday night my body had already began it's efforts to torture me, twisting and turning the joints in my shoulders and spine enough so that, I swear, I felt as if I could feel the air move around me.  Not great.  Not great but so, so worth it honeys.

Rheumatoid arthritis has spent the past almost twenty years bossing me about! Deciding what I can and can't do and when.  It's taken so many activities and placed them on the other side of a line I simply can't cross.  While at University I used to run now I can (barely) walk and then for very short distances.

I don't do pity parties dear ones.  Spoonies know that we have to adapt to changes and adapt we do. We get the strength to adapt I think from holding onto whatever brings us joy.  In my case this has always been doing laundry.  You're reading this with a look on your face now honeys aren't you? It's OK, I'm used to it 😊

Laundry Days Are Joyful Days...

I adore doing laundry, every single part of it.  I like the sorting, the washing (although the machine does that to be fair, I just wait (im)patiently for the cycle to finish and the little door lock to release) the folding and even, yes the ironing.  An episode or two of Judge Judy to watch and a chair to sit on at my ironing board and Hubby's shirts find themselves on hangers neatly pressed.

Rheumatoid Arthritis may well be winning more days than not lately but I'll be damned if I'll let it take my laundry away from me!  I accept though that there are trade offs.  A day or two of glorious weather does mean I can go a little laundry loco but as payment for that I have to accept that it will lead to a day (or maybe a few days as with this week) of being trapped on the sofa taking pain meds and saying ouch a lot.

So, there it is honeys, my catch up.  That's what I've been doing most of this week.

On to a happier note then.  As if the weather knew I would be sofa bound, the rain arrived on Wednesday and has been with us since.  Just look at what's happening though, because of our wonderful Scottish rain....
Peonies Begin To Appear In The Scottish Rain...

Just look at how our beloved peony roses have grown. They are going to be fabulous this year! I can't wait to see them bloom. 

A tiny project in our little entryway/mudroom has also been making me smile. Do you remember our entryway re-vamp recently?  I'm still loving it. Everything has a place and it seems to keep itself tidy and organized because of it.

Our Entryway/Mudroom

There is a teeny, tiny addition now though that's making me smile.  It might probably be missed unless pointed out but each time I go to the front door I see it and smile all over again.  Below the Ikea Trones unit in the photo above, currently home to umbrellas and my gardening gloves to prune our roses, you'll see this...

Fairy Door Finds A Home...

Do you remember the tiny fairy door I bought a while ago honeys? It finally has a home...

A Fairy Door & A Smile...

Isn't it adorable?  A tiny, daft thing in the scheme of things but I can't walk to the front door without smiling and that has to be a good thing 😊

Well, dear ones, I have to dash to work but I hope that the weekend brings you smiles, fun, laughter and heaps of hugs. Beware, tomorrow is April fools day! Beware of jokers playing pranks and if you do get caught out, smile and hug your prankster, smiles (and hugs) make the day brighter 😊

Happy weekend honeys, goodbye March (already!) and hello April! Huggles always xx